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1911 Picture Thread

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I bought an extra. Sadly I haven't been able to shoot it because I do not have a duster gas adapter, and I don't want to run propane through a handgun with a plastic slide. I should be getting an adapter within the next two days though....


Mate, it's a TM.


If stock WA 1911's can handle green gas (and they can) stock, then TM's certainly can!

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Its cheap, full metal, and kicks harder than a desert eagle, but its more accurate than a TM or WA.


- WE 1911 Tactical

- Shooters design Kimber slide

- PDI 6.01

- Firefly VSR-10 soft hop

- Pachmayr Signatures/Colt rosewoods

- Carom 3 hole trigger

- Guarder Recoil/Hammer spring set

- A couple spots of dremeling and fitting



I have couple of questions for concerning compatibility of parts. i assume you used all TM aftermarket parts including the SD slide? how did you figure the VSR-10 hop bucking would work? how much work did you have to do to get it all to work out smoothly?


this is my custom WE, I love it. shoots straighter than hell right out-the-box! i really want to put a Springfield slide and three hole trigger on it.



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My WE Tactical, now that Im going to sell her: Theres not much more I can do to her, so I grew bored.

Grips are real steel, but not legit Kimbers.





This is a chinese Safariland 6004 replica. Nifty, eh?




P.S. I need a pair of Spingfield cocobolo grips WITH the Sp. Armories logo on them (the 2 crossed cannons). Anyone know where to get them? Sp.A. shop doesnt have them in and the airsoft replicas suck.



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They are not clones, they are replicas ;)


Excellent! had it side to side with a real deal froma friend and... almost the same. Nice material, nice finish, light, easy to holster and draw, look durable, ... in some of the 10 I bought I had to regrease andadjust the closing mech, but then they worked flawlessly.


Totally recommend them!


P.S. The ones for P226 were a *badgeress* if the gun had a rail: it wouldnt go in all the way and one had to "bend/deform" the rubber latch that locks the gun in place because it wouldnt go over the gun's hammer. But it was nothing to important and everyone solved the problem on his.

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Can anyone tell me whether a WE 1911 Tactical slide will work on a WA Kimber? Could you keep all the internals that go in the slide?




Probably not, the chance of the blowback system lining up with the magazine properly to allow gas transfer is very unlikely.

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Oh hot damn those MEU mags are nice. I'm not overly keen on the pistol itself ( it's just another 1911) but those little low profile bumpers are nice. I think I'll be flogging my 1911 mags and replacing them with MEU ones.


RacingManiac, that is unbelievably sexy.

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Hmm, all these MEUs have made me post this old workhorse.








Early MEU(SOC) pistol therefore no front serrations, colt frame, springfield slide, round hammer, bar-sto barrel, pachmayr grips, and wilson mags. Aside from the safety, miscellaneous small springs, some pins, mag release, slide stop, grip screws, disconnect guide B, valve lock release, trigger, slide stop plunger, and safety plunger every single part is aftermarket. WA magna based, high FPS, good range, hard recoil, and it's all out of bubblegum.

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Chas, did you get those trades custom engraved?

Yes: I took it to a jewelery. They always work with a proeffesional engraver who makes dedication plaques, engraves necklaces and rings and that stuff.


Another option would be a shop were they sell trophies.


Mine werent cheap: 30 euros (almost 45$).

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Holy meusoc's :o

Does anyone else think that the new TM 1911 mags look a little off? They are certainly better than the standard magazines but the bumpers seem a little too thick or something. I just can't place my finger on it and its driving me nuts.


They don't have the trades, and the size looks a bit off but that could easily be the pictures.

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