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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

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We went to a new Airsoft store, Apex Airsoft in NJ [grand Opening today], and found many guns there. I was just going to get some high-quality BB's, and a propane adaptor, and while I was looking at a TM Detonics, I turned around to show my Dad, and I didn't see him. I looked in the firing area, and found him shooting a P226. Upon closer inspection, I found this was an HFC P226. It was either that, or a WE 4.3 he likedI told him that if HE was going to get one, NOT to get the WE, and the P226 instead. Great choice. This guns hella accurate, sturdy metal, and has a very nice snap to it with propane. I came home, smacked the propane adaptor onto a fresh can of propane, and I shot. Wonderful. I was waiting for the gas to spew out, like every WE I've shot, and waited, and shot, and waited, nothing (Thankfully). I was able to go through 1.5 mags on just one fill of propane. Awesome performance too. Put a nice, deep dent into the bottom of a Coke can, and while chronoing it at Apex, it came in at close to 370. Now for pics.





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What was the temperature when you chronoed it?


It would be fun to see a review of this since they really haven't gotten much notice since they have been released.


Is the hop-up fixed or adjustable?


Yes, I'll review it soon, but when I get to know it better.


Adjustable Hop-up


Around 73 degrees when I chronoed it.

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EDIT: I just paid for the marui, with piston head and enhanced loading nozzle. If this shoots anywhere near as nice as the taiwan ver. KSC Ill have made the right choice.


now... should I get a new hop up bucking and a PDI 6.01 tightbore? hmmm..

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Hello :)

I saw a real steel P226 racegun recently.

weird, but it looked phenominal!

and since I have a TM P226 at home I thought... why not? ^^

Now, I can get some hoguegrips and a metal kit easely... but I have troubles finding a set of fiber-optic iron sights and a compensator...

Anyone know if they even do excist in airsoftform for a P226?

Glocks and Hi-Capa get all the racegun love :(

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My Marui P226, upgraded with a 9Ball Piston head and Guarder Loading nozzle, should be arriving next week but I only have 2 cans of HFC green Gas at home. I know some people have concerns about using Green gas in Marui GBBs, but I have used in an M92F and a DEagle with no problems; I should also say I only emptied like 30-40 mags in each pistol.


What experience have you had with green and the P226?



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yes it most certainly wont need a new rubber if its new


brooklyn born: looks nice, replace those grips though :P , p175 hehe


I know. I hate them. But it's my dad's gun, and he won't let me fidgit around with it like I usually do.


Plus I need to save up for this WA M4 project I want to see through.

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I know, Ive used Green in all of my GBBs, full-autoed the krap out of my KSC M93R and no problem, never heard of anyone having problems here either (and this is the spanish summer), but then I read a few comments about "I hope my Marui MEU's plastic slide doesnt break" and I get all nervous.


Man, I cant wait till it gets here. Received my Galaxy MP7 and was totally disappointed: its a nice gun and all, but its totally uncomfortable to aim with (that may have to do with the fact that Im pretty tall and have a long neck: I always have problems with that on most guns).


How does the TM P226's blowback compare to the KSC? that was a fun gun to shoot, too bad I had financial problems and had to sell it.

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Not having experience with the KSC myself, my information might not be as helpful, but with green my stock TM226 has one of the crispest blowbacks of any on the field. It's snappy with a generous kick, and it's one of the loudest stock pistols I've ever fired.


In short...










and btw, I've put well over 100 mags through mine firing nothing but green [in Utah no less, generally in the 80-100 degrees range], and it's still shooting like the day I bought it w/no visible external/internal damage... so rest assured, it's a solid piece. :gun:

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