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Oh, and I guess the other bullpup counts too! Silverback SRS-A1 G-Spec with Mancraft SDiK.

GHK AUG A2 (OD) in small, medium, and large. Steel gas block, DevilHunter conversion, Black Widow hop-up unit with Maple Leaf inner barrel and rubber. Commando configuration with cut-down He

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And the latest newcomer: a Micro Tavor.

A custom made from an all internal plastic gearbox, replaced by a P90 metal gearbox and a 6.01 internal barrel.



Nice work! How does the magazine release work - like an AR like its real-life version, or like the old Tavor? Do the mags drop free?

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@CapnNukem: Well a lot of work before the first firing tests:

The nozzle of the P90 gearbox had to be inverted from the original upper position to a down position (see pic below) , then the tappet plate has been modified accordingly (reduction of high).

Then the new metal gearbox had to be locked into its place with long screws (replacing the screw used to close the gearbox) and position had to be adjusted with a number of bolts (the aim was to place the gearbox right in the middle of the available space, exactly in the axis of the hop-up system), the buttplate had to be opened in order to allow sufficient space for the motor (then a buttplate cover in plastic has been used to hide this modification). The internal had to be strengthen with aluminium squared tube and bondo material in the front and in the grip. Of course the internal barrel had to be changed by a real airsoft precision barrel. Hop-up is proprietary and has not been changed in order not to modify the mag retention system. The electric firing system had been replaced by an electronic contactor.

And finally a paint job has been done. 

Most of my time was dedicated in the opening and closing of the replica in order to find the good position of the newly installed gearbox.

But once found, it is quite nice to use this little thing.


@MarsdenH: I think the original all plastic gearbox is proprietary.

Here is a (bad) pic of the metal P90 gearbox (left) and the *suitcasey* original plastic gearbox (right)




@talon_0315: the mag release mecanism is similar to a M4 system but on the left side of the replica and on the right side you can find a moving hop-up selector for the adjustment.

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