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Airsoft in inclement weather

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bad weather airsoft. snow, hail, rain, wind, anything. even water airsoft is acceptable (coming out of a stream, etc)

I KNOW LORD SEX has some pictures ;)

im sorry if this isnt considered something new, but it was not done yet, and i believe this thread is different, and has a cool aspect. I would really like to see some cool bad weather airsoft pics ;)


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Thanks! It's a really nice suit, and is actually for sale, although it's broken in a lot more since those pictures.


Yeah I no longer have that scope, I actually had a killflash on the rifle during that game, although it fell off shortly into the OP. That was the first and last time I played with that scope anyhow, as I acquired an M1 replica.

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Rainy game a few years ago. Came out really wet but it was lots of fun crawling in the mud and wading through the pond. Only thing was that we had to travel a mud trail to get back up to the cars, kind of hard going up an incline in ankle deep mud. Unfortunately, I do not have any ingame pics. :(







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Pictures from Operation Dagestan last winter. We had rain all day and then snow at the end of the night... By the end of the day we were wet, tired, and *fruitcage* cold.



Waiting in the drizzle. On the right.



WET. Very WET. The guy on the left has full winter-weight gear. Lightweight. :) AK74MN545 - I expect you to come back for Dagestan 2!



Soaked through.



Waiting for the hammer to fall... But no attack came. After we retook the village, the enemy was too demoralized to continue, and soaked through.

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We were messing around. That field isnt even around anymore. Pictures are from awhile back. Like last year.

LOL that was almost my first real airsoft game... I even showed up at the field but my dad made the decision that I couldn't play, b/c he didn't want me to get sick :( Would have been fun I can see....

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Grid 18 feburary of 06, portland oregon.


early in the game. Aimpoint had already taken a ######. on the left




at the end, with my gun down. Completely covered in mud/water. i did have gortex boots on, and fleec under my pants. i was pretty comfy. As you can see my desert pouches where now brown. Im the one sitting down








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