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H&K Picture Thread

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After a year away from Airsoft, time to convert my two 416´s in into the new century :-)








now waiting for UPS for the Rest of my Order:

- La Rue Tactical ELOS-C

- PEQ-15 TAN

- Magpul MBUS Black and TAN

- Mapul UBR Stock TAN

- and more ...


more pics from finished 416´s follows ...

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oRB you make the HK USP.45 better looking than I ever could.


Thanks Vainguard! Your ex USP doing fine. I managed to fit the KSC USP Tactical lower frame. I just need a stronger recoil spring now.

Then it should be perfect.

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thought i'd post this here rather than start a thread. After my disappointment at being unable to purchase an SA80 from z1 i've decided to go full circle and buy a G36C (my first AEG was a TM G36C in 2002).


My question is simply, who makes the best one?


I appreciate any response.


EDIT: I'm only asking because i was going to go for a CA model but after the "CA quality" thread im not so sure...



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SRC are making very nice g36's with v3 gearboxes and the new TM blowback g36c are good and they are very new and you would stand out from the normal g36. Umarex are using Tm as a base and then slapping on H&K logos on it G36.

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Umarex G36s are not typical TM clones, They have many external improvements (mainly a much more realistic disassembly). however, the quality of the internals is still rather dubious. SRC G36s are quite nice, but if you work on your AEGs often you will absolutely loathe their 1 piece hop up. I would recommend KWA, even if their finish is a little shiny.

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I have hold the Umarex G36/G36k and the G36c in person and yes, their external is very very well made indeed. But the Biggest thing that let is down is the awful trade mark, but as long as you can live with that, all is well.


By the Way, Darkchild check you PM :)

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His were bought outside of the US so they have HK trades.



Ya correct , but in Germany VFC was not allowed to sell with markings :-( So i have to import from Poland to Germany ....was a nightmare to get 2 of them with markings to Germany.

I think there are only a few here with correct markings and the *fruitcage* Government (F) Stamp .



EDIT : UMAREX G36 and all UMAREX Products are trash. For me this Company has nothing to do with German Engineering Skills or "made in germany" . They had and will allways only build TOYS :-)

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The only good thing about ARES is that they made guns that no one else did (SL8, SL9, WA2000, Tavor, M14 SOPMOD, L85 AFV). But now, they're starting to stop producing these guns (starting with the SL8/9) and if this continues, they'll end up being just another company that produces crappy M4's.

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My G36 is a UMAREX/ARES.

The look is great, teh feeling is great, the disassembly is awesome!

The markings are covered with a thin metal sheet that you can pull off and teh Original HK markings are underneath.

You can also feel the recoil-effect. But as far as i know, you have to use a 8.4V battery... thats a big drawback.

I use a 9.9V LiFePo and the "lock" won't get back into the Original position :(

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G3 SD.

CA based.

Aimpoint M2*

G&G silencer moddet på.



G&P 8mm.

G&P M160 incl Eagleforce pinion gear.

Yoggi Custom relæ.

Siegetech conceptes Balanced Gear Gen 2.

Modify cylinderhoved med sorbothane,

Prometheus POM stempel hoved.

Freedom Art G3 nozzle.

Kanzen 8mm lejre.

Supercore piston.

PDI 6,01 innerbarrel.

SP140 spring.


Goes 128-129 ms with .20g and 118 ms with .28g @ ROF 26 at 11,1v.




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Have you considered having vinyl stencils made at a advertising/poster shop? They shouldn't harm the finish of the rifle underneath, but likewise wouldn't really allow any seepage if you used an airbrush to paint the trades.


Or you could use some cheap transfers lol

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