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Magpul Picture Thread

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So bad it's only photoshop play with no relation to reality...


Indeed, indeed.


Holy *suitcase* guys I just woke up in cold-sweat realizing I posted information regarding the completely wrong part. I am really sorry. I got the parts mixed up. Disregard the post abovet about MSA (ASAP)... Sheesh. :(

Perhaps a mod can remove my post to spare peope of the confusion!


I was reading through that wondering why you were talking about the MSA and buffer tube locking nuts.



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So i just saw this (yes I know its old):



and first thing that came to mind was:





but the more I look at it, the more I like it! it really looks like it would be the best of both worlds, so I think I might just have to try it. Has anyone here done this that can give their thoughts?

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I run an RVG with a KAC handstop about that far in front of it. The added support from the AFG piece looks nice, and it beats trying to find good rail panels that are the right size for the gap I want. I might have to try that if I still have that spare AFG1..

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My Little Carbine










For a long time I was really skeptical about all the Magpul stuff, But it really works well, especially the MOE pistol grip, much better than the standard A2



(also the reason none of the colours match is that apart from the PMAG, everything is ACM)

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Man I wish those adapters would angle down a little bit at the end instead of the abrupt 90 degree turn, I think then it would look just epic! Even still I think it looks great (but I have a UBR fetish so i might be a bit biased :P )

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Thanks guys. I have a G3 and a UBR fetish.. not good :)


They are ACM clones though, I cant justify the full price for a PTS one unfortunately, the stocks would end up costing more than I paid for the CA G3s!. The magpuls and the RVG's are PTS though.


I know what you mean about a slant, however I think the sudden drop fits with the solid lines of the barrel and cocking tube.

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I agree: still sexy ;)


BTW, what rail is on that long G3? Because I desperately want it!


I *think* its the old G&G G3 RIS, the one they made before the GARS G3 RIS. Good luck finding one :)



Ivan: That's a stunner. I hate armalites but that is lovely.

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I *think* its the old G&G G3 RIS, the one they made before the GARS G3 RIS. Good luck finding one :)



Ah ######, I hate my life :( I've been looking for a really slim G3 RIS and that seems to be the only one that doesn't bulk it out. Time to start trolling sales forums again....

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KWA LM4 ...



* KWA LM4 Base Gun

* RS Midwest Industries 12" Gen 2 SS-Series Rail

* RS CQD Front sling mount (not pictured, on opposite side of the rail)

* RS LaRue Handstop and rail index clips

* RS Magpul MIAD with F4 front strap with integrated triggerguard

* RS Magpul CTR with enhanced buttpad

* RS Magpul ASAP (modified to fit)

* RS Magpul BAD Lever (modified to fit)

* RS Magpul Rail Ladder

* RS KAC Ambi-Selector plate


* RS Surefire M300A with SF Tape switch and HSP Dropwing Mount

* RS Aimpoint Micro T-1 (4MOA) with LaRue lower 1/3 co-witness mount

* RS Yankee Hill Machine Low Profile Gas Block

* DYTac SF MB556 MuzzleBrake

* VFC BCM Gunfighter charging handle latch


Gonna install the Guarder Steel mag release and Steel trigger this evening.

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Wow. Where'd you get the MRP upper? And if it's an AEG can I have the MUR upper?


I got it from a complete AEG.

I am sorry, you can't have the MUR upper, you might be able to buy it. :)


what kind of sight is that?

It's a Walther competition II green dot.

Very cheap,but nice and light.

It's placed on a Madbull rail riser.

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