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Well, I've been reading this site for some years (since I got interested in airsoft), but never posted.


So instead of introducing myself (you can find more about me from the link in the signature), I thought I would show you my airsoft collection.




My first Western Arms pistol, a Para Ordnance P14.45 offered to me as a gift, by my friend and late Para Ordnance president Ted Szabo.




Wilson Combat FBI Trial pistol (Western Arms).




KWA Glock 19. I used to hate Glocks until I played with this one. Since then, I wouldn't mind owing a G19.




S&W Model 19, 2.5", by Tanaka. So weak, some times I am not sure if it fired the BB downrange or not.




Wilson Combat Professional (metal slide Western Arms).




MEU-SOC Early version (customized with a metallic Springfield slide Western Arms).




Wilson Stealth Defense System (Western Arms).




Sig Sauer P-226 by Tokyo Marui. It came to me from US, hence the butchered inscriptions.




MEU-SOC Late model (Western Arms).




Kimber MARSOC (customized with a metal slide, Western Arms).


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KWA Glock 18, I couldn't stand the orange paint on the slide, so I ended up polishing the whole thing.




S&W Model 13, 3" by Tanaka. I hoped the 3" revolver would fire with more authority than the 2.5" one. Nope, same weak firing. At least it has very nice grips.




Colt M1911A1, 1943 vintage with correct details of the pistol of that era. Customized with a Guarder full-metal frame/slide/barrel kit.




S&W Gunsite pistol (Western Arms).




Colt Officers model, customized with a Prime full-metal frame/slide kit (Western Arms).




Colt M4, by ICS. It now has a collapsible stock. My only AEG.




Colt Delta Elite, based on Tokyo Marui 1911A1, with a full-metal frame/slide kit.




Nighthawk Custom Vickers Tactical. I own a real Nighthawk Talon, so when I saw that, I had to have it (Western Arms). The funny thing is that we have tested the real Vickers Tactical in our E-zine some months ago, and this replica has the same serial number with the real pistol we tested.



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Para Ordnance P13.45 (or as Western Arms calls it P14.45CC). I have a special love for Commander-size pistols, so when I learned about it, I had to have it. It now features taller sights that I can see.




The king of my collection. Western Arms Colt Series 80 Collectors Edition. The bluing on this pistol resembles the Royal Blue color that Colt's custom shop does on some of their models. The most beautiful pistol in my collection.




Colt Series 80 lightly customized. Based on Western Arms Colt Series 80 CQB, minus the rear sight.




Another Colt Delta Elite I build from spare parts I had left, from various projects.




Browning Hi-Power by Tanaka. Another pistol I always wanted to have as a real gun, but ended up having it only as an airsoft. Customized from a Tanaka Heavy Weight MK-III Hi-Power with a round hammer and real Alumagrips.




KSC CZ-75. I had to trim its hammer, it was pinching my hand every time I fired it. Thanks to all the guys in this board who jumped in to help me out on this.




Finally, a Colt Python 3" by Tanaka, I am still awaiting for the Pachmayr grips for it.



I hope you enjoy.

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Better question: Why is there a Test section? You can simply make a reply, and test the function in the appropriate place (for instance, if it's a picture of an AK, post it in the AK section...which is where it'll most likely end up, anyway), and then, if it doesn't work, there's the Edit feature.


Anyway, I agree with Joe. I like seeing more than one type of weapon in one thread. Gives a nice variety.


My two cents.



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NEW GUN! Well, not really a gun, just the body. Waiting on a CA M249 gearbox so I can put the internals in it. Also modding my .50cal ammo can to be a hopper.




Put a master toggle switch and a light on the back just like the M134 for the power.




Electrical tape is covering my *fruitcage*-ups.

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Sorry I thought finished projects went in here since i will have a couple more Thompson Varients up soon.


I am not a fan of the Drum Mag Thompson otherwise I would have made one, I like the stick mags.

It shoots further than my M14 (Cyma).


The only problem I have suck back from the piston I'm using a 9.6v so I simply went back to 8.4v which is actually nicer.


You should see my Mock Up Thompson SpSD2 Patriot I completely chopped the Thompson up I'll have pics up later...



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