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H&K Picture Thread

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I agree, that is one of the niceest 416's i have seen.

However, IMO, i think that a magpul 93b will just look wrong on the 416. Look into getting the UBR, but the 93 will just mess with the lines too much.


Yup, I already thought about an UBR. But since they're not out yet, a M93 will have to do.

Besides, I've done my homework. I already photoshopped one, so that I could have an idea of what it looks like. And it doesn't look wrong, if you ask me. Here it is:




And ty for the comments ^^

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OK i have to give it to you tha the 93b looks OK. But i still think that it does nto quite fit. IMHO it kind of takes away from the natural lines and elegance of the 416.


But regardless the plan you have is a nice one and one to be respected. I think that either stock will do proper justice to the gun. :) and it is all about the comfort and the look that You are going for after all. :)

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@j3t : great gun! it looks so good with the 553... :wub:


Mine in DMR configuration, it needs a bipod...




With MIAD, Enhanced Trigger Guard and rail covers from Magpul, Star 4x32 ACOG Replica, and VFC QD silencer (ver.2006)


I'm just waiting for internals, my parcel will be here in the next two hours... ^_^

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