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Pictures Of Your Weapon

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I'm sorry, I don't play Modern Warfare. I was merely posting that to spite Unit. It's a little ridiculous to get caught up over names.




Intervention Rox ma Sox!


On a serious note, those are some fine pictures! The black certainly looks terrific even though a camo job would be more efficient.




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Man, that "The Intervention" is so totally awesome! :rolleyes:


In all seriousness, it is incredibly awesome-looking. Hows it fire?



Ty for the comments guys, the things built like a brick :P


I haven't tried the spring bolt on it as i heard it was firing at like 300fps or something. But I'm getting 515 fps out of the gas mag on green gas and iv got a co2 mag to try to :P


But i haven't got around to testing its accuracy yet, been looking into getting a TB barrel for it but there aint many 800mm ones about.

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Stop that. It's not called "The Intervention". It's a video game. A poorly made one.


It's called a Cheytac M200.


I've seen it on an episode of future weapons where the dudes from Cheytac definitely called it the:


"Cheytac M200 Intervention".



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