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Pics of airsoft with pets/animals

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"On Jerry Springer tonight:  Help! My Cat is a geardo!"


small print: Though I'm not actually a geardo myself, well I don't consider myself one :P

She's a very sneaky cat. And 10 mins after that pic was taken she moved and knocked the vest on to the floor.  She hasn't tried sleeping in it again :P


I consider you a Geardo :)

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I'm going to try to get a funny picture of my cats in all my airsoft stuff later, maybe it will start another series of caption contests. While I was taking pictures of my m16 last night outside, the 2 cats kept hanging around to see what was going on. I never could snap a good shot of them though w/ the stuff.


Here's the little guy


im stealing ur converse'z rwar!1!!

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I think it is a harmless black snake. We had a cotton mouth. on the trail at the previous game. Everybody started calling "Blindman" over comm to stop the game, saying there was a rattlesnake, but it turned out not being one. It might have been a cotton mouth though.



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