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Shotgun Picture Thread

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My ACM Mossberg 500 6mm.


- Manually cut down barrel

- UTG Mossberg rail bolted in the rear sight holes (had to drill another hole in the rail so that it would fit)

- Cheap Electro red/green dot/reticle sight

- Uncle Mike's Mountain Sling

- Knoxx SpecOps NRS stock

- Mossberg factory blued heatshield





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well, it is true. absolutely useless in combat, but a really cool AIRSOFT replica.

and really it looks like it could hold 2 shells. i dont know about you, but i use up more than 2 shells when i play airsoft

i was just stating what i saw.

it is no insult to him, or his work. his shotty looks badass, and im sure it took many hours and much skill to build. and kudos to him for making it. ledpocket's stuff always looks great.



EDIT because this isnt worth making another post: i UNDERSTAND what he was going for, and he did it magnificently. amazing job. i am just curious as to the shell capacity, senior bear, as i cant see how it could be useful with 2 shells. if you REALLY have a problem with that, pm me and we can settle it, and then maybe you can explain those "details"

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Thanks again.


If it was real steel you'd get 2 in the the and 1 in the chamber. Same thing with the Serbu super shorty. Really only useful for home defense and drug deals ;)


My airsoft version uses 18 round mags, so I could chop it at the receiver and still have the same shots. It's the old defender 1100 semi auto gbb, not the newer shell fed version.


For anyone not aware, it has 2 interchangeable chambers. One allows 3 bbs per trigger pull, the other shoots 1 bb at a time.

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