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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Beautiful M14 LordSex. The worn look definitely looks like it's been used in the sandbox indeed.


My new AP came in today...and I painted it shortly after.


Edit: I've received a few PMs regarding how I achieved the pattern, so I'll do a quick how-to by documenting the progress of painting the new AP.



The goal here, is to make the fresh, new AP look like the one to the right.

















Finished product on the CQBR



When the gun itself has nothing on it, it has a more streamline look to. I think it helps makes the pattern a little more effective. Not much, but just a little more.




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These are JLS scars, the one on top is painted in a grippy flat finish tan and the bottom one is standard shiney horrible stuff., :)



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Souske, piantjob is good as always but why do you need two Aimpoints for one M4?


I pointed out in my earlier posts that the older AP has a faulty brightness knob. That'll be the last time I ever buy optics that I don't know the brand to. The new one's a G&P...and I hope it won't ###### out on me either.

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It went from this...




To this...






Its actually alot greener in places, but I guess the flash is knocking it out. I tried to make something that would look good in both woodland and urban/desert.

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What rail covers? Nice gun!


Rail covers are G&G and came standard with the rifle. Cheers.



Awesome work Pete, but is the magazine inserted upside?


It looks kinda like two taped together.


Cheers Souske. Ye, G&G make the small 10 round style mags as 50 rnd standard caps. The 20 round style mags are 500 round hicaps (which you don't want for a sniper rifle) but I liked the look so i taped the pair together and kept one black in case i preferred it that way :P Cheers.


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Good old Krylon. Thought I'd used all my old paint up but still had a wee bit left. Barely managed to do this. Was worried I'd do one side just about and run out of OD before i finished the other but scraped through :P

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