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A-TACS EON combat shirts & p[ants @0241Tactical

0241Tactical are stocking A-TACS EON combat pants and shirts:

A-TACS EON Combat Shirt and Pants available at www.0241Tactical.com



Special offers at Military 1st

Here are this week’s special offers from Military 1st:

Discover this week’s special offers at Military 1st!

Up to 20% off selected items. Save on tactical fleeces, combat boots, MOLLE backpacks, hydration packs, shooting glasses and more.


Limited time only – while stocks last!

Find out more at Military 1st online store!

The UK customers: http://mil1.st/Military1stSale

The rest of the world: http://mil1.st/Military1stSaleUS

Free UK delivery and returns. Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Wolf customs

Wolf Armouries have shared details of some of their custom parts:

Here at Wolf Armouries we have a lots of custom parts to pimp any airsoft gun.  Please check out some of our Latest pistol incarnations.

Some of you are not so sure about the grips on the M45A1 no problem we have that sorted, easy


What about adding a bit of Bling to your Glock.  This one feature a steel polished slide and we can even make up custom cases to go with them.


How about a Cerekote finish here we have a Glock 17 with Guarder lower Cerekoted in Wolf Grey and fluted outer barrel


If you can think of it and we have the parts we can build it.  Please feel free to call our engineer on 02072840001 or email us sales@wolfarmouries.co.uk

Cheers Wolf

(Wolf Armouries)

Tokyo Marui Resident Evil Thor’s Hammer @RedWolf

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

HK416 A5 GBBR Now Available For Pre-Order


Biohazard Thor’s Hammer, PP-19-01 AEG

Upgrade Your GHK M4 From V1 To V2 Now!

G&P Dual Mag, V2 Bolt Carrier

Titan Module, 1×30 Red Dot

EMG SAI Series Pistol Now In Stock

EMG SAI 4.3 Silver Version, EMG SAI 5.1 Steel Version

Brand New MS1 Padded Sling From Magpul

Magpul MS1 Padded Sling – Coyote, Magpul MS1 Padded Sling – Black


Tim vs. Marck vs. Gambit. Who’ll Win?


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Jia Dyi: Decipher KWC’s secret codes

Jia Dyi wish to to educate customers how to identify the correct models they want and learn the product roadmap of KWC:

Honorable clients

Judging by the item codes, one can quickly look into the product portfolio of a manufacturer and see if they fitted with local demand.

Take KWC for example, they own three systems:KA for air-cocking, KC for CO2 power, and KM for the smallest diameter pellet in Airsoft, 4.5mm. In any of the three, if you see a “B” addressed, it means it can blow back; after the “-“, the “CI” means silver finishing, “H” means it carries hopup device, and “D” means metal slide. Let’s practice with the following example and learn KWC’s product roadmap.

KWC SW Sigma SW40F:Spring version【KA-27HN】/6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-12AHN】


KWC owns 40 years history since it had been founded in 1978, it developed it first type of Airsoft gun in 1984, Smith & Wesson’s SIGMA SW40F was one of the early models that had been long-lived until today and the early spring powered SW40 have transformed into CO2 blow back version both in 6mm and 4.5mm.

KWC UZI SMG:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-07HN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-07HN】


The most successful model in its CO2 guns, probably the KWC replica has built its equal name with UZI. The 2011 new version has improve its CO2 powerlet output efficiency, 6pcs/ctn. is very friendly and become a must load for blow back SMGs for because of moderate price.

KWC Taurus PT99:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-15AHN】


This is the gun that pioneered the CO2 blow back trend in industry at the dawn of Airsoft times. Full metal jacket, prolong and thick handgrip show this M9 replica a magnificent feeling when holding in hand. This full size beast only suits for people with big wrist and palm.

KWC Luger P08:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-41DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-41DHN】


Another masterpiece from KWC that imitated the infamous but delicate Nazi pistol, Luger P08. Full metal body with the most popular 4” barrel, KWC P08 has become most collectors’ choice for its affordable price. Speaking of collection, if you were fascinated by Luger variants like 6”, 8” or plated with silver, golden; better find WE in our agent portfolio,【GP401/402/403 S/G】.

KWC Python .357 revolver:6mm CO2 version【KC-66/67/68DHN】and 4.5mm CO2 version【KM-66/67/68 CDN/DN】


If we said WG owns the most varieties of top quality CO2 revolvers, and HFC provides those inexpensive models powered by gas, then the KWC hits the bulls’ eyes by targeting at the famous Colt Python series. From 2.5” to 6” in barrel length, but for unknown reason, the silver version only list in 4.5mm.

KWC TT33 6mm CO2 Non blow back version【KC-44DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Non blow back version【KM-45DHN】and WE TT33 6mm Gas blow back version【GP112/112S】and KWA TT33 Gas blow back version【GP112】


For old gun fanatics and players dressed with Russian gears, the TT33 becomes a fantastic souvenir or perfect sidearm in battlefield. KWC features the lowest price model, a CO2 non-blow back TT3(upper left), WE provide gas blow back models both with stealth black and modern silver finishing, while KWA’s gas blow back TT3(bottom left) owns the premium price in market. Above are all full metal versions.

If you were interested in the above brands, please contact sales@jiadyi.com, we will be glad to initiate an adaptive and constructive dialogue with you to enrich your sales portfolio with airsoft exquisites from Taiwan.

(Jia Dyi)

New products at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:

New delivery of gloves from Mechanix. They are characterized by high durability which makes them perfect for airsoft players, soldiers or mechanics. The delivery includes popular Original, FastFit and M-PACT® models.


Check this offer.

New delivery of products from Amoeba Airsoft. Among them you can find replicas of AS-01 Striker, AM-013 "Honey Badger" sniper rifles and accessories. All AEG Amoeba replicas are equipped with EFCS – Electronic Firing Control System.


Check this offer.

We have restocked our storehouse with Texar products. In its offer you can find clothing, uniforms, solid backpacks and other elements of equipment available in the Polish WZ93 Woodland Panther camouflage.


Check this offer.

Check out new delivery of products from Ares. It includes rare replicas of WA-2000 or MSR-338 sniper rifles and the replica of iconic L1A1 SLR semi-automatic rifle, the edition with wooden parts.


Check this offer.

We have restocked our storehouse with products from Redox! Its offer includes efficient LiPo batteries with DEANS / T-Connect plugs, as well as popular chargers and a new one – GAMMA with a touchscreen.


Check this offer.

Check out the new LiPo batteries from Electro River! We have restocked our storehouse with useful accessories like chargers and 7.4V or 11.1V batteries available in different shapes.


Check this offer.

The new range of practice targets for shooting sports and recreational shooting from Range Solutions. The products of this brand are characterized by the very high quality of printing.


Check this offer.

Delivery of products from GFC Energy! It consists of long lasting NiMH and LiPo batteries available in different shapes. Additionally accessories like adapters or male sockets.


Check this offer.


New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


#KingArms #Airsoft #IWA2018 #Gunfire

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#KingArms #Airsoft #IWA2018

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Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1911 Rail Top gas/ CO2
7 unic styles, with 7 chic colours combination and 7 outstanding slides. All-embracing and you can choose what catches your eyes.
You can get the collections that you are dreaming of all at Predator Tactical Official Licensed BY KING ARMS.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Predator #Tactical #Rail #Gas #Co2#comingsoon

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Classic wooden or tactical folding stock? Tell us which u prefer…
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #VAL #Realwood

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Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1911 Rail Top gas/ CO2, which is your favorite?
#KingArms #Airsoft #Predator #Tactical #Rail #Gas #Co2#comingsoon

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(King Arms)

First Tactical Ascend messenger bag @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the First Tactical Ascend messenger bag they are stocking:

First Tactical Ascend Messenger Bag is available now at Military 1st!

First Tactical Ascend is an office-to-field messenger bag made of 500D and 1000D nylon with reliable YKK zippers and Duraflex accessories.

First Tactical Ascend Messenger Bag insta

First Tactical Ascend Messenger Bag comes with large protective flap, and six outside and 12 inside pockets, including practical admin compartment, padded main compartment and laptop and tablet sleeves, fleece lined sunglasses pocket and hidden CCW pocket at the back.

Moreover, it has adjustable shoulder strap with a non-slip pad, crossbody stabiliser strap and reinforced grab handle.

This functional and durable tactical shoulder bag from First Tactical offers plenty of storage space and is perfect for office personnel, professional photographers and anybody on the move.

The UK customers: http://mil1.st/180003-060UK

The rest of the world: http://mil1.st/180003-060US

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

A2 midweek update

Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:

Its time for another look at some of the fantastic range of New Products we are now carrying in store!

"Have you got a Honey Badger?"

A common question which we frequently get asked! Some people might not know that the Ares Amoeba isn’t the only Honey badger out there on the airsoft market! In store we currently stock the Nuprol Delta Spec Ops AEG! Although it doesn’t carry the Honey Badger Name, It does indeed share ALOT of similarities both internally and externally.

Spec Ops 1Spec Ops 2
Spec Ops 3Spec Ops 4

The Nuprol Delta Spec-Ops provides a more covert look to your primary weapon. A Lightweight, Short profiled weapon with integrated suppressor inside the rail system for added tacti-cool. With a rubberized ergonomic grip and an ambidextrous fire selector (Which isn’t on the Ares!) This is a very comfortable weapon system! Unlike some of the other Nuprol Delta Range, the spec ops features a rigid high quality Polymer receiver to help keep the weight down, making this a fantastic gun for fast paced CQB games.

How could this get any better? Well it can! The Spec Ops rifle was made in Conjunction with the Ares Honey Badger – So it features the same programmable gearbox! Simply plug it into the Ares Programmer and you can Program the weapon to fire In Semi automatic only and even three round burst!

Spec Ops 5Spec Ops 6Spec Ops 7

Dual 40mm Pouches!

Another new addition to our Tactical Gear range is the Nuprol PMC Double 40mm Pouch! Available in Black, Green, Coyote and Nuprol Camo (Multicam) these pouches are designed to help carry 40mm Moscart shells! Perfect for you airsoft Grenadiers out there!

40mm Pouch 140mm Pouch 2

Simple yet effective, there grenade pouches use Velcro and pop buttons to keep the pouches securely closed and are the perfect size for using BOTH short and long Grenade shells! Obviously 1 grenade just isn’t enough, so now you can carry 2 more!

As you can see we also carry a range of Nuprol Moscart shells perfect to put in these pouches! Depending on what mood you are in, we carry the Standard 40mm Shower Shell in 3 sizes:

Small – 72 Rounds

Medium – 96 Rounds

Large – 120 Rounds

Simply fill these with gas and BBs and shower your enemies in a hail of plastic!

Alongside these we also stock the Nuprol 40mm Cap Head Grenade! Working slightly differently to the shower shells, these shells utilise A single large hole in the center of the shell will hold up to 120BB’s and held in using a rubber cap head. The contents gets fired out in one go when the firing button on the base of the grenade is pressed.

Seen something you like? Perhaps its time to break out the Badger! Check out these cool products and many more over on our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

(A2 Supplies)

Lambda FIVE inner barrels

lambda-logoLambda have added some inner barrels to their website:

This is lambda Japan.
We add some inner barrels "lambda FIVE" for pistol like HI-CAPA to our web shop.


And I added "AEG 420mm",it’s customer’s request.

Could you check our website?

Also we will add "lambda ONE (6.01mm)" soon.
Please keep in touch


Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 11 2018

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended Tuddenham’s FilmSim event at the weekend.  Both days were excellent with a great quality of play.  Next month’s FilmSim weekend will be in the style of Battlefiled’s Conquest mode, with teams fighting for domination over key areas.

This weekend we are at Eversley for another FilmSim open weekend – it looks like being a busy one as well, so come and get involved!  It’s a ground war weekend, with teams being given objectives to be taken and held at various times over the day.  It’s totally up to you how you choose to tackle the objectives.  Don’t forget, camping is free from Friday evening if you fancy making a weekend of it now the weather is warming up again.

Next weekend we have an Operations weekend at Tuddenham based in the early 1980s Cold War.  Our Operations weekends are themed and have both camo and weapon requirements, we are currently looking for more players on the WARPAC side – think Russian or East German.  We have a load of East German DDR camo available for free loan for the weekend and have suitable rifles available for rental if needed.  Places need to be secured in advance by a deposit on the website – make sure you book a weapon if you need one as well.

After that it’s our usual end of month skirmish weekend at Tuddenham – always a popular event, there are no restrictions on camo or ammo limits – please be aware that we usually spend at least half of the day in the CQB area which is single shot only, so if you’re bringing an LMG please make sure you have a suitable CQB weapon.  DMR and snipers running over 350fps must always have a secondary weapon under the limit.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

(Gunman Airsoft)

Military 1st MultiCam sale

Military 1st are having a sale on MultiCam products:

Military 1st offers 10% off all products from MultiCam category with Discount Code MULTI18.

MultiCam Sale 2018 Instagram

Visit our website today and save on army uniforms, tactical gear, camouflage backpacks and shoulder bags, combat gear and more.

The UK customers: mil1.st/MultiCamUK

The rest of the world: mil1.st/MultiCamUS

Hurry up: this special offer ends 19 March 2018, midnight. Applies only to MultiCam category. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Krytac rifle pre-order from Land Warrior Airsoft

Land Warrior Airsoft have Krytac rifles available for pre-order:

As we have the excellent range of Krytac Rifles due into our warehouse in early April, and judging from the amount of customer’s asking about them, we thought it would be good to let you know you can pre-order these rifles with us already!


We will be stocking a lot of great Krytac lines that no-one else in the UK has access to, such as the Grey versions of the LVOA-C and LVOA-S rifles and the flexible SPR/PDW Bundle Packs.

Together with our excellent after sales service and spare parts which are available, we think this is the best offer of Krytac products available in the UK.

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

Season opening 2018 sale at Gunfire

Gunfire are having a season opening sale:


Season Opening 2018 Sale at Gunfire!

Get ready for the new airsoft season with Gunfire and grab up to 92% discount on selected items. We have reduced prices of over 2500 products including Tokyo Marui, G&P and Amoeba replicas, Theta Optics sights, Condor and FLYYE INDUSTRIES tactical equipment. Preparation for the upcoming season is a great occasion to check your equipment. Maybe it’s time for a new replica like the Phantom Extremis MK1 Carbine Replica 17%OFF or LA M4 SBR Lone Star Carbine Replica – Black 20%OFF.Don’t forget to take with you spare magazines or buy additional pieces. With Cyma Hi-Cap magazines for AK 47 you can save even 15%. To keep your gear in a good shape rember to maintain it and change all used parts. Buy new Max Torque 200% 32:1 Gear Set from X HIGH-TECH or ABBEY LT2 grease for movement parts 23%OFF. If you plan to modify your replica you should check how low are the prices of JeffTron Mosfet units or pick BlueFET Module at attractive price.


Check all 2500 discounted products here. However, you have to hurry up and don’t miss best deals.

Season Opening 2018 Sale’s Terms & Conditions



SS Airsoft 8 year event

Team Blacksheep are looking forward to the SS Airsoft 7 year party:

It is that time of year again for the Dirty South of Airsoft to have the biggest party with everybody on scene, the SS Airsoft 8 Year Party! This is the biggest Airsoft event on the East Coast every year and you have to check it out!


Full story.

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(Team Blacksheep)

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