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M14 Picture Thread

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This is my new TM M14 OD, converted to be more of a SF kind of M14.

I wanted a "worn in combat" kind of look and I have worked with OD, Desert and Mud brown. Ive used a remover very hard and several times too!


A DC QD Silencer and a Reel Steel EOtech is also painted for the M14 in the same way. :P

Enjoy and let me know what you all think and what you like to be fixed!











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That is gorgeous! Just a quick question. Can I get a parts list. Pretty please? :P


Hauk :)



lol. sure ;)





King Arms M14 RAS

Leapers 4X28 Scope (i think...can't be sure)

harris&harris bipod

swivel mount

delta force silencer (reduces the sound by 75%...according to redwolf. discontinued)



KM 6.04 tightbore for the FULL sized M14 (the silencer covers the extra)

M130 spring

completely furnished with gaurder internals (systema ones don't fit, no ver7 :( )

new spring guide

EG1000 motor

better tappet plate (the old one sucks, metal chipped- common problem in TM M14's)



intellect 8.4v 3600 mah battery (the 9.6v large don't fit, thought u should know)

Krylon-ed the gun tigerstripe


Conclusion: this gun is dead accurate after i installed everything, i could easily pick off targets btwn 140-150 feet when the weather is good and sunny! my FPS is a very consistant 375 with 0.25's.


overall= i VERY highly recommend one :D



hoped that helped! :)

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i just counted. it was $860 bucks not including tax and labor


...well worth it. i've spend more on most of my other guns but i love this one the most. just a well put together gun


some of the cons:

tappet place- it WILL break, 8 bucks to replace

the guns is quite heavy (about 10-11 pounds with everything)

LONG- the "socom" (no silencer) is the length of an SR-16 (M4 with full stock)


great choice tho! :D

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I have the same inside mine! :)

But with a M120 spring, just to keep the full-auto mode according to Swedish rules.


Also I have a 9,6v 3600mAh Large battery inside, You have to work the inside of the stock to make it fit.


All the other parts inside is the same. :)

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OK, let's try asking my deleted question in a pic-friendly way...

Can we get some pics of m14's and socoms in the field, in action?  I've seen something like 1 so far.


sure. these were taken from my team's airsoft video of me in action on apocolypseat Hollywood Sports Park in bellflower, CA


*u can tell my M14 wasn't so "decked" out at the time


*post edited- resized pics. sorry about the size! :huh:















ok just gotta ask whats the point of  RIS if all your gonna do is but a BFS on it? Yes I am talking about top rail


no point really. just makes it look sooo much cooler


case in point- notice the top rail btwn the two:





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