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Gunfire stock update 19th September 2014

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Hello, new deliveries:

ROCKETS: http://bit.ly/1qQOtTg


Specna: http://bit.ly/1Dn2egu


Armored Claw:   http://bit.ly/1qR30hL



Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: September 19, 2014

  • King Arms Airsoft Licensed Blaser R93 LRS1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


    The King Arms fully licensed Blaser R93 LRS1 bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifles features one of the most unique and futuristic designs available on the airsoft market! Licensed by Cybergun, the King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 sniper rifle looks more like a futuristic plasma gun than a conventional long range sniper rifle, however it has been adopted by over ten different countries since its release! King Arms has developed an incredibly faithful reproduction of the German long range sniper rifle, by Blaser. Though the Blaser R93 LRS1 features a stunning external build, it is not simply another showpiece airsoft gun.

    The Blaser R93 LRS1 airsoft sniper rifle is one of the hardest hitting and most accurate airsoft sniper rifles on the market, and is perfect for skirmishing! The original Blaser R93 LRS1 real steel sniper rifle gained tremendous notoriety for its use of a "straight pull" bolt, which increases accuracy and allows for faster follow up shots. King Arms stayed true to this design, which makes their Blaser R93 LRS1 airsoft sniper rifle one of the most accurate and easy to fire bolt action airsoft sniper rifles on the market. With its futuristic looks, ergonomic contours, and incredible performance, you will instantly gain notoriety on the airsoft battlefield!

    King Arms Airsoft Licensed Blaser R93 LRS1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
    - See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/4515-king-arms-airsoft-licensed-blaser-r93-lrs1-bolt-action-sniper-rifle.aspx#sthash.KcdH9Otp.dpuf

  • Bricks in Motion: LEGO Animation Documentary!
    Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/WqjFLm

    **This isn’t my video or my project. I’m just sharing it with you all because it’s awesome and it would be a great thing to support!**

    If you love LEGO movies, then you need to support this project! Some of the best in the brickfilming world are coming together to create a documentary all about the history and people behind brickfilming. An awesome project with some sweet rewards. Help them make it happen!

  • 【小言シリーズ最新作】DuckRiver研修2014 trailer【予告編】
    DuckRiver研修2014 の予告編です(^0^)


    出演:でめちゃん 裏方STAFF その他多数



    製作・著作:ISKY Entertainment Inc.

  • Air Quality
    Dr. Mark Vaughan tells where you can find up-to-date information on air quality for your area along with advice recommendations for all groups of people depending on the air quality index. This video was made during the King fire near Pollock Pines, California



    American Heart Association Outdoor Air Quality:


    Greetings. I’m Doctor Mark Vaughan for the Auburn Medical Group, speaking about Air Quality and it’s effect on health.

    Currently we are experiencing significant effects on our air quality in parts of Northern California and Nevada from the King Fire near Pollock Pines. We have already had two days of air quality indexes in the Unhealthy range and more are expected before this fire is stopped.

    Air Quality is measured by a scale called the Air Quality Index. This can be found for your geographic area in the United States by checking AirNow.gov. A section half-way down the page on the right indicates the current conditions. The scale has a color-coded system for stratifying the level of danger from current conditions, with green being good (or safe) and maroon being hazardous. The color scale on the left side of the screen will explain the various levels of air quality and which groups are affected at that air quality index range. The example here indicates the meaning of “USG,“ or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, means “Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is not likely to be affected.” Those groups expected to be more sensitive to air pollution are people with heart or lung disease, children, and the elderly. Other levels of air quality describe how different groups of people are affected by the current level of air quality. You should avoid being outdoors on days that your group is expected to be affected to current conditions and definitely avoid outdoor exertion on such days.

    The effects of bad air quality predominantly occur in the lungs where certain toxic substances and small particles have effects. The effects are both immediate and long-term, depending on the particular substance. The effects are also variable depending on a persons heart or lung disease status and their individual genetic predisposition. If you would like to learn more about the health effects of poor air quality I recommend the American Lung Association website link in the description.

    If you benefited from this video please “like” it and subscribe to the Auburn Medical Group YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. Until next time, this is Dr. Mark Vaughan telling you to stay in good health.

  • Cam870 16inch threaded barrel + 3.5"flash hider
    New barrel for Aps cam870
  • RaTech KSC M4 steel complete bolt NPAS at CRW
  • Ares Armor First Responder Drop Leg
    1st Responder Drop Leg


    Have your ever wished you had a quick grab and go piece of a kit that would support both medical and weapon necessities? The First Responder Drop Leg is the answer to that. Featuring a variation of our quick pull medical pouch for easy access to your blow out kit. That comes stacked on top of a double elevator magazine pouch sized to fit any 5.56 magazines, the use of the elevator pouches keeps everything low pro when the rig is stored and waiting for you to grab and go. The leg strap incorporates an elastic portion for ease of movement and muscle contraction and expansion when the rig is in use. The quick detach buckle makes it easy to quickly strap the rig on by wearing the detachable portion of the buckle on your belt then just clicking in and going when needed. A Velcro closure pouch runs the entire length of the rig on the back for storing larger or odd sized items and a double elastic magazine strap on the back side makes storing your primary weapon magazine in an easier to access location so it is always right there, ready, when it is time to load and go.

    Available with or without red medical identification cross.


  • Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Airsoft GBB Pistol – AirSplat On Demand
    Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 Airsoft GBB Pistol $189.99


    - Velocity: 250 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
    - Barrel Length: 4 inches / 9 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 18 Rounds
    - Sub Compact Design
    - Plastic Construction
    - Made In Japan

  • PolarStar Airsoft – Elite Force 4CRL 4 Minute Challange
    Is it possible to convert a complete Elite Force 4CRL AEG to a complete PolarStar in 4 minutes?
  • Get Featured on GITV! Submit Your Best Airsoft Video! – Airsoft GI
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    Want to be on GTIV?! Submit your videos for a chance to be on Airsoft GI’s next Top 5 video!

    Videos can be sent to submit@airsoftgi.com.

    Videos must be original content and can be funny, awesome, or just plain entertaining.

    Check out some of the past Top 5 videos here!

    Top 5 – Best Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-UCpIpSLb8

    Top 5 – Tactical Gear Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVI2dbW2CXk

    Top 5 – Week 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZuS4TpTi4g

  • Umarex HK 416D Gas Blowback – Super Sexy at its best!
    VFC (Umarex) HK 416D AEG Airsoft gun

    * Full Metal Construction.
    * CNC Aluminium Outer Barrel, Solid and Stable.
    * One-Screw fix/take-down Rail Handguard.
    * The Rail Handguard which embeds into upper receiver as real steel.
    * Reality present Gas Piston System.
    * Cosmetic bolt plate able to lock when pulling cocking handle, returns by pressing Bolt Release Button, easy for hop-up adjustment.
    * Aluminium Die-Cast Selector Lever / Magazine Catch / Bolt Release.
    * Detachable Rear Sight & Folding Front Sight Included.
    * Realistic Looking Magazine ( 300Rds, winding by wrench )
    * Realistic Looking Grip Base.
    All Official Umarex Pro-line Aeg`s come with 24 month parts warranty . "Applies to unmodified/standard Aeg`s only"

    Built Material: Full Metal with ABS Grip / Stock
    Gear Box – VFC Custom Gearbox ( Ver.2-Compatible Internal Parts )
    Motor – /
    Magazine – 300Rds
    Length – 780-865mm
    Barrel Length – 368mm
    Weight ( Gun & Magazine Only ) – 3 kg
    Battery – 8.4v – 9.6v NMH or 7.4v Li-po (No Batteries or Charger included)
    Package Includes – AEG, Magazine, Manual

    Check them out and go to –


    and if you are on Facebook – check us out


    Cut n Run by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  • New APS Cartridge Ejecting C02 Shotguns | Zombie Killer & 870M FIRST LOOK


    APS Conception let us get our hands on their new shell ejecting airsoft shotguns, and we were thoughly impressed. With each cartridge able to hold both the C02 and your bbs, the shooter is able to have a very similiar shooting experience to firing the real steel shotgun. Be sure to look for these on AirsoftMegastore.com in the near future.

  • APS Silver Edge Series [The Gun Corner] Airsoft Evike.com
    Product Link: http://www.evike.com/search/?search_in_description=1&sort=3a&keywords=silver+edge&x=0&y=0

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:


    Website: http://www.EVIKE.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom

  • Besa – La promesa Trailer HD
    A persecuted family on the run. Sacred texts hidden for their protection. A 60-year-old promise, never forgotten but still unfulfilled. Albanian Rexhep Hoxha must fulfill that promise, made to the Jewish family his Muslim father rescued during the Holocaust. American photographer Norman Gershman seeks to record unknown stories of Righteous Albanians before the last witnesses are gone. When these two men meet, an extraordinary and unexpected personal drama is set in motion – one that bridges generations and religions… uniting fathers and sons, Muslims and Jews.

    Over five years in the making, Besa: The Promise presents a powerful human drama compounded by a devastating twist. Selected for a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities Bridging Cultures through Film grant, the documentary was further honored by the interest of one of America’s greatest living composers, Mr. Philip Glass. Portraits by renowned fine art photographer Norman H. Gershman are blended with animation, rare archival film, poignant interviews with witnesses and extraordinary vérité lensed by the award-winning Neil Barrett. Directed by Rachel Goslins and edited by Christine S. Romero, the film is JWM Productions first feature documentary.

    World Premiere, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
    Special Jury Award, Festival of Albanian Film
    Best Documentary, Washington Jewish Film Festival
    Best Documentary, Beaufort International Film Festival
    Best Director, Beaufort International Film Festival
    Best Documentary, Seattle Jewish Film Festival

  • Ares Armor vs Obama’s Grandmother
  • Gear Up Sale for Bob’s Rebel Training Camp – East Coast Events – Airsoft GI
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    GI Tactical Gear Up Sale on Sept. 27th
    23% off (Excluding MAP Items)
    Special discounts on specific brands
    Free Bag of bbs with sign up of Bob’s Rebel Training Camp (Valid now until Oct. 4th)


    Bob’s Rebel Training Camp on Oct. 4th
    Join Bob for a day of airsoft fun and training. Learn airsoft tactics and safety from actually military and law enforcement!

    Tickets: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=17707

  • G&G 世界盃極限射擊大賽 [ 2014台灣巡迴賽 ] – 規則說明
  • Airsoftmegastore Loadout Challenge


    Welcome to the inaugural AMS Loadout Challenge, where two people are given the same gun, and you get to decide who makes the better gear loadout! For the first episode, the Elite Force Mp5 and KWA 1911 are the first guns used, and Jon and Ross must build the best loadout they can! Be sure and tell us in the comments which loadout you prefer and what gun we should use next!

    Umarex Licensed H&K Full Metal MP5A5 3-Round Burst Airsoft AEG Rifle – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9677-umarex-licensed-hk-full-metal-mp5a5-airsoft-aeg-rifle-hk-2278063.aspx#sthash.nxUb8Cyc.dpuf
    KWA M1911 MKIV PTP Full Metal Gas Blowback Pistol w/ 20mm Rail – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1972-kwa-m1911-mkiv-ptp-full-metal-gas-blowback-pistol-w-20mm-rail.aspx#sthash.xjenFxo7.dpuf

    Jon’s Gear
    Condor Outdoor 242 Hydro Harness MOLLE Hydration Carrier – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9397-condor-outdoor-242-hydro-harness-molle-carrier-tan-condor-242-003.aspx#sthash.34yXmcmS.dpuf
    Condor Outdoor MCR4 OPS Tactical MOLLE Chest Rig – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10601-condor-outdoor-mcr4-ops-tactical-molle-chest-rig-tan.aspx#sthash.TdufuwEX.dpuf
    Condor Outdoor MA37 MOLLE Triple MP5 / M5 Magazine Pouch – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9398-condor-outdoor-ma37-molle-triple-mp5-mag-pouch-condor-ma37-003.aspx#sthash.qBZuA9DL.dpuf
    Flyye Industries MOLLE Single Stack .45 Pistol Magazine Pouch – CB – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/5022-flyye-industries-molle-single-stack-_45-pistol-magazine-pouch-cb.aspx#sthash.62ziiHIL.dpuf
    Bobster Prowler ANSI Z87 Rated Goggles w/ Goggles Strap – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/5214-bobster-prowler-ansi-z87-rated-goggles-w-goggles-strap-tan.aspx

    Condor Outdoor Tactical Sniper Veil/ Scarf – TAN


    Condor Outdoor Gen 2 MOLLE Battle Belt #241 w/ Lumbar Support – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/8261-condor-outdoor-gen-2-molle-battle-belt-no241-w-lumbar-support-tan.aspx#sthash.48CSyEvC.dpuf
    ALTA AltaCONTOUR Tactical Cordura Nylon Knee Pads – COYOTE TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10546-alta-altacontour-knee-pads-coyote-aii-52913-14.aspx#sthash.uwCuwwpR.dpuf
    ALTA AltaCONTOUR Tactical Cordura Nylon Elbow Pads – COYOTE TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10556-alta-altacontour-elbow-pads-coyote-tan-aii-53112-14.aspx#sthash.MoCHON5D.dpuf
    Condor Outdoor Tactical MOLLE Multipurpose Utility Pouch – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/3651-outdoor-tactical-molle-utility-pouch-tan-condor-ma8-003.aspx#sthash.vKnljiXf.dpuf
    Cold Steel Leatherneck-SF Rubber Tactical Training Knife – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/6677-cold-steel-leatherneck-sf-rubber-tactical-training-knife-cold-92r39lsf.aspx#sthash.PMenmr5R.dpuf
    Condor Outdoor Tactical Modular MOLLE Digital Device Pouch – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/3648-outdoor-tactical-molle-device-pouch-tan-condor-ma66-003.aspx#sthash.YkZRY9PW.dpuf
    Condor Outdoor Tactical MOLLE VT Holster w/ Wrap-Around Design – TAN – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/8243-Condor-Outdoor-Tactical-MOLLE-Pistol-VT-Holster-w-Retention-System-TAN.aspx#sthash.LdjAynCo.dpuf

    Ross’s Gear
    Condor Outdoor Tactical Modular MOLLE Chest Rig RRV – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/3658-outdoor-tactical-molle-chest-rig-rrv-black-condor-mcr1-002.aspx#sthash.hopLoiKS.dpuf
    Flyye Industries MOLLE 1911 Pistol Holster (Right Handed) – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/4937-flyye-industries-molle-1911-pistol-holster-right-handed-black.aspx#sthash.Lb3fRexL.dpuf
    AMA 600D Tactical MOLLE Admin Panel w/ Pistol Magazine Pouch – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/10309-ama-tactical-molle-admin-panel-w-pistol-mag-pouch-uh-1144-bk.aspx#sthash.Lf1CxhdW.dpuf
    G-Force Combat Rubber Training Knife w/ Tactical Sheath – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/8870-g-force-combat-training-knife-w-tactical-sheath-gf-tk-002b.aspx#sthash.rr5lAxoT.dpuf
    G-Force Ballistic BUMP Helmet w/ Side Adapter Rails – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9850-g-force-ballistic-bump-helmet-w-side-rails-black-gf-hx007-blk.aspx#sthash.xsVv1Rih.dpuf
    TSD Airsoft Full Face Protection Tactical Mesh Face Mask – BLACK – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/2467-tsd-airsoft-full-face-protection-tactical-mesh-face-mask.aspx#sthash.IvQ0rw36.dpuf
    Rothco Tactical Black Combat Shirt – w/ Exterior Pockets & Elbow Pads – See more at: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/4778-rothco-black-combat-shirt-rothco-90010.aspx#sthash.UHOGxP2v.dpuf

  • Ready Fighter Glock Extension Base Overview (HD)
    Just a basic overview, its a neat little package, looks awesome, gets you some extra bbs and some gas…make sure you got a donor mag! Grabbed it from Boomarms :) http://bit.ly/1s73Sju

LCT release new model for LR4 series & LR16 series

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their latest new products:

LR4 NP-2LR16 NP-02

Now LCT release new model for LR4 series & LR16 series….

*EBB System
*Metal & Nylon plus 30% fibre material
*Metal Receiver (body)
*Steel Outer Barrel
*Steel Front Sight
*Ver.2 Gear Box with 9mm bearing (Steel Ball Bearings Spring Guide)
*300Rounds Magazine

(LCT Airsoft)

RA-Tech custom AAC MPW GBB

RA-Tech have produced a custom AAC MPW GBB:

RA Custom AAC MPW GBB with retractable stock
A customer shared with us that he installed 888C stock on AAC MPW in July.  Now we decide to make it happen:


Another picture of the day: RA AAC MPW waiting to be sent to the world!



AST new item Maple Leaf cylinder & trigger upgrade set

AST have sent over details of the new Maple Leaf cylinder and trigger upgrade set:

AST has new agent item Maple Leaf Cylinder & Trigger Upgrade set.  Link to the product here: http://www.airsofttaiwan.com/shop/goods.php?id=1126


· FOR VSR-10
· Velocity around 170 m/s
· Much smoother when loading.
· CNC Aluminum Alloy Piston and Spring guide



Apple Airsoft AA16 E3 AEG

Samurai has sent over details of the new Apple Airsoft AA16 E3 AEG:

New Apple Airsoft AA16 E3 AEG (BK /TAN)



AirSplat weekly update September 12th 2014

Here is all the latest news from AirSplat:

AirSplat’s 30% OFF Sale!! Excludes MAP items. Code: "30OFF"


AirSplat will be attending Operation: IRONCLAD hosted by American MilSim!
We are also proud sponsors of the event along with the official AMS Player Lounge! Be sure to visit the Player Lounge to visit us and score some free swag! Who are we going to see there?
American Milsim Operation: Ironclad
September 19 – September 21


Should AirSplat Stock / Build this?Lancer Tactical 1911 Conversion Kit with Furniture. Leave your thoughts below!
Check out our 1911 selection:


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Check out more Guns of 24: Live Another Day! Up to 20% OFF with coupon code "LIVEANOTHERDAY"



Introducing UAC–Hong Kong based airsoft parts manufacturer

UAC (Ultimate Airsoft Custom) have sent over details of some of the airsoft parts they produce:

May I introduce UAC (Ultimate Airsoft Custom) to you. We are premium airsoft parts manufacturer which we create premium quality, high performance and innovation design airsoft upgrade parts.

Most of our products were reviewed by airsoft blogger in the channel below:

Here is our latest products:

World first Aluminum Ultra Lightweight Blowback Housing for TM P226. Faster slide recoil cycle and more hard kick.


Aluminum Loading Nozzle series for TM G17 / Hi-capa series. A superb quality and reinforced nozzle that can provide excellent performance.


Hot item:


Our signature Hi-capa grip series for AA-IPSC competition.


Stainless Steel Trigger with TiN coating for Hi-capa:


Coming Soon:


We have more products available, please feel free to visit our web site www.uacofficial.com and our facebook page www.facebook.com/uacofficial for more details.

If you would like to have more product details, don’t hesitate to contact me.

saved_resource(9)Thanks, Best Regards,
Alvan Lee

Ultimate Airsoft Custom Company Limited


WGC stock update 19th September 2014

Here is all the latest stock news from WGC:


for more details on this event Click here


imageCybergun FNX-45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol
Cyber gun had just release the FNX -45 tactical pistol. The gun slide is made of Aluminum Alloy and the body is made from Fiber reinforced polymer make the touch like the real steel. The gun comes with a 16mm CW outer barrel. The top of the slide having a hidden rail that allow user to install small optic! This gun mag release are unique which can operate on both side!. The gun comes with a small size hand grip. The first patch has been sold out! Pre-Order it now before it sold out again!

Built Material: Aluminum Alloy, Fiber reinforced polymer
Magazine Capacity: 25+1 ( 6mm )
Length: 200mm
Inner Barrel Length: /
Weight: 830g
System: Gas Blowback / Hop Up
Muzzle Velocity: 330-300 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Grip Insert, 16mm CW Thread Protector ( installed ), Manual
WGC Shop Product Website

imageA Plus Ramjet Valve & Barrel Set for Umarex / VFC HK417 GBB
The Aplus has just release the tune up set for Umarex/ VFC 417. The package include the spring-less Ramjet valve which give the maximum performance for the magazine. it include the tune up flow control unit , insert the small control unit in front of the cylinder bulb, It will decrease the FPS of the gun. The package also come with 6.01 precision barrel and houpup rubber. This will make your gun more precision and having better performance

- Ramjet valve
- 6.01mm Precision Inner Barrel with Chamber Packing
- TKO bulb valve upgrade
- Suitable for Umarex / VFC HK417 GBB
WGC Shop Product Website

imageFobus Rotating Paddle Holster for CZ Duty P07/P09 ( Black / Right Hand )
Cannot find a holster for your P09? We had just instock the Fobus holster for your gun. Theholster are available to 360 degree rotation and adjust the easily by a screw. The locking system allows the gun forward or rearward. This make gun will not drop accidently. The package are include a belt clip panel.

Roto-Holster system allows 360 degrees rotation and adjusts easily for cross-draw / back / strong side carries.
Locking adjustment system allows the firearm either a forward or rearward cant in 40 possible positions
WGC Shop Product Website

imageG&P Tactical LED ForeArm for Marui M870
G&P had just release a Tactical LED Forearm for Marui 870. It is easy to install and the Forearm will make your marui 870 more tactical outlook. The bottom forearm has the anti slip pattern for more comfort. The Forearm having the pressure switches to operate the light. The light is powered by 2 CR123A batteries. The package is including the flashlight rail switch make the flash light can be stand alone use.

- LED Flashlight with integrated pressure switch
- Powered by 2x CR123A Battery ( included )
- Flashlight rail switch for stand-alone use
- Suitable for Marui M870
WGC Shop Product Website

imageWE MNP9 Gas Pistol ( DS / Black )
WE has just release the new version of MNP9. This time they add some S shape anti slip pattern at the front of the slide. Make shooter much easier to pull the slide. The gun also come with package include 3 different size of the palms in pink and black color. This will make the gun well fitted for different shooter. The

Built Material: Nylon / Metal Alloy
Magazine Capacity: 21+1
Length: 197mm
Weight: 700g
System: Gas Blowback / Hop Up
Muzzle Velocity: 270-290 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Grip Back Straps
WGC Shop Product Website

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15% discount store-wide at AirsoftPeak.com

AirsoftPeak.com are celebrating their 6th birthday with a 15% discount store-wide:

15% Discount Store-wide for 6 Years Anniversary Celebration!


- Shopping with the coupon code: ASP6YEAR to get 15% discount.
- The coupon will not apply to discounted products or be used with other coupons.
- The coupon expires on September 21


Two new reviews at A.C.E.

The guys at Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog have been checking out the Grey Ghost Gear – Stealth Operator Pack and the Flimmuur Tactical – Ultimate Dump Pouch:

Grey Ghost Gear – Stealth Operator Pack

Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator

The Grey Ghost Gear ‘Stealth Operator Pack’ is something I have become very familiar with over the past 15+months and it’s great to see this pack as well as a larger range of packs & pouches from Grey Ghost Gear available from Tactical-Kit in the UK. The ‘Stealth Operator pack’ is the smaller sibling to the larger ‘Assault’ pack from the same manufacture and as such has some great features.

Read more…

Flimmuur Tactical – Ultimate Dump Pouch


Flimmuur Tactical is a small UK based company that specialises in bespoke builds. When I first came across them they were producing customised uniforms and pouches. However over the course of this year they have started to focus solely on the design & build of pouches.

I was quite privileged to receive their ‘Ultimate Dump Pouch’ prototype which I used on a variety of occasions culminating in a hard use day mounted on both my armour carrier as well as part of a belt order (sadly no belt order photos).

Read more…

(Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog)

Hot items & Inokatsu Colt is back @eHobby Asia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:


New Item

Umarex (VFC) H&K MP5A4 AEG (Asia Edition)
– Single Shot, 3-Shot Burst, Full-Automatic Shooting Mode
– Steel body
– Nylon Fiber Made Handguard
– Adjustable rear sight
– Two mount sling connection
– Metal V2 Gearbox
– 250 Rounds Loading Capacity Magazine

CELCIUS CTW M4A1 MX3.8 Professional Training Weapon
MX 3.8 DP-SystemTM Mini MOSFET board with Silver-Plated conductors
Stainless Steel & Aluminum One Piece Cylinder Case With Bearing
Polymer Handguard and grip
Typhoon III Motor
CNC processed 355mm Steel Outer Barrel With 45mm Steel Flash hider (Clockwise 14mm)
120 Rounds Loading Capacity High Speed Magazine (Steel Case)
CNC Processed Celcius Reformation Gearbox
Stainless Steel Micro-Grooved 6.01mm Reformation Barrel III

Hot Restock

Inokatsu Colt M1911 Military 100th Anniversary (CO2 version)

SRC MP41 Blow Back AEG SR-41 (GEN 3, Full Steel Limited Edition)

Super Deal on Guns Save up to 45% OFF@eHobby Asia!!



New Airsoft GI ‘Gear up’ mystery box live tonight

Airsoft GI have a new mystery box to release this evening:

The Airsoft GI Gear Up Mystery Box will be going live on Thursday 09/18/2014 @ 5:00 PM PST. The grand prizes of this mystery box are the Krytac Trident SPR and WE MK16 airsoft guns.


(Airsoft GI)

New PTS Centurion Arms rail systems @Airsoft Outlet NW

Airsoft Outlet NW have sent over details of the new PTS Centurion Arms rail systems:

PTS just released their new licensed Centurion Arms rail systems, and these are extremely impressive. Two styles are available, including the C4, which is a free float quad rail, and the CMR, which is a modular rail handguard.


The Centurion C4 comes in two lengths, the 7 inch Carbine and the 9 inch Midlength. Both of these are designed to lock onto a GI barrel nut with the delta ring assembly removed. This allows the rail to upgrade any M4 or AR15, without needing a proprietary mount.



(Airsoft Outlet NW)

5.11 tactical operator belt at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the 5.11 tactical operator belt they are now stocking:

Available now at Military 1st is 5.11 Tactical Operator Belt.

511 operator belt

Made from ultra-strong, fade & rip resistant nylon mesh with heavy reinforced stitching & a solid stainless steel belt buckle with black matte finish (6,000 lb. rating), durable & functional 5.11 Operator Belt provides enough support for comfortable & safe carry of holster & accessories. Moreover it can be quickly converted into a secure tie down, secondary carry strap or emergency harness.

Get yours now at http://bit.ly/511OperatorBelt

(Military 1st)

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