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SIG Picture Thread

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To the guys/gals with magpul, which type do you use? 5.56 works fine or is it really for 7.62?


Also, are there any online shops who still store the cheekpieces?




You will want to go with 5.56 for the magpuls, but for pouches 7.62 ones work better then 5.56


As for cheekrests if you search enough you might find a store that has them. Or you can pray that JG might make them.


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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

"SIG Sauer P226 'upgraded' with Short Reset Trigger and E2 grips" Tokyo Marui base gun Pro-Win 226 metal kit for E2 series Guarder Nozzle and valve blocker. Nine Ball 6.03mm inner barrel.

Posted Images

552 is a 5.56 weapon, so the choice is quite clear. Cheekpieces are pretty rare, just browse all webshops :)

I'm well aware the SIG-series uses 5.56, but like Weirdguy said, when it comes to pouches 7.62 works better due to the mags being slightly bigger than STANAG, which made me wonder about magpuls aswell.


Thanks for the replies!

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I got the black barrel in there now and your right it does look a lot better. I also swapped the faux screw just infront of the slide release to the chrome one to, a small detail but still improves the looks :D


I did it the hard way with a dremel and two hours worth of cutting and filing. Only after i finished did i realize you can just buy the real steal mainspring seat :rolleyes:


For the next p226 i get im going to try and fit a pgc body and definately another set of hogues, just this time round il buy the real steal mainspring seat and mod that :D


But i love them and highly recommend them to everyone that has a p226 as they feel sooooo good!

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Anyone have pictures of the silver PGC P226 kit all fitted? I'm interested in how the finish compares to the chrome TM.


I have a PGC p226 in silver but the pics are not the best I will post some tommorow if I get time


As to the finish the PGC frame, it is a satin machined finish ,and you get what you pay for.


I did have a chrome one when they first came out only to strip some bits for a friends 2 tone.


the finish was nice but much to shiny for me.


the silver mags drop free with ease



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Also got the Guarder body on my 226, nothing spectacular. More than likely though this 226 will turn into a Jack Bauer blaster soon with some powdercoating.




Did you have any problems with the Guarder kit, Myfirst sig conversion gave me venting issues. I now have a creation kit without any issues at all.



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no 556's at all gents?




All you have to do is ask.



SG550 and SG556, both full metal both with MOSFET protected burst circuits.




Here is a closer picture of the SG556





And now for the tiresome plug.

The SG556 is now for sale please direct your interest to the following thread:




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