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Armalite Picture Thread

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So a VFC can hold a 9.6v 2000mAh nunchuck battery?

Yes, in those pictures I have an Intellect 9.6v 2000mAh battery. Shown here:






Fits with room to spare even. Though a regular mini-sized battery (I forget exactly what the cells are called) won't fit because they are too tall. However, AA cells (like in 9.6v nun-chuck batteries) fit fine.


EDIT: Sorry, re-arranging my photobucket, so filenames were changed.

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I have an ICS PEQ in my apartment and they are HIDEOUS. Theyre cheap plastic that somewhat looks like a peq but theyre really crappy. Plus there are 4 twist offs to take it apart to put the battery in and they either break or fall off.

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I'm not exactly an M4 junkie, but STAR's BETA C-Mag would be my pick of all the electric drum/box mags.


It uses a surprisingly reliable pressure sensor in the BB feed tube to automatically wind itself every time the pressure on the BB feed spring drops below a certain level (from feeding BBs of course). This is a much more effective system than the Hero Arms "sound sensing" auto winding mechanism, which often doesn't work in some guns and can be pretty finicky in those it does work in.



So I'd say go with the STAR. They've proven reliable in every instance I've seen and there's no need for any external tape or pressure switch to wind it, it just winds itself ^_^

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Thanks for the compliments :) Really I think it's due to using the lightbox, which I made using the quite tutorial from QDRenegade found here


Thats a real nice shooter you got there.

2 questions though.

1) How do you cope with your grip so far back? (Not a criticism, a general question)

2) Do you bother to use the different Iron Sights sizes?


It's a lot easier to aim and move the gun around with it closer in. That said, this gun is heavier than most so I might move it another row out just to get better weight distribution. I can fit my hand fine in behind it so that's not really an issue.


Using the iron sight sizes is pretty easy with these BUIS, the 4 is the largest size, and one rotate moves it to the 1, the smallest size, pretty quickly. That said, when I use this gun I'll probably have my aimpoint replica on it. It co-witnesses nicely.



Very nice Shidarin, makes me wish I didn't get rid of mine when they first came out. =(


Was that srpg's gun? :P


Pf, it could easily have been your gun at one point, since I bought it used from sprg, and he bought it used from someone else, who might have gotten it used from...


Azn, this gun is just dancing around you isn't it? :) I'm usually not in the habit of selling off my guns though, so I suspect the dance might be over.

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