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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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Thats a p90 silencer? YOu sure abut that?


yeah it is a P90 silencer and no it is not a KSC adapter. the KSC silencer threading is fine, wheras the TM are coarse. It is a simple act of swapping the TM MK23 stock 16mm+ thread adapter with the P90TR 14mm- thread adapter. the silencers are the same except for the gloss finish. and printing. but the threading is the same ON THE silencer.

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You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

Ivan special

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The MP5 is kinda a pain to lug around with the SPR, but it's saved my *albatross* more than once:)


I like the MP5 just like mine, except for I've a laser slung under the Silencer and will eventually have a light mounted on top for night games. Is that a full metal upgrade?


Pics to be posted once complete



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my g36 with pmag, m4 adaptor, acog red dot and zombie silencer.

also showing my themold mags and TM tracer unit



internals are stock apart from a system piston and piston head, considering the short barrel its spot on for range, though acuracy does suffer. time to order myself a twisted TM barrel to see if that helps with the acuracy



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This was the very first GBB I owned. Long since gone, but I never did post a picture of it.


KJ M92 Elite IA, Gerber Guardian


In my opinion, the Beretta 92F series is one of the only pistol that looks good with a suppressor.



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as promised some more pics of my g36, i think any that use m4 magwells should be designated g36c4 :D im a geek i know. lol

anyway with out further ado:

on floor with thermold mag and c-mag next to it



C-mag installed



another C-mag picture



a stand up shot



the business end :D clearly showing the foam inside the silencer :D:D





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I'm liking the way the thermold mags look in the G36. Nice.


they look cool and at 450rds a piece they do the job well. i do like the look but for the g36 hybrid dmr im planning i intend on using a couple of the p-mags from further up the page on my post as they just look that little techier!


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