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I get the distinct feeling that I'm feeding a troll, but since you're trying to use geography to justify stupidity I'll type a few lines in defense of American airsoft. I play milsim airsoft in multi

Refinished the stock of my NPO VSS so it's closer to the color of the VSS seen in some of the Beslan school hostage crisis.   -Piano

Posted Images

Did you handmake yours?

That's his "Real Steel" M-14 from his "Service" days...  :rolleyes:


@ Dark... Great to see you active in these forums.

Is the SR-25 your current project or one of your oldies?

Btw, you really should enter Arnies Build Off contest with your "other" project. Or at least show off some pic's.

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Here is M14 that was modernized for local "sniper rifle/DMR" purposes" in Lithuanian armed forces many years ago. With custom NV sight adaptor. Looks like the difference from TP1 is the cheek riser that is adjustable. Stock was made locally one company.



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Here's my baby.I've changed the 5.56 Flash Hider over to a 7.62 Flash Hider. I'm going back to the SR25K outer barrel as that will look better & combined with the Flash Hider take the length of the Barrel to around 406mm which is the length LMT say the L129A1 Barrel should be.




More photos to follow when it gets the new Outer Barrel

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@rolling-thunder. That's a really nice gun. Do you know the brand of the scope and if you don't mind me asking, where did you purchase it?

I don't actually know what make it is.It came with a Well L96 & i kept it when i sold the gun on. I'm not sure if it's staying on the gun when i start using it more this summer but it is a good scope.

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Polar Star DMR.


KWA SR10 Upper, rail, and stock

Hurricane lower

Bushnell Scope.  The scope is a new addition, replacing my 4x Acog.  Killflash & Covers should arrive this week.

45 Degree offset BUIS

425mm Madbull TB

KAC Style QD Suppressor


Silver nozzle, currently.


etc, etc, etc.






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