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Armalite Picture Thread

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QDRenegade ~ I like FDE as I find it is more complimentary to the various types of gear I use (Coyote / Tan, Multicam, 3 color Desert). That doesn't mean I don't have all black guns... I have plenty of those. Just that black against Multicam kinda stands out. ;)


Foxhound ~ That 7" barrel may work but my gut tells me it won't. If your rail is already 7", the 7" outer barrel should leave the beginning of the FlashHider flush with the end of your rail. And you have about +/- 10cm of wiggle room with how the barrel's designed. If that's okay, then you're probably fine. But if you truly need a 8.5" barrel, a 7" barrel just won't cut it. I believe barrels are measured from the beginning of the FH threads, to the base of the outer barrel (for AEGs, that's the widest circumference of the base unit that buds up against the upper receiver's barrel nut threads).


The modification I described is really easy. If you can use a hack saw, you can do the Mod with ease. Give it a try, you may surprise yourself! ;)

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Aye. It doesn't tickle me much either but it sure is a different animal when compared to the Troy BUIS. I did the small iron sights thing before and I just don't see the point unless I decide to go back to optics. I only wish there was a scope or mount that doubled as a carry handle like in the case of the G36/XM8.




Its amazing how something as simple as a bloody carry handle can change the overall look of an entire rifle/AEG. I'll take a look at the LT BUIS but I'd imagine getting something like the RRA Defender first. I suppose making something with a 12" rail look like an M16 just doesn't work visually.


@usmc - Do you choose FDE for a specific reason? Do you find any benefits or is it a novelty kinda thing (not bashing either (hell I wont sell my UBR for the sake of it being a novelty despite liking my CTR more))




I hate you to the end of time for getting a UBR on your AEG before I got a chance.

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I got bored, Really bored.

Armapistol FTW :P



And in the name of "your doing it wrong"




No internals atm and the battery will either go in a ready mag or peq2 (or peq 15 if lipos will fit) with the wires coming out from the bolt catch.

Its a bits box special so that explains why it looks like all the parts were taken out of a dumpster

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Well, Madbull also makes a 7 inch outer. Say I used that, and put a flashhider on it. Would it still be to short? I'm not very good at modding like that lol.

In the gun I'm trying to make,link below, the flashider and very little of the barrel stick out at the end of the RAS


I suposse if just the flashider sticks out, id be happy with it. Flashider is about 1 and a half inches, so it may work, just making sure.

Sorry to ask this here, just much easier then making a whole thread.


To your original question: No one makes an 8" outer barrel, you will need to customize one-it's pretty easy with TM 3 piece M4 barrels. Cut the middle portion to your size. A 7.5" barrel is perfect for a 7" rail, that's the set-up used for short Noveske rifles. Here is mine just to give you the idea, 7" rail with 7.5" barrel, good luck:




*I need to post some of my updated AR's. The site has been gone for a while.

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That BUIS is going to look awesome on that, Kiki.


Shame-less plug:




Every AR owner in the US should look at least once.






Edit: It's my ad. You only have 29/100 necessary posts, this is why you can't see it.


For some reason I cant view that link what the heck.
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