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I can see the incredible amount of work that went into just some of the slides alone.


A lot look too good to even skirmish with. It deserves it's own glass case, right in the middle of the living room for everyone to see.


2011s are more like race cars then tanks....use for competitions rather than fight wars....


I'll add my WOC M4 as well...




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At the moment I don't own any 1k guns, but I have had quite a few in the past. Anyone who knows me knows I go through guns like nobody's business :P


Anyhoo, 1k guns I've owned at one point or another...







CA M15A4 CQB with G&G barrel extension, M203, EOTech 551.A65 Rev. F, etc., etc., etc. Well over $1k not including the magazines and shells.








G&P M4 with replica CASV, HurricanE 551 replica, G&P/Maruzen Masterkey 870 shotgun, etc.






Marui based M16A2/M203






It goes without saying what this is.




I could post half a dozen more, including an Aliens pulse rifle (although no where near as nice as the one posted previously), the P90 that Donut now owns, several VSR-10s, and way more franken guns than any man should ever have but I don't want to flood the thread all in one post. Maybe I'll post some more when we get to the next page ^_^


Yes, my e-penis is gargantuan. Big enough to severely injure any man, woman, or child :P

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Some awesome guns in here.



Hmm where's usmc?

He can show off a couple of his magpul/novesk. guns which I think are probably worth more then 1K

I'd post in this thread ... except it'd depress the cr@p outta me if I actually admitted to myself how many guns I have currently that fit into this category and how much money I've spent on my "toys". :mellow:


Here's a few to keep the thread going:




I have since installed a Extended Bolt Release (functional) and Magpul ASAP:















Think I'll stop there for now. :D


Shin, that LaRue Tactical 12in SBR blaster you posted on page one is bad *albatross*!

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No 1k guns at the moment, but soon, very soon.


Started life as a CA8-2, and was completely overhauled internally to shooting roughly 530fps with .2gs. Had some insane range. Just about all the cost was internal. Somtimes I miss her.

I always thought it was funny, all that money into her, and I was still using a $30 scope. Hahahahaha.


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