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My bespoke fiberglass work isn't viable for many, too much monies for most players. I pretty much insist on a head mold too which is enough of a stumbling block for some let alone the price. Not that its a bad price but folk tend to compair my price to the mass produced stuff hence I don't bother to make generic models .Not only that but it goes against my mask making ethos. I dont see the point in making something that only works ok for a percentage of the people, when the ideal mask is made for the individual who is going to use it.

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MSM RAW hoodie (Love these, bought a second in charcoal)
UW Gear chest rig
Emdom belt

ACM frown
ATACS-Foliage pants



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Here's one of my kits (working on building two completely different loadouts, at the same time), a never ending WIP, but might as well post it =/







-HELMET: Opscore Ballistic*, Manta*, V-Lites*, Wilcox arm*, PVS 15's*, Ferro HCW, Contour HD, PT Charge MPLS

-Oakley Carbon M Frames



- 2nd LINE: Ferro FCPC, ferro front insert pouch, ferro wingman pouch, Motorola GP 68 , ferro fast mag pouch, DIY Slap charge and pouch, diy bolt cutters pouch, bolt cutters, CAT tourn., V-lite, US Flag patch

-AOR1 Combat shirt*

-Casio G shock GA 110

-Mechanix Orig. gloves

-Ferro Garmin Pouch



-1st LINE: Leather belt, Blade Tech Holster (with drop hip panel), Glock 18*, Retention Lanyard, Ferro multitool pouch

-AOR1 Combat Pants*

- Salomon X Ultra GTX



-FCC 416 PTW

-Aimpoint T1* (getting replaced with an EOTech XPS 2)

-KAC Flip up irons*


-Surefire M600c w/pressure pad

-Gear Sector Hand Stop*

-AAC comp*

-Magpul MOE Grip

-Magpul Ladder Rail Covers

Hey Jaofter is that tmc brand aor1 combat tops and bottoms?

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Good Lord man, a triple quote of the same thing? Please don't quote pics

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Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack in Black, made with Litelok. Completely in love with it, has replaced my Swiss Gear backpack for everyday school business. Heads up to anyone wanting one - this thing is very small, which is hard to tell from the reviews out there. However it's so compact, light, and easy to maneuver with, I'm planning to pick up an MC LiteLok one in the future exclusively for airsoft.


Kind of regret not picking up an MC one for school...though other people might think I'm a nut XD. Going to pick up an ITS Skeletonized Bottle Holder for this.

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Nice choice, my MC Litelock version's been my helmet/gas/gloves/hats etc bag for skirmishing for quite a while now, very handy pack.  Although yours is actually a little different, mine has a sternum strap and sew-in QR buckles with attachable segments for hooking the pack up to the back of a PC.


I've found an MSM small patch panel to be a very good choice for the front modular area, gives a nice little extra zip pocket and much more velcro estate.

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Yea, since yours is the technical "LiteLok" LRAP version, which has the removable straps, these don't (it doesn't say it's made of LiteLok, but it's definitely not made of Cordura lol). I don't mind the non-removable straps though, I can't see this being used on the field - might get the MC pack for that.


EDIT: NVM, found it :)

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New stuff :)


- Norröna Recon Pack Syncroflex
- CGF Gallet APH/SOGH-Helmet
- High Ground Gear The Chestrig
- Paraclete SOHPC with Soft Armor, EI 100rd SAW Pouch and LBT GPS Wrist Pouch
- NFM Garm Combat Pants
- NFM Bravo San-Pouch and Carrier
- Ops-Core 3/4" pad set
- VTAC/TYR Tactical Brocos Belt with Soft Armor
- Trijicon ACOG TA01 NSN with Killflash and Red Dot Sight
- High Ground Gear PRC-148 Pouch
- Blue Force Gear HW Dump-Pouch

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TMC Airframe
Crye Airframe rails
Crye MC Airframe cover
Z-tactical headset mounts
Z-tactical Comtac II
Custom made ANVIS battery pack with cover
V-lite (replica)
ESS Profile NVG goggles
Clawgear Tan scarf
Dummy PVS-14 NVG mount
Dummy PVS-14 (full metal)
Crye JPC in coyote
PIG Hydration Carrier Gen 2
TT Fight Light Multi-Purpose Pouch
PIG BRIG Shoulder Pad
Esstac M4 KYWI Double Mag Pouch
TAS Rapid Access Medical Pouch
J'aimetac M4 shingle pouch (custom made)
J'aimetac roll-up dumppouch (custom made)
Velcro pad for game-specific pouches (custom made)
Toysoldier MBITR in custom made pouch
Z-tactical PTT modded with MBITR-plug.
Toysoldier foldable Antenna
CAT Tourniquet
Dummy Sapi-plates
Crye Combat shirt Gen2
Crye combat pants Gen2
Crye low-profile belt
Eagle large utility pouch
J'aimetac grenade pouch (custom made)
Crye gunclip G17
Fast-Mag for pistol-mags
Quechua Forclaz 700 shoes
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How do you like the PIG hydro?


Well, it fits nicely onto my JPC, I had a 3l hydro, but that thing is too large for this set-up.


It has one big zipper, and in each corner a hole for the tubing.

In the middle of the hydro, there is a large piece of elastic webbing to keep the pouch small. Through that, you can also get the tube out.


The only downside is that some brands starts to use some other sort of multicam-webbing. (Esstac uses this webbing also) . The color blending isn't as smooth as the official multicam webbing.

But I guess I have to get used to it.

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the webbing you're referring to is made using a Jacquard technique, so the pattern is physically woven into the webbing rather than printed on, so it should last waay longer than the printed webbing, but as far as I know it's still official multicam.

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It is indeed, the quality is actually very good.  It's the GWS repro and it feels very sturdy with plenty of connecting options.   Haven't got a chance to check out the bone mics in the field yet but I have tested them with a few radios, very clear audio sent and received. 


Definitely worth the money, and for only around £40 more than a China made PTT and Z tact headset.  


For anyone interested in it:



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@ Blarock86:

What sight is that you have on your M4? Looks like an elongated Eotech of sorts...


@ Sam-B:

Is that the repro sylinx PTT? How's the quality of that?


It's an Bushnell holosight with a larger hood over it.



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Messing around post game. Fast and light kit for CQB, though most of it was already put away or has not arrived yet. Running a belt kit with two fast mags for my primary, and two for my secondary, dump pouch, and a miscellaeous pouch carrying bb's and green gas usually. I loved how light it was, way more comfortable for this Florida weather. Ignore the baggy jeans, my Crye V2 replica hadn't arrived yet. Might just get some real ones. Damn those asian sizing charts.

Also wearing black UA Valsetz.


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