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SIG Picture Thread

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I finally got it together and finished polishing the slide on my KJW P229 project. My goal with this gun was to build up a full metal P229 that functioned well. The KJW was my only option as a base but luckily it is TM compatible. In light of this I have swapped out the entire KJW hammer mech and replaced it with a TM hammer mech which feels much better. I was also swapped in polished TM controls since the casting and metal quality are better.


I haven't had a chance to fire this gun much but the testing I have done has shown that this is a solid little gun. Since it has a TM cone hop-up mech it is capable of good groupings at range for such a small gun. When I dropped in my PDI 7" 6.01 I was really impressed with how much it powered the gun up. I may end up running a big barrel under a suppressor at some point.


I am disappointed about a few things with this gun though. First off, KJW's painted finish hasn't been holding up very well even with very little use. In my case I am not to bothered because I am building this gun to be more of a tactical carry rather than an art project. I can only imagine that it would get torn up fast in a skirmish situation. Another note about the KJW P229 is that it's original grip screws are terrible. When I received the used gun two were already sheared off. I immediately swapped over to TM grip screws and have had no problem since.


Other special bits include a custom cut Action P226 barrel. The main reason that I wanted the Action barrel was because I was looking for ways to get trades on the gun. IN this case I gained a "9mm Para". In this same vain I have fitted RS P229 grips so that I could get ride of the KJW trades on the grips.


There's lots of other tweaks on this gun but rather than boring everyone I'll get to the pictures...












KJW P229

KJW Decocker (Polished)

KJW P229 Slide (Polished)


TM P226 Trigger (Polished)

TM P226 Take Down Lever (Polished)

TM P226 Mag Catch (Polished)

TM P226 Slide Catch (Polished)

TM P226 Hammer

TM P226 Sear

TM P226 Valve Knocker

TM Hammer Mech Frame

TM Disconnecter

TM P226 Grip Screws (Polished)


RS Mainspring Seat (Custom Fit)

RS P229 Grips (Custom Fit...Lots of work)


Action TM P226 Outer Barrel (Custom Cut)


RCW 150%+ Recoil Spring


(I'm still working on a tightbore barrel for this ATM)

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Join the club ;)


well, i'm currently rebuilding a crappy SRC M4 standard, into a M4 metal body, crane stock, RIS handguard and longer inner barrle with silencer.


i'd love to jojn, if ICS would bring out a full metal SIG 550 then i'll drop the M4 project like it never existed :D but nothing smaller then the 550, i just LOVE that thang :D

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Good looking guns all...here's a question. I've always liked the way SIG's look...but I only do guns which I can build an accompanying kit-load with. So...question is, who uses the SIG? Ie. what armies, special forces, PMCs? Anyone? I wouldn't mind expanding my arsenal, especially with the ICS models on the way. :D

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Swat use 551's, Sig rifles are quite popular with US Law Enforcement. I think Seals may have used the 552's I'm not sure though.


I've seen british armed police with them on and around train stations, they were the 551.


German counter terrorist unit GSG9 use them, as do the Serbian anti terrorist unit.


Switzerland, France, Chile, Spain and Indonesian military use them.


Hope that helps :)

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Anyone got a 556 conversion kit yet? How's the quality and the install process?


Yes, there is quite a lot of flashing on the cast parts and my top rail was a little bent.

The plastic grips are light but lock together really well. The rails on the side won't come off though.

The steel barrel is legendary though, it is 551 length when it is done.



i so badly want a SIG 550. would build it to DMR-specs, 450 fps, boom boom boom ! :D snipers, run for cover or die like ... whatever :P



Got one, Got an M100 and a tight bore, burned out the electronics, bought more.

Waiting on parts to finish it. It rocks.

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P220 torture test.

GASP did it survive? I bet it did for sure.



P226 torture test. Damn that is one hell of a gun.





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Nicoli, stop flashing your toy around, or I flash mine:




And now I'm waiting for ICS to come out with the 551. If it's not a copy of the Police model above, I'll trick it out to be so.


Actually the 551 was the one I liked the less in the family. The 550 was long and beautiful, the 552 short and mean. Also the 551 was mostly pictured with black furniture, and I prefer it green. Then I had the opportunity to buy this one, and love it so much that I really want an airsoft version of it...

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I had 4 sigs (counting the 550 sniper) and i prefered the 551 to play.

I began with the 550 but it was way too long, i never played with the 552 (my gf did), but the 551 is like a good looking M4 and burst ! XD

I think we are all right having great hopes in ICS launchers ^^

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I had some time on my hands and was playing around with my P229. I found out that I could use a PDI adapter on a P226 length tightbore to run a suppressor on it. I was surprised how good it looked but I think I will level this the way it is for a while.


As for my pictures, I got bored of my normal backgrounds so I grabbed a picture off the wall. If anyone can guess who the artist it is they can have bonus points. (Also, I wasn't trying to avoid glare...just so you know...yeah).


I'm interested to see what people think of this set-up.









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Love the setup! I've always that the P229 slides look odd, but that looks great. :)


How solid is the silencer adapter/tb setup on a P226? I've been thinking of getting one.


Oh, and if you mean the artist of the original, it was Piet Mondrian... Right? :mellow:

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Top marks. Mondrian was correct (and yes, this is a poster. I'm not a wealthy art collector).


The PDI adapter great except when the slide is locked back. When it is there's a few mm of inner barrel that show. It functions fine but it does look a bit odd. With this gun though it was the only threading option so I'm happy with it. I am not sure whether the PDI adapter for the 226 (mines for a 2011) would fix this problem or not.

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Winners choice :D



And superminireview:

This kit is fairly good but not mindblowing. For a GWS kit. Comparing to xm8 supercrappy kit theyve taken a big leap. Despite this I noticed few problems:

1. Barrell looks twisted. It's an illusion which I noticed after I removed handguard. Not a big deal but still anoying.

2. Telescope stock is AWFUL! Nothing more to add to this one.

3. It's pain in the *albatross* to build. Took me and local airsoftgunsmith 2hours.

4. Material choice. Cheap *beep*. My metal body twisted a littlebit when I tried to remove front pin which keeps handguard in place. Gonna use some superglue to fix this when I have time <_< Atleast handguard feels good and solid.

5. Feeding issues. I haven't shot a single bb but I predict feeding issues. Feeding system is so funky and made from cheap plastic. Mine was already broken because somebody tightened one screw too much <_<



And good things:

1. It's awesome!


Is it worth your money? Well hell yeah if you want sig 556. If you are looking good and durable gun kit you might want to turn around and run.


I'd give 7.5/10

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hard to build?.....its not like a sig552/551/550?

Well it's more like a colt/sig hybrid. We had always something on the way. Cocking handle, then gearbox,then few screws..

Installing the barrel was something what I don't want to do ever again <_<

Guide makes it look so easy. "Just put this part here add this and that's it". We had nice reality check when we started building the kit.

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