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Just threw this together for *suitcases* and giggles before I'm shipping out the helmets I've sold...






- Team Wendy ZAP Pads

- USGI AN/PVS-14 Bracket

- ITL Mini n/SEAs Rear bracket and tension strap

- Pelican IR Strobe

- Counterweight

- ANVIS Mount on Ground Ops Adapter


- Callsign Patches

- IR Flag

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heroshark, I concur what others have said, of all your designs, I like this one the best. It really does look great. I would expect it is sized very well and close to your actual head ... since you've probably sculpted it based off your own head like all your other creations. That's really badass. Well done. Now let's see a picture of you wearing it!

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Work Helmet:





Nowhere near as high speed as what you guys have, but it gets the job done =P Looking at picking up a set of ESS Innerzone 2 goggles as well as a Streamlight Vantage Helmet Light. Still fairly new even after six months, but its been to a couple motor vehicle accidents and structure fires where I worked at the rehab station. I start fire school in October so hopefully that'll take the "showroom" look off of it.

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