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Awesome Mk46

Would you care to make a part list ???




As I said it started out as a CA M249 Para and then I installed the following :


-G&P Mk46 stock

-G&P Mk 46 top ras which required modification to the front end to fit

-CA bottom RIS

-G&P KAc style vert grip

-Harris bipod fitted on a King Arms QD mount

-Specter SAW sling

-Trijicon reflex sight


I'm still trying to find a freaking Mk46 barrel that will fit on it hence why the whole thing hasn't been repainted yet.

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Now for something totally different in here, here is my Mk46 wannabe that started life has a CA M249 Para.


*image snip*

Nice M249 you got there Brakoo. By any chance can you post a pic of the view through your Reflex Sight? I've been looking all over for a view through the sight and reticule of the Trijicon Relfex all over the net and couldn't find anything except the exterior :(

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False information.



Sarcasm is more like it.


I hate to say it but I've got the exact same stuff coming in the mail galactica, thanks for selling me on it. Now I just hope I can remove the orange without destroying the slide.

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