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1911 Picture Thread

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Does anyone know of any good shops/ebay sellers of 1911 grips that ship to Europe (specifically Ireland).

Most of the sellers seem to ship to US only :(

The best thing to do is to send polite emails to the grip sellers and I'm sure you will find some that are willing to ship to Europe.

Some make it very clear that the will only ship to the US in the listing but this isn't the case with everyone.


Yeah and it's about time someone produced some hex screws!

It seems to be an area that is always ignored by the aftermarket retailers. It was kinda the same with WA 1911s, Sherrif did some but they are pretty hard to find, recently Creation released some too but none for the TM yet. X Fire released some for the Hi Capa a while back so hopefully they step up!

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Does anyone know of any good shops/ebay sellers of 1911 grips that ship to Europe (specifically Ireland).

Most of the sellers seem to ship to US only :(


ECOP off of ebay ships internationally - try Item number: 120359376372. Just send the seller a question about shipping - you'll need a paypal account though.

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Depending on the kit it may require work to fit properly, and it may affect operation if incorrectly fitted. They still require taking down the entire gun and shoving the parts into the kit, no matter what. They also cost a lot.


I've only installed two slides myself but neither one seemed to be noticeable heavier (in fact I think one was lighter) than the stock slide so they didn't really affect gas mileage.


You seem to be missing something there. :P


Nice looking kit none the less.

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Does anyone know of any good shops/ebay sellers of 1911 grips that ship to Europe (specifically Ireland).

Most of the sellers seem to ship to US only :(



Hogueauction.com is a good place to buy grips - Good prices, easy to deal with.



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Kimber Ultra CDP II



Prime Al kit w/ Prime Steel Outer Barrel

WA Controls

Generic Wood Grips



Internal Uprages:

ProG4 Steel Disconnector

ProG4 Steel Valve Lock Release

ProG4 Steel BBU

ProG4 Disconnector Spring

ProG4 Floating Valve Spring

ProG4 Brass Floating Valve

ProG4 Steel Mainsping Plug

CP SCW2 Steel Sear

CP SCW2 Steel Kimber Hammer

CP Blue HopUp Rubber

SD Polymer Loading Nozzle w/ Piston

SD Loading Nozzle Spring

Guarder Recolil Spring

Guarder Hammer Spring

Custom Magazine Loading Spring







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Socom Gear MEU

Only put 1 mag through it so far since im in the city right now, didn't get to try it out with the supressor. It has foam baffles in it, do you think it would make an audible difference?






Isn't it illegal to have those in NYC? Forgive my ignorance.

I thought that silencers were illegal in most US states.

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Isn't it illegal to have those in NYC? Forgive my ignorance.

I thought that silencers were illegal in most US states.


Its only illegal to call it a silencer ;)


That's a barrel extension! :D




But seriously, any device that reduces the the muzzle volume is illegal unless you have the proper permits such as a Class 3 license. And I bet they are incredibly hard to get in NY.

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Thats, Not, True.


Sure, real suppressors are an ATF controlled item.


Replica silencers are not real suppressors, and therefore are not covered by the ATF.


In California, there is a specific state law controlling silencers, and they still allow replica silencers.


Wait one...


From Opsec airsoft, Show notes: 03/05/08


A few weeks ago, we spoke to a caller about airsoft silencers and how we, the OPSEC crew, have been told that foam-filled airsoft silencers were illegal in CA. As it turns out, one of our listeners (Neo) is a Deputy Sheriff and has chimed in to set the record straight.


Last show you were talking about how you had been told, by an LEO, that foam filled airsoft silencers are illegal in CA. This has been a topic on several forums lately as well. However, there is nothing to suggest that they are illegal in CA. The most obvious example, without using codes, is the MP5SD, which comes with a built in foam filled silencer.


To back that up with code sections:


PC§ 12500. Silencer Defined

The term "silencer" as used in this chapter means any device or attachment of any kind designed, used, or intended for use in silencing, diminishing, or muffling the report of a firearm. The term "silencer" also includes any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for use in assembling a silencer or fabricating a silencer and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.


Possession of such a device is a felony per PC§ 12520


The first sentence negates the law regarding airsoft which is not classified as a firearm [defined in 12001(B )] but rather a replica firearm [defined in 12001(g)]. With regard to the second sentence; while your airsoft suppressor could reasonably be made into a functioning firearm suppressor, an officer would need to show intent to do so (ie. kept in the gun bag with your real steal and some core items).


PC§ 12001. Definitions

(B ) As used in this title, "firearm" means any device, designed to be used as a weapon, from which is expelled through a barrel, a projectile by the force of any explosion or other form of combustion.

(g) For purposes of Sections 12551 and 12552, the term "BB device" means any instrument that expels a projectile, such as a BB or a pellet, not exceeding 6mm caliber, through the force of air pressure, gas pressure, or spring action, or any spot marker gun.


As an aside, Some people bring up ATF Rul. 2005-4 (ATF's Opinion)(http://www.atf.treas.gov/alcohol/info/revr...uling2005-4.pdf) on a paintball silencer as an application to airsoft. The item used in that opinion uses porting to suppress sound which is effective on firearms. The open cell foam used in airsoft suppressors is not effective on a firearm. Also, the ATF found that the item is not classifiable as a suppressor without modification.


Technical notes:

Average chamber pressure for commercial .223 ammunition is 78,000 PSI

Green Gas (HFC22) has a stored pressure averaging between 70 and 115 PSI (+/-5).

CO2 has a stored pressure of 853 PSI.

A 500 FPS (w/.20g's) gun only generates about 80 PSI from the nozzle.

You do the math... My bet would be that a firearm would shrapnel an airsoft suppressor.



NAM Magazine - Contributing writer

EDSO - Deputy Sheriff









Unless your STATE has a more restrictive law on the books in relation to suppressors (Which I seriously doubt) then you are ok, not saying you shouldn't check, but I seriously doubt youll find a more gun restrictive state then CA ;).



Retailers and manufacturers will err on the side of caution and say its illegal though, just too keep themselves safe.


EDIT: Added spaces to some tings to prevent annoying smileys.

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