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SIG Picture Thread

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Well when I saw a SIG picture thread I knew I include my 552 in the mix. Its shooting 350 fps and it has a G&P 30 mm AimPoint, King Arms vert grip, and a Marui Knights Silencer. Here it is:

pictureb1005bt5.jpg pictureb1003uj5.jpg pictureb1002zg1.jpg pictureb1004pn2.jpg pictureb1007mt4.jpg


The picture with the MP5 is to show how compact a SIG 552 really is. The first time I compared them, I couldn't believe how close they were in size. Either the MP5 is large or the 552 is small.


The one thing I'd love to do is to convert my 552 into a 550 DMR, I wish TM did a 550 redux or someone made 550 handgaurds. I'm also considering a longer inner barrel I could slip under the silencer.

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As UNCo has now sold out of Part No.42, does anyone have that part lying around in their bits box they want to sell me by any chance?


It pulls the trigger bar bit up to engage with the hammer mechanism, Marui part 42, KJW part 40.


Let me know.


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My almost finished Marui.




Guarder Body

FireFly Recoil Guide Rod

RCC Recoil & Hammer Springs

Nine Ball SAS Outer Barrel

Nine Ball 6.04mm Inner Barrel (112.5mm)

Nine Ball Air Seal

SD POM Loading Nozzle

PDI Piston

SD Valve Knocker

KM Hi Flow



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very nice pistol, i'm in the middle of doing the same thing (almost) How accurate is she?


I live in Orinda, glad to see you live in Berkeley.


She is pretty good right now. My gun has always shot a little low, so I have the hop all the way up. I think the Nine Ball seal helped with bringing the shots up closer to the point of aim, and the extra length of the inner barrel really helps. I gave my friend the stock inner barrel from my M1911 and he is getting much tighter groupings now.

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This is my custom SIG 552 RIS.


It was made using a full-metal Mosquito Moulds Uzi RIS System which, to my amazement, has precisely the right-shaped holes in precisely the right places to make this great mod.


The RIS itself was trimmed to alow for the front body pin to be inserted and it still accepts a standard mini battery.


The best part is that the RIS is directly mounted to the smaller RIS rail that comes fitted to the 552 as standard, meaning that you can simply unbolt the standard rail and the whole larger unit comes away too, leaving the standard weapon.





What do you think?

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Hi all,


Just a couple of pictures of my Tokyo Marui SIG552 SEALS :-)



TM Cheek Rest

TM Top Rail

G&P M3 Illuminator - with Remote Pressure Switch

Guarder Chunky Monkey Tactical Vertical Grip

G&G SS-80 80mm Silencer

King Arms Lightweight 40x200mm Silencer


Awaiting G&P (Aimpoint) 30mm Red Dot Scope







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