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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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SLR 8" SBR build done. Just waiting for a few accessories (sling end plate, AAC Blast Shield, Cloud Defensive LCS, and an actual working ScoutLight head) and repairing my BTC Spectre, but otherwise al

One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:

This took too long... a GHK based Haley Strategic x BCM Jack Carbine   RA-Tech forged receiver (Raw finish, custom BCM marking) RA-Tech CNC steel bolt Dytac Geissele SMR MK1 BCM Marking Troy styl

Posted Images

BTW what brand is this mk18 rail ? Doesn't look like MB...




Some day, I will live in a house where there is a good place to take photos. For now, this. I'm trying out various optics from my friends. ACOG is next. Need a can, and a charging handle. On the fence about painting the rail, or waiting to find a clean KA upper.


Edit: better picture.

Super edit: Haha, the rail looks super yellow in that picture.




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Your-can-is-not-kosher ;).


Just joking of course. Nice blaster :). BTW what brand is this mk18 rail ? Doesn't look like MB...


AACs are quite uncommon, but I wanted to keep going with the FDE colorway and I wanted something different than the KACs everyone seems to run. That, and I couldn't bring myself to drop the $100 or so on the VFC QDSS-NT4, so I picked this Magpul PTS AAC set up for fairly cheap.


The base gun is VFC with the rail being VFC as well.



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Is it just me, or what are we looking here on is airsoft M4 with fake Eotech in army training?





This particular model of G&P, to be more specific... ;)




Dude, even the gearbox can be seen. ;)

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The gun certainly looks like a Dboys, but what makes you think the eotech is fake?

Flat top of the hood. One of most obvious external differences between Eotech sights and their older ACM clones.

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Night Ops Gun


CA M4. 9'' Madbull TRX. ACM CTR. Leapers iron sights. AMP red dot. Troy squid covers. Gear Sector mount. Surefire G2X. ACM QD tracer unit.


Still need a Magpul sling mount for my VTAC sling. DD fixed iron sights. MOE trigger guard. Surefire red filter.

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@uscmCorps - lovely blasters as usual.


I'm normally a KISS guy, but I must say I prefer both with DBAL units...so I think you've persuaded me to buy one (my mil sim mates have been on at me to dress up my SOF-inspired build as well).


@bladerunner169 - 'inspired by' FTW, love it.


How are you finding the Gear Sector VFG? Always meant to try one.

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