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Painted Weapons Picture Thread


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i have very few posts but ive been lurking these forums for a while now


i just recently got back into airsoft, got an sr25, and painted 3 guns


here they are




on my m14 i did a zig zag stripe pattern, thin black, thicker nutmeg, thick tan stripe (the nutmeg looks less orange in real life)



same for the sniper, but with brown, OD, and tan



my sr25 before:



and after:

i just used a base tan layer with random blobs of brown





i kept the scope markings and the butler creek button clean by using tape





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hey guys, i was just wondering: Would three nice coats of Krylon Matte clear coat(with a 2-3 minute break in between) be enough to guard Krylon Camo paint from dings and scratches?


Also, how many coats would I need if I want to add some matte clear coat to my Thompson? The metal is already painted a flat black from the factory, and I just want to protect it against scratches.




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But if I understand you right you plan spraying it black first and then using clear coat, right? If that is the case, then use alumahyde paint instead of krylon as that won't ding and scratch very easily at all.


IF you only plan on using clear coat then I can't help you there, sorry lol.

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Absolutely LOVE that paintjob. :)


What paint and colours did you use?


The paint is just 2 colors of regular poster paint, done by a team mate of mine Eldannardo using "dry brushing" technique.



Best paintjob I've seen in a while, I want more and larger pictures!


I will try and get some closer picture of the rifle for you. Most of my rifles have this paint job.


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