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2011 Picture Thread

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Romulus -

Thanks a lot for the pics, you are the man! I see now what you mean. The outer barrel actually goes into the Compensator a bit.. thats why you had to bore it out huh. And you just cut the "centering/backside" off of the innerbarrel holder/adapter??


"the downside of using an adapter, the outer barrel can slide back and expose the inner barrel"

- yeah, but if you have a threaded outer barrel same thing kinda happens - mine will stick straight out the front of the comp. (obviously won't if I used a shorter inner barrel though) it's just the way these guns a designed.


"what are you doing with your SD frame and STI slide set?"


Ha... that's a really good question. I'm not really sure yet. So you know, I have this strange fetish for my 4.3/5.1 frankensteins, right. But I really like the square, flat, and clean lined SD frame. So I was thinking...maybe I will cut this $230 frame down to fit the 4.3 :) What do you think??? I also want to polish the ###### out of the SD frame. I want that mirror finish like that last Magna Tuner Guy posted (I think r.ocelot had one too that was crazy polished). I hate the bead blasted finish on the SD frame. It gets dirty so easily then hard to clean it off. So i hink polish is the key :)


So that's for the frame. I think I'm pretty sure thats what I want to do with it. The slide...not sure. It can be used on a 5.1 or (even better) a 4.3 frame. So I think I might build something with that. I don't know. I have a bunch of pieces.. a couple guns and not sure what to do with it all. Maybe I'll post a pic of all my junk laying around. And you guys can give me some ideas :)


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The outer barrel actually goes into the Compensator a bit.. thats why you had to bore it out huh.




And you just cut the "centering/backside" off of the inner barrel holder/adapter??


Yes, I'm not sure whether it preforms better or worse than a normal 2001 PDI threaded adapter but it has served me well.


Good luck with cutting and polishing your SD frame. You have more guts than I do.




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""can the slides on dragons be swapped out for different ones without replacing the rest of the frame?""


I'm sure they can. Not sure if anyone has tried. It would be cool to see like a 3.8 slide on it (i don't think anything else would fit). Maybe someone who has a WE 3.8 Baby and a Dragon could swap it over and see what it looks like :)


WhiteDingo - what color and type of (spray?) paint did you use? Also - could you post some pics of the top side of your Dragon? I think thats the best part.


The slide on the dragon cane be swapped out for whatever, the regular 5.1 slides fit fine. I could swap my TM one on there and get pics if you guys want?



Oh, and the paint. It's Rustoleum High Heat Paint, don't know the color atm. I'll look it up later.


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Cyclops - I really like that Freedom Art 7" kit.

Is that just a regular 4.3 mag/base? Looks cool with the TK grips.

I'd like to know what the deal is with the barrel extension is too.

I know the FA comp fronts are threaded...but I haven't really seen that extension piece.

Did you get that kit from WGC?

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I think with most metal add-on/replacements, you have to fine tune certain contact points to your satisfaction. This one in particular has had no problems or issues, cycles as smoothly as it was when it was stock. Most of the Hi-capas in our group use FA frames of one style or another, but no horror stories in terms of fitting or function. The Inner barrel I'm using is a PDI 6.05mm.





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If you don't mind losing the safety portion, I would swap the grip safety to RS. Mine is nice and blingey, but doesn't provide any safety, except for trigger bite.


whitedingo - you beat me to it! That was what I wanted to build, an all silver gun with a red grip. Oh well, you saved me another $700 or so.

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Yeah I've been thinking about using a RS beavertail but then I need a matching ambi-safety as well...anyone fit a RS ambi thumb safety to a TM?


I may just polish and clear coat the stock parts instead...I guess we shall see.


I think that it would be worth at least to try polishing the stock safety. The color scheme really requires it to be silver.


Also didn't mention it earlier but the new trigger looks awesome.

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WhiteDingo - I do like your Dragon - definetly the best dragon I've ever seen. I really like the red grips.

Is the stippling done with the rounded tip dremel bit like I used for mine?

Oh, what's with the mag release button? I like it.....what is it?


Vicious - I've got some spare parts. I can polish a grip and thumb safety and send em to you.. or maybe we can meet up this weekend or something :)

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