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Pictures of your latest non-airsoft aquisitions

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TAD Force 10 'Legionnaire' Trousers in OD (they got the normal Force 10s back instock after my order shipped! Grr!) and a TAD Flux Hoodie.


Both as bombproof as you'd expect from TAD. The hoodie is especially awesome and much less flimsy in real life than it looks on the website.

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after my digital camera died on my a few weeks back, i was on the lookout for a new one, and with my cellphone now dying on me this weekend, i had a little bit of a lookaround on the net to see if i couldn't find a cellphone that could fill both roles for my needs instead buying a new phone and a new camera...


since i've been nothing but pleased with my Sony ericsson k750i over the years and it's apps, i went looking for a new SE.

I splurged abit (no much though) more money then i was gonna, but i just ordered this:






Touchscreen & wifi included, not a bad deal either for the same price as the 3.2mp & no wifi g700 model :)


Should be here soon.

Anyone have on of these? Happy with it?

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I got the one on top recently. Its as close as owning the real one without paying 40K for it.




now i wish my vader helmet was here in uk with me =(


I'll put pics of my new feel-happy-thingamus on here tonight if I dont drop dead from lack of sleep 1st. Long day in sch ahead.

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