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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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I think even if I came over to your shop and took a dump in your paint cans you'd still make the stuff look awesome... damn you man! 😛  That blue Glock is on FIRE!  

That was not meant to be interpreted as you make turds look good or your stuff looks like sh*t but me trying to say, you are too good at what you do 😛 

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My Xcr has finally been Shwell''d.. The build up has begun. Eklement High Speed Motor (Swapping to AMP hi torque), New Piston/head setup (Needed asap when new).. Waiting for stock adapter and then the internals fun begins..


SHWEL, though I don't normally like modern stuff, that is really quite beautiful. Retrained and tasteful, kudos!

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My Polar Star electro-pneumatic, solenoid, M249. I've had it since May (it's one of the very first P* boxes), but I've been kinda lazy about posting a picture.




The flash doesn't do the colours justice, but it gives the general idea.


Either 400 or 450 fps/.2g BB (or lower, if I want), and a very high ROF.

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I dunno, I think to a large extent the philosophy behind the AFG is just to enable the user to be as comfortable as possible, so if it's fulfilling that purpose I don't really see an issue. Obviously 'the idea' is to use it with the far extended reaction-arm grip to really get pressure down on the end of your barrel and negate "muzzle flip". But, this is airsoft so if folks just happen to find it more comfy than a traditional flat handguard or VFG when mounted near to the magazine housing, then they might as well use it in said manner.


Not that I can't empathise with the source of amusement, just my view.

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