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My impression of the swedish "swat" during the 80s. All original and very rare. The vest alone is 10kg as its filled with steel hehe.           More info and ref pics at: https://www.f

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Got a new bag for work a couple weeks ago. I work as an EMT/Firefighter for two fire departments here in Michigan. Ive been using a LBT 1562B but wanted something a little more modular and have always been interested in Mystery Ranch so I decided to bite the bullet and got a RATS pack in Multicam. Wish they had it in Black or OD but Im not a huge fan of CB or Foliage and the Red seemed too bright for my taste.





Right Pouch (Front):



Right Pouch (Front Contents):


Left Pouch (Front):


Bottom Pouch (Front):




Interior 2:


Contents - Front of Bag:
Elastic Loops - x2 CAT Tourniquets
Right Pouch - BP Cuff, Glucometer with Oral Glucose/Lancets, and Gloves
Left Pouch - OPA's and CPR Mask
Bottom Pouch - x4 5x9 ABD Pads, x20 4x4 Gauze Pads, x4 Compressed Gauze Rollers, and x2 Kerlix Rolls.


Contents - Tear Out Pouches (Red, Yellow and Green):
x2 6 Inch NARP Emergency Trauma Dressings
x3 NARP Compressed Gauze
x1 Hyfin Vent Chest Seal
x1 Tourniquet (x2 SOFT - Wide, x1 CAT Orange).
x1 Kerlix Roll
*Contents above in each pouch


Contents - Tear Out Pouch (Blue Handle/AIRWAY):
x1 Set OPAs, x1 Non Rebreather Mask, x1 Nasal Cannula, x1 Hyfin Vent

Contents - IV Pouches (Splinting Pouches)
x1 SAM Splint, x2 Triangle Bandages, x1 ACE Wrap, x2 Compressed Gauze Rollers.


My thinking behind the lay out is for a mass casualty incident. Each pouch is set up the same and can be handed out if need be. Still need to get a couple more tourniquets and chest seals but for the most part its loaded the way that I would like. Also need a couple NPAs and possibly a pocket BVM. Advantage for me over the LBT pack is I can store the same amount of stuff (even a little more) in a smaller package and I have my most used items (BP Cuff, Glucometer, Gauze etc) in the front where I can get to them without even having to open the bag. But so far I love the pack. Construction wise, it blows every company out of the water, even LBT...which Im surprised to say. Would have put this in the First Aid Thread but it seems to be archived =/.


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South Africa this week, GALIL ARM and Mag 58 GMPG, using a Pattern 83 SAAV from 1983, Transkie pants and 32Bn SADF lizard camo top.



"fighting SAWPO in Namibia" during a Border Wars themed op at my field....



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Both amazing gear sets, I have to say. Makes my *suitcase* look minute in comparison.




SDS 60 gunner rig. Radio pouch is Blackhawk, all else is SDS. medi pouch contains hydration salts, Israeli compression bandage, tourniquet and casualty collection cards.


Also a gun bench made of pallets. WIP.

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from last weekend






kitlist (sadly, almost everything is replica):

TMC DD Airframe /w Smith Optics Googles, TMC L4G24 mount DE, 2x VLights, FMA Strobelight, Emerson HL1A TAN light+video cam, GK3 callsign Patch, US Flag Patch, SEAL's Pirate Patch
Allwin AOR1 combat pants and shirt ( modded pants and cutoff sleeves) and RealTree UnderArmour.
Oakley TAN Gloves
Emerson DD 1961D Chest rig /w  TMC AOR1 attachment sling, TMC Para Pack & 3L Camelbak Hydration Bladder and Boltmaster Breaching tool, TMC AOR1 PRC148 Radio Pouch /w ZTactical Antenna Package and PRC 152 Radio Case for Puxing 777 radio /w ZTactical PTT
TMC AOR1 6094Slick modded
Emerson DD Rappel Tactical belt /w Flyye AOR1 waist pouch & TMC AOR1 drop pouch
Safariland 6004 Holster /w KJW P226 + M3X flashlight
Salomon boots
Well MP7 AEP in some pics and a D-Boys HK416 in others.

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