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H&K Picture Thread

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My new JG HK416 w/ 417 crane stock. Supplied battery is utter wank, but the internals must be made of adamantium, as out of the box it was doing a VERY consistent 425. Downgraded to 320 now, but damn is she a lovely shooter. Almost a shame EVERYTHING but the crane stock and gearbox and motor are going!


The trades aren't too bad, but I've got some nice glue scarring :(



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KSC HK Mk23 + SD slide, Tokyo Marui LAM Unit...






I'm a big Heckler und Koch fan, as well as a big Metal Gear Solid fan. My first gun was an obvious choice.


I'm trying to amass as many HKs as possible. Next year it's gonna be a Systema MP5 + VFC HK416. The year after will be a Marui MP7A1, DE UMP.45, JG G3 with parts to convert to a G3KA4 (custom), G3A3, G3A4, and G3 SG/1. Also for that year will be a STAR G36 with conversion to a G36C, G36K, and MG36, and possibly a TM PSG-1. Yes, I really do have my airsoft savings planned out for the next 2 years, and all of it is H&K. Somewhere in between I need to fit in the pistols, meaning TK VP70M, KSC USP.45/USP Tactical .45 (With Meprolight adjustable tritium sights), and a KSC USP Compact.


I <3 HK!


Oh and another note, why do airsoft manufacturers call their MP5s with Navy trigger groups MP5A4/MP5A5/MP5SD5/MP5SD6? Those are all burst models! They should be MP5A2/MP5A3/MP5SD2/MP5SD3. It drives me crazy!

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That's the only reason why I'm getting one sooner! I'm afraid I won't be able to get em when I want to later on! I was gonna make my G3 kit this year instead of the HK416, but Umarex ruined my plans. :(


Hopefull UNCo will still have it around December this year. I'll get it then if I can.

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UMAREX only has the rights to certain guns, the only rifle of which is the XM8... so there won't be any shortages of G3s or 416s or MP5s... (this courtesy of an investigator at Airsoftnewseu)


Sorry, that's not true. Umarex has rights on all H&K guns. But as HK has only a few design patents, only certain guns are affected. These guns are: P2000, P30, HK45, SL8, XM8 and unfortunately the HK416. All other guns (USP, G36, MP5, G3 etc.) are not affected as long as they don't bear HK-Logos.


The information from airsoftnews.eu is incomplete, as the investigator obviously just checked the german patent informations and forgot to check the european entities.

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