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HX Outdoors knives & tools @JAG Precision

JAG Precision have some new items in stock:


JAG Precision now carries the HX Outdoors tactical and survival knives and tools.

Check out some of them in the wild in this blog here:


More options on their website!

(JAG Precision)

E&L ELMS is now available @Gunfire

Gunfire have the E&L ELMS in stock:


E&L ELMS now available!



Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 6 2016

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Saturday’s skirmish at Norwich was well supported with 10 brand new airsofters attending and Sunday’s Milsimmers spent all day exploring new territory.

Sadly, after actually trying to play on the site for the first time after the thinning it was soon obvious that a huge amount of work is needed just to be able to move around the site safely.  We have had to make a tough decision as to whether we are actually able to do this and have come to the conclusion that with the site being a two hour journey away from our base, it would be impractical to put in the amount of work needed without neglecting our other sites.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us at Norwich, we hope that we will continue to see you at our Tuddenham site in the future.

This weekend we have a Filmsim/Milsim Lite event at Tuddenham – “El Chapo  – Breakout Part 1”.  See below for scenario.  We will be on site from Friday Evening, as usual camping is free and we will have a fully stocked shop set up, with another £1000 worth of stock here for the weekend.

The following weekend we will be at Eversley for “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”, scenario below.  We will be on site as usual from Friday evening with free camping, a full shop and catering on site.

Don’t forget that we are back at our Hertfordshire site from March, running regular monthly open events on the first weekend of each month.

We have a new website almost ready to go live, and we’re asking for help with pictures for it.  If you have any recent pictures from any of our sites, send them to doug@gunmanairsoft.co.uk and we’ll try and include them on the site – we’re particularly looking for general, wide angle pictures to give people an idea of what the sites look like and what we do rather than close ups of individual players.


Josh Smith

Tuddenham Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 1”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico, just outside El Paso

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” is being held along with several of his gang members in Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso.  His remaining gang members plan to execute a daring raid on the prison to bust him out.

Team ID:  Ideally teams will be identified by their clothing, armbands will be used if necessary.

Eversley Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico just outside El Paso.

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin, ‘El Chapo’ has escaped along with a large number of his gang from the Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso. This organized break out has left a number of prison guards and Federales dead. They have made rendezvous with a number of his gang member and are hold up in an old deserted mining concern on the border with Texas.

The Texas Rangers have also heard of the break out and want ‘El Chapo’ for a number of crimes in Texas. This is only going to lead to blood shed.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Brandit Lord Canterbury jacket @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Brandit Lord Canterbury jacket they are stocking:

Brandit Lord Canterbury is a traditional Harrington-style jacket with red tartan lining, strong front metal zipper, stand-up collar with buttoned tab, 2 button-down hand pockets and ribbed waistband and cuffs.

Excellent for everyday wear, sports and leisure time.


In stock now at Military 1st online store!

Find out more at http://bit.ly/3111-2

(Military 1st)

Gladstones Boots

Gladstones Boots have some offers on really affordable boots if you don’t fancy splurging on a brand new pair of Lowas:

Decent footwear does not have to cost you a £100+

We have a whole range of Top Quality boots at less than £40.

All with next day delivery.

Stay Safe

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstones Boots)

Epik Panda new Samurai Panda patches

Epik Panda have some new Samurai Panda patches:

Hello Arnies!

We have some new Samurai Panda patches with some themes your fans will be sure to love. Have a great week.

- Flanker

samurai perspective 001
samrai black 001samurai white 001

(Epik Panda)

Gunfire winter sale

Gunfire are celebrating their Popular Airsoft Players’ Choice award with a winter sale:

news (1)

Thanks to your votes we’ve been chosen the best airsoft retailer in Europe for the 6th time!

Now’s our turn to do something for you – that’s why we’re launching a new Winners Sale!

Winners Sale means discount from -10% up to -55% for selected products! Enjoy!



New Tactical Clothing page in the UK

imageTactical Clothing have launched a new website:

Just to let you know our new website www.tactical-clothing.co.uk is now up and running.

We’re stocking a decent range at the moment and it’ll grow a lot over the coming weeks.


(Tactical Clothing)

Helikon gunfighter jacket camogrom @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Helikon gunfighter jacket they are stocking:

helikon_gunfighter_camogrom_1aaaThis Helikon Gunfighter Jacket in Camogrom camouflage is a part of Military 1st broad range of tactical soft shells and one of our most popular windblockers.

Helikon Gunfighter provides warmth and excellent protection against dirt, light rain and wind thanks to 4-way elastic Shark Skin shell with light fleece lining, unique Helikon Windblocker membrane and DuPont Teflon coating. It also comes with adjustable hood, 5 functional pockets, strengthened elbows and underarm ventilation zips.

In stock now at http://bit.ly/HelikonGunfighterSoftShellJacket

(Military 1st)

0241Tactical–Tactical operator’s pullover ready soon

0241Tactical have sent over details of their new operator’s jacket:


0241Tactical – Tactical OPerator’s Pullover ready soon. Two versions available; Rain Pullover and Ripstop Operator’s Jacket. Simple in design and affordable for everyone from airsofters to real-steal operator’s.

0241Tactical will be the sole seller (product sold from producer directly to customer). No distributors means no mark-up prices! Built using genuine Mil-Spec materials with quality American construction these are affordable but strong enough for real world operations. Available in Multicam, A-TACS, MARPAT, and PenCott patterns. DEPSOC patterns available soon. Limited quantities will be available, all orders are built as orders are placed.

Current Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

For pre-orders please email sales@0241Tactical.com
Large Hood

Roomy, lose fit 
Arm Pocket x2 with velcro loop on pockets (Rain Jackets do not have arm pockets)
Draw string waist 
Draw string hood
And nothing else to raise the price. 
Retail prices: 49.00 – Rain Jackets, 54.00 Ripstop Pullover Jackets


APS: Silver Edge Gear Box and SI870

APS have sent over details of two bits of kit of their which includes photographs of their SI870 that I’ve mentioned before and their Silver Edge Gearbox. Silver Edge is a mk2 or 3 gearbox that’s polished and produced to a high spec and according to their research can reduce ampage by 0.8A. Here’s the blurb:

SAI870 Shotgun – Salient Arms International Authorized Product.

You shouldn’t have any doubt about Salient Arms International’s Products. SAI has long been famous to produce upgrade parts for real firearms. Nowadays, SAI is a trademark of high quality, upgrade and innovation.

After their inspection and testing.  In 2016, APS granted the license from EMG and SAI to make a superb 870 that is designed for the perfectionist and training weapon. This shotgun featuring in:

a)    Original marking receiver and bolt
b)    Barrel mount with Rail Adapter
c)    Reinforced titanium coated bolt, forend cradle, Magazine Cradle, C Plate
d)    Magpul Forend and Butt Stock (Original/ Stippled)
e)    Stainless Steel Carrier Plate
f)    Modifed loading Port
g)    Fiber Optic Front Sight
h)    Salient Arms International Licensed Trademark


Bo5P3T1CUAAN80JWhat is Silver Edge Gear Box?

In 2014, APS bought to you an ultimate product called Silver Edge Gear Box. An unique technology that is being used to polish and buff the Gear Box surface, which leads to an extreme smoother and brighter finish. This kind of finishing remove burrs and other surface flaws. Less friction of the gear box parts will result in lower ampere. With the help of full bearing parts installed, Silver Edge Gear Box successfully lower the ampere by 0.8A, which extends the life of Gear Box and improve Gear Box performance.
Key Features of Silver Edge Gear Box:

1) Quick Change Spring System
2) Polished and Buffed surface improves smoothness
3) 8mm Bearing Bushings, Bearing Piston Head and Bearing Spring Guide used
4) 100% TM Compatible Parts
5) Prevent Corrosion
6) Available in No.2 and No.3 Gear Box
7) The Quick Change Spring Guide has 4 locking legs instead of 2 which is different from the existing spring guide found in the market which further secure the spring while shooting

Derek Leung, (Sales Representative, APS Ltd)

More Tokyo Marui stock at Airsoft Zone

Airsoft Zone have some new items from Tokyo Marui in stock:

Yet another Tokyo Marui delivery has arrived at Airsoft Zone UK and includes new products, many old favourites and even more spare parts:



(Airsoft Zone)

New WE parts distribution partner & WE double barrel pistols

Here is all the latest news from sUrtr9ebgAaKY3FH_o8BwiOMX9r3njBYK11hftupTpdYdIcaJa6p6y-EOshGhIEiuhALRaTLY6exgRPD1EdzJFkwnj9_TC6Rj96vsZvjvja8NEORgU5hPbFhR3co9A=s0-d-e1-ftWE Airsoft:

Hi Arnies Airsoft,

u_rNVYtgtxt3SMKPhcGkou5UNc7CvhayozfnXkd10BUOaBbGgz8T_W_A4T6K3Weh9M0w6I3zUcfw3PAJGzsic-ieZo8mV6wUJL8e6ufar-L58hw8Jg4HVaF3oxqL7NO34xWOexrEnzvxMcThe team at WE would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! As we celebrate the Year of the Monkey on 8 February 2016, WE Airsoft is excited to announce a new distributor KYAIRSOFT to our global distribution network specialising in WE parts.
In addition to this we would like to thank all of you for being part of our global distribution network for WE products around the world. We appreciate your ongoing support, and with everyone a prosperous year ahead!

KY AIRSOFT is pleased to introduce the launch of their new website http://www.kyairsoft.com. Showcased on this website, retail shops and end users will find a huge selection of airsoft products (especially WE parts), that can now be purchased online.
No longer do you have to spend time or the gas money to drive to the store. You can now shop for these products from the convenience of your shop or home and have them delivered right to your door worldwide!
When you take a moment to browse through their website, you will see the variety of products available. Their online catalog is growing and they will continuously improve their website that will keep customers informed and updated in the future. 
Please do NOT hesitate to contact them if the parts you require is not listed on their catalog. Any questions or feedback you may have is welcomed.

KYAIRSOFT is thrilled to be the first in selling the WE Double barrel G18 and G17. Please check out the WE Double barrel G18 SV test fire:
If you are interested to purchase this product please visit this link:

In addition, WE would like to update you that the new Double-Barrel 1911 and G-Series are launched and feature quite a few new proprietary parts including:
+ Double Barrel Slide
+ Double Hammer Assembly
+ Double Grip Safety
+ Double Mainspring Housing
+ Double-Size Magazine Housing
+ Double Magazine/Baseplate
+ Double Barrel Bushings

To make sure you don’t miss any of these game-changing new product releases make sure to like and follow our facebook page here:
and join our WE Facebook owner’s community here:

If you are interested in ordering these products or have any other questions regarding our product range please get in touch with me at clara@weairsoft.com.

For your reference please note that we sell by the case/carton only and therefore you will need to purchase in increments of however many units are included in one case/carton (eg. 12 pistols per carton).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other enquiries.

In Chinese Horoscope, 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey which symbolizes a curious, mischievous and playful character, full of charm and energy! WE would like to wish all our customers a joyous festive season and loads of fun in 2016 !
WE will be out of the office from 6th to 11th February and will be back in the office on the 12th.

Double Barrel 1911 Classic Floral Pattern
Double Barrel 1911 Silver


Double Barrel G17 Black
Double Barrel G17 Silver


Double Barrel G18C Black
Double Barrel G18C Silver


Double Barrel G17 Magazine


(WE Airsoft)

APS Chinese New Year 2016

Happy New Year from APS:

On behalf of all APS staff: Wishing you Prosperity, Good Luck & Big Fortune, Everything as you hope, Be Healthy & Vigorous!



JAG Precision: Modify XTC rifle at Airsoft GI Live show

imageJAG Precision have a new blog post about the Modify XTC:

New blog about the Modify XTC and mags

The Modify XTC rifle is one of the hottest rifles of 2016 that is soon to be released. Brian joined Bob in the Airsoft GI Live Show to cover the details and answer the questions live from the viewers. Check out the video here: Airsoft GI Modify XTC Show.

Read more…

(JAG Precision)

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