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Just added some new "bits" to my FAL, though I'd post an update.




I added a TASCO 3-9x 40mm scope to it. Right now I'm using a scope mount that is lifted up as to allow the user to use iron sights, as well as scope rings which accomplish the same task, so It's really, really, really high. Also, I've moved the rear ring back a bit, as to reduce the goofiness.


Here is a close up of the "super structure," if you will:




Don't suppose anyone has any spare scope rings they'd care to part with?


My rifle is now referred to as a "manly sized battle rifle" amongst my friends. Its length beats my friend's SR25 by about 2cm - without the silencer.


Someone said that the ergonomics are rather "weird." I have to disagree. You see, this rifle was designed for men. So if you can't shoulder it properly, or can't reach the fire selector or mag release, you're either a woman or a child.


Next stop! Wood furniture!

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On top my Star FNC with some swedish AK5-modifications. Otherwise just standard Star FNC.


Below I have a Star FNC Shorty. Which I've shortened a bit more. About 2 inches or 6 centimeters whatever you prefer. It's an attempt to reconstruct the AK5DF. An experimental model for a shorter AK5. This model didn't see production. The new model lack the iron sights and is even shorter. I like lengthy weapons and prefer iron sights so I went for this experimental model instead.



Experimental model. The one I've been trying to reconstruct.



The excepted model. Note the lack of iron sights and the even shorter barrel.



Standard AK5. One with a brittish SUSAT (AK5B) and a regular AK5...



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Please do! Your version is so much more accurate :D I'm waiting for VFC to release their FNC so that I can turn it into a Pindad SSV.


Allready have a couple of Asahi FNCs. This way I have a "full house" :D


BTW has anyone ever tried to fit their Star FNC with that rail foregrip? I've been thinking about fitting a rail M203 onto one of my FNCs just for the fun of it. It's easy to attach and remove a railed versioned M203.


So pictures of your railed FNC preferably with a M203 attached please! :D

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Sure, a dust cover is a good call.

There is one issued with the SA80, when the bolt is closed and a mag is in the barrel is the only place dirt can get in.

The rifle is Swedish, Sweden has a lot of harsh climates, water getting in the barrel turns to ice and your rifle is useless.


I like dust covers.

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Well if you fire it with the dustcover on......... I don't think that is a dustcover. Prehaps an adapter for a rifle grenade or something.

I know all about harsh Nordic climates...


Here is what happened to a G3 with the barrel full of ice. And BTW you stuff it with snow and then it turns to ice, water is not a problem in wintertime, since its already ice :)



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