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1911 Picture Thread

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Clockwork - is the mag release brass? Hard to tell from the pics but looks like the grip safety is brass too?


mag release, MSH, and grip safety are all brass.






Modified picture:




@ Jerry: nice Commander, love it...

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Alright, so I got my Army MEU today( I'll post pics tomarrow), it shoots pretty good but I noticed that I can only get at the very most 1.5 mags worth of BB's on a fill of gas, and that it vents alot of gas, especially within the first 5 shots back at me and into the air. Is that normal?

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Welcome to the 1911 world. Thats how much I get on my WA and my TM I only get about 2 mags worth.



Lame....... But, it performs good, so I guess that's all that really matters. I've only had experience with a KWA Glock before hand, and that got 4 mags to a fill without venting much gas. Oh well.


Here's some pics:



Excuse the tactical toes.......

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I thought this was a picture thread, for questions and answers there is a technical discussion for handguns.


Anyways since this is a picture thread, some more pics of my Tiki at day light.


since nobody has bothered answering me for days on that thread i dont see the harm in asking here.



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