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Oof, I didn't know this thread existed. Everyone glance at the absolute catastrophe that is my purchasing decisions. First up: Inokatsu P226R. P226-02 upgrade kit, with steel trigger, hamme

Second: GHK AUG A2 (OD). Hephaestus 16" steel outer barrel, cut down to the front of the gas block and threaded 14mm CCW and steel valve knocker. Best Gun steel A1 18" barrel extension an

Third: KSC Mk.23 SOCOM System 7. Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. Volante Airsoft ‘Aurora’ high-volume BBU with CNC. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-m

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So many questions...


1. How in the world did you get that thing?


2. Are you actually allowed to skirmish that on a sanctioned field?


3. How's the range/accuracy?




1. Bought it off of of someone a while ago off of a forum.


2. Yea i've skirmished with it before. Adjustable fps. It can be at 900 fps or lowest is 350. I play with it at 350.


3. The range is great accuracy is great with extremely heavy bb's .38's are best ive heard. but i use .20's because it shoots far still.. just think of it as a 100 rps Shotgun splatter lol.



Yes the External shell are that of a real MUZZELIGHT (sp) Body.



ehh as far as the flashider, i dont know why it has one lol.

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Since I finally got my hands on some Prowin mags, my GBBR has been skirmishable. So far I've used it non-stop in two games. Here are some shots of what it looks like so far.


Everything on the GBBR rifle is real except the light mount, rail, and UBR. Internally its a mixture of RATech internals, WA stock parts, and AGM springs. The buffer is and buffer spring are G&P. At some point I'd like to get a real UBR and Daniel Defense light mount but too soon for now.






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VFC HK416 with Escort-type full-steel GBB internals made by Daytonagun.

KM-TN 365mm AEG tight bore barrel

Magpul PTS stock, pistol grip, AFG, ASAP sling-plate and sling

Crappy PEQ-15 from China

EOTech 512

G&P (or Star?) KAC flip-ups

China-made suppressor

G&P KAC-style rail protectors

VFC 416 hicap with TM 68rd lowcap internals




Same, but with a Daytonagun steel 16" outer barrel and a Barska Euro-30 1.25-4.5x sight that sortof looks like a S&B Shortdot.


Shoots fine with .25g BB's.

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Haha, yeah it's the real gold one :) 24ct hardened to 22ct. I dunno what else to do with it now. I would get a 10" barrel and get that gold plated, but they don't make metal ones.


Zeke did make 10" metal barrels. Pretty hard to find these days, but they do pop up occasionally. (I've got 2)

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Base Gun: DBoys CASV



Madbull JP Rifles metal body kit

Madbull JP Rifles conversion kit (medium)

King Arms battlegrip

King Arms red dot site

King Arms Troy sites

King Arms Harris Bipod

Vaneras 3X magnifier

Classic Army Crane Stock

Element high rise mount

Element flip to side magnifier mount

G&G SS-80 silencer

Yankee Hill Machinery mini rail riser mount



EdGI 6.01 363mm tightbore barrel

Shredder's Concave Spacer

Systema bucking

Prometheus NEO Hop Up Chamber

Prometheus spring guide

Prometheus anti reversal latch

RiotSC normal ratio gears

Extreme Fire Cheetah Mosfet

G&P Explosive piston head

G&P M120 High Speed motor

G&P 8mm mechbox shell

G&P selector plate

G&G trigger

Kanzen 8mm Ceramic bearings

Guarder cylinder

Guarder air nozzle

Guarder Cylinder head with Prometheus o-rings and Sorbothane

Guarder tappet plate

Systema low resistance wiring

Supercore piston

Viton X ring

Cratus Comp 400 spring

Deans connectors

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