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    One of my latest build, a real Colt M16A1 converted for GBBR on the WA system. Stripped upper, barrel and BCG was changed to Viper Tech du to my local laws. Also a video of how it was made:
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    Long time no see. While im still here i might aswell post something. One of my latest build, a Zastava M70AB2. Base out of a LCT AEG and added real parts from a real gun i shopped down to a legal parts kit to bring back home. A nunchuck battery is hidden and custom fited in the lower handguard. So that the real bolt carrier can be racked. Instead of listing whats real and airsoft i made a pic, simply showing how much it is. All real parts are genuine Zastava, used in the balkan war. For more posts, check out my page Real Fake Guns FB, Youtube and Instagram
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    After searching for an airsoft RPG-7 for a very long time I finally found one and picked it up. I like to fire foam projectile grenades and home made sabot/ buckshot rounds and found the barrle length was a little short to get decent range with the rpg. So I decided to make my own barrle extensions. I tapped the ends to except the threads on the gas bases of taggin shells and then rest is just dress up to make the 40mm pvc waste pipe look like RPG rockets. Now there is loads of range and rockets can be loaded with various projectiles to suite the situation. I thought this was worth posting up as I believe this turns the previously underperforming but beautiful RPG-7 40mm launcher into a range beast.
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    TM next-gen recoil with working converted aeg Lancer L5 magazine, comes with 3D(ish) cosmetic rounds, locks open on last round etc.
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    Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:
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    GBB Uzi, full steel and made mostly with real parts. KWC Mini uzi internals. www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com/realfakeguns
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    Collecting the cash. (Real parts GBB Uzi) www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com/realfakeguns
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    Real Colt M16A1 full auto lower i milled to take PTW internals. A work in progress of my Colt 653 PTW project. The majority of the build is based out of the real gun. For more posts, check out my page Real Fake Guns FB, Youtube and Instagram
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    Same GHK gun but with the latest W&S full travel one piece steel bolt carrier installed, it has a few updates, includes a more realistic recoil spring, and the bolt is fully captive with the spring in place so it won't "jump out" of the receiver rails causing damage to either receiver or bolt carrier. For those wondering what this monstrosity is, I've been playing too much Escape from Tarkov.
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    My wife and I found out she is pregnant with our first child last weekend. Obviously we are absolutely over the moon and weirdly I'm not panicking. She doesn't want to tell anyone yet until we are a little further on and I want to shout it from every rooftop I can find with the biggest megaphone I can find. So I've come to the internetz because if you can't tell someone on the Internet who can you tell? Plus none of my "real life" mates are on here... (not saying y'all aren't mates, but I've never met any of ya... Which is weird, it should change somehow! What happened to the hat Arnies meet up?!) Holt *fruitcage* balls I'm going to be a Dad. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    WIP of my Evo Scorpion. Build is heavily inspired by Stickgunner's build (can be seen on IG). Midwest Industries 6.75" MLOK Rail HB Industries Zhukov-S Stock Adapter HB Industries ProStock Charging Handle Magpul AK Zhukov-S Stock Magpul Extended Magazine Release BCM MLOK Grip Mod3 AIM-O MRO Red Dot Osprey is not permanent, I'm awaiting a faux integral suppressor to fit over the barrel/under the rail. Rail and mag release paddle were drop-in fit, adapter had to be modified to fit the wider airsoft receiver, and charging handle needs a bit more modification since it shakes a lot within the rail and sometimes doesn't engage the fake bolt. Only other mod would probably be a different MRO mount, and trying to get RS selectors to work (stock ones dig into my hand way too much).
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    I've bought and moved into a house. It is a 2 mile run to work (and the gym). It has space for friends, drinking and is also a decent distance to a number of airsoft sites.
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    After kicking around the idea for the better part of three years, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Remington 870 bullpup conversion kit from Bullpup Unlimited. Surprisingly, my APS CAM870 was almost a drop-in fit, requiring just a different stock bolt, removal of some plastic on a conversion piece, and a shim to adjust a particular angle of fitment. It now has a 24" barrel, 8+1 capacity, and just 33" overall length (same as an M4), while adding less than a pound to the gun's weight, which is now perfectly balanced over the pistol grip. Oh, and an Elcan, because why not. Might not be very useful, but it sure fits the look, doesn't it? I do have a C-More on the way that will be a little more practical.
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    VFC VP9 with Brontes Firearms (Don't think that company even exists anymore) style steel slide with RMR. Removed the slide rackers as I find them really uncomfortable.
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    Sooo... I have finally "completed" my WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build and I am feeling pretty dang good about it   WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, straight, raised, left side. http://i.imgur.com/y4gzlEi.png WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, straight, raised, right side. http://i.imgur.com/dzF5ea2.png WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, angled, raised, left side. http://i.imgur.com/Z8iVTRb.png WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, angled, raised, right side. http://i.imgur.com/DPL1LmA.png WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, angled, flat, magazine out, left side. http://i.imgur.com/tnRPvyN.png WE AK-74UN MAGPUL custom build, angled, flat, magazine out, right side. http://i.imgur.com/uhIY3QO.png Build Parts List Base gun: WE AK-74UN GBBR Receiver: WE AK-47 PMC Hop up rubber: Maple Leaf Autobot 60DG (Yellow) Muzzle brake: PTSxGriffin Armament M4SD Paladin muzzle brake (CCW) RMR mount: Hephaestus Mount Base for AKS-74U / AKMSU Series RMR sight: Ace 1 Arms RMR style red dot sight Hand guard: MAGPUL MOE AKM AK47/AK74 (black) Magazine (internals): WE AK-47 PMC Magazine (external): MAGPUL MOE PMAG 30 AK/AKM 7.62x39mm (black) Pistol grip: MAGPUL MOE AK AK47/AK74 (black) Stock: MAGPUL MOE AK AK47/AK74 (black) Full build details can be found in the Projects thread over here:
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    Dunno if there's much sense in doing this, as most forums appear to be going the way of the dinosaur. Pity, really. I regularly reference this site for obscure technical information and reviews. Sob story over. Show off your kits! Attached are a couple pics of my most recently completed kit, an early/mid-2000s era CRW kit ("black kit").
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    This project has been running for almost a year - not like I grind it everyday like a second job, but design > prototyping > testing > issues > new iteration at a slower pace. At the time of posting I'm considering it almost finished, let's say RC1 if I'm making a software, but I think this is still the best section to post my creation. PROBLEM: Current commercially available pistol-carbine "kits" are mostly for Glocks. Most, if not all, rely on insecure mounting methods in favor of quickly attachment/detachment - rendering aiming system less accurate (read: useless). Many different "host" gun models in the market, leading to inconsistent tolerance issues. Bulky clamshell looks bad and fat. MISSION: Make a conversion kit for Hi-Capa. Pistol securely mounted inside said kit, preferably able to return-to-zero after removal and reinstall. Looks cool AF. DESIGN CONSTRAINTS: Also many different Hi-Capas in the market, screw it and make it fits TM Hi-Capa 5.1 Only. Lack of proper mounting points, C-More sight mount pattern is used for drill/tap, drilling jig is created for easy installation. ALL custom parts have to be reasonably made on demand, main structural parts with be CNC milled carbon fiber sheets, and self made parts with FDM 3D printer How it started from a doodle early CAD model and 3DP pieces the most nitpicking mount, old gen non-adjustable ARMS QD on 3DP rail around the size of an Umarex/VFC MP7A1 first working prototype with all 3DP parts CF test piece and test fitting some updated 3DP parts and optional extended barrel piece, accommodates up to 250mm IB (M4 MWS) later CAD image very close to release version and, yeah, tons of test parts
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    Wifey is out of hospital and we should be alright for the trip to Liverpool for Xmas.
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