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  • ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 AEG Airsoft SMG – Quick Review – AirSplat On Demand
    ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 AEG SMG $449.99


    - Velocity: 394 FPS (0.2 gBB) / Range 100-120 Feet
    - Barrel Length: 8 Inches / 20 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 75 Rounds
    - Auto Stop on Empty Mag
    - Polymer Receiver
    - Functional Bolt Catch
    - Battery & Charger NOT included (Small)

  • Airsoft Megastore sponsorship of New Life Adaptive Sports
    In a continuing effort to give back to our community, while using airsoft as a tool for healing. Airsoft megastore is proud to announce our sponsorship of New Life Adaptive Sports. New Life Adaptive Sports exists to support the physically community. New Life Adaptive Sports has been using airsoft and paintball to promote team building and communication skills since 2009.

    Sometimes with disability comes an enormous loss of freedom. Airsoft Megastore and New Life Adaptive Sports are dedicated to giving that freedom back. In association with Montgomery Sporting Goods & Paint Ball, Helen Hayes Hospital, and Fusion Grahpix together we are making a difference one person at a time.

    For more information please check out there FB and website:



    To Contact

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" with Aleeia & Greg from Elite Ops, GA! Ep. 36 – Evike TV
    The following video contains the opinions of Evike.com personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Evike.com or other organizations.

    Website: http://www.EVIKE.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom

  • APS Cam870sf shotgun test2
    APS cam870sf co2 airsoft shotgun
  • APS CAM870SF co2 Range test 15m target
    We installed the magpul 870 sga handguard and rail mount as sight.

    I was shooting a top gas tank 15m away.

  • New Products July 2014 – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    This month on RedWolf TV, Tim will be introducing a new line of ASG CO2 Gas Blow Back Pistols and Revolvers, KJW’s Duty P-09s as well as Tanaka’s spring versions of the M40A1 and the G33/40!

    Link To Products:


  • LIVE SHOW!!! Bob Returns, AoA Recap, East Coast Airsoft Boot Camp and More! – Airsoft GI
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    Help Midland, TX open their dream field: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-west-texas-combat-arena-fund

  • The Shooter’s Mindset GIVEAWAY over $500 in prizes featuring Kay Miculek YouTube
    The Shooter’s Mindset GIVEAWAY over $500 in prizes featuring Kay Miculek YouTube

    Original vid


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  • Operation Black Shield 2014 Airsoft Megastore TV at SC Village
    This past weekend Airsoft Megastore was privileged to attend Operation Black Shield at the world famous SC Village. We want to thank everyone who came out to our booth and got a free patch from us. Thank you SC Village for hosting a great event, -AMSTV

    Need to gear up for the next game check here


    For More Information about SC Village Click on the link below:


  • Pew Pew Pew Lifestyles of the Locked Loaded Hank Strange Situation Gun Channel Subscribe Trailer
    This is the New Channel Ad for the Hank Strange Situation YouTube Gun Channel. Our Goal is to deliver Lifestyles Of The Locked And Loaded to you our audience. Firearms, Gear, Culture and the Related Industry News & Events Reviewed and Showcased, from the Peculiar Viewpoint of myself and my wife Lola Strange. Follow this link to Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/hankstrange

    I’m a Novice Firearms Enthusiast Sharing Videos of my Learning & Growing Process in the form of Gun Reviews, Shooting, and other related videos that document my personal adventure in life with The World via YouTube. I’m a Libertarian, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Artist, Writer, Music Producer & Filmmaker, so Stay Tuned because anything could happen and probably will!- Hank :)

    Pew Pew Pew Lifestyles of the Locked & Loaded Hank Strange Situation YouTube Gun Channel Subscribe Trailer

    Lifestyles of the Locked & Loaded
    Production for The Hank Strange Situation (A YouTube Gun Channel) is sponsored by: Homeland Guns: https://www.facebook.com/HomelandGuns

    Hanks Safety Eye Pro is provided by: Numa Tactical:


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  • SC Village Operation Black Shield 2014
  • Airsoft Obsessed: Fort Ord, June 2014 pt1
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  • The OTHER Mario Warfare – Episode 1
    This was our original idea for Mario Warfare. It didn’t work out. But now you can watch a rough cut!

    This scene features:
    Emmanuel Manzanares
    Carlos Lopez IV
    Keith Kittrelle
    Louis Bekoe
    Patrick G Keenan
    Larry Joseph Parks
    Jess Tompkins
    Josh Holben
    Mike Beane
    Tim Ellwood
    Kevin Spruill
    David Goldfarb
    Andy Boucher
    Jon Wood

  • Before You Send Your Kid to School… Watch This!
    Before You Send Your Kid to School… Watch This!
  • SilencerCo – Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor Demo
    SilencerCo’s Salvo 12 is the world’s first commercially viable 12 gauge suppressor. The Salvo 12 is scalable and can be configured by adding sections to customize the level of suppression you’re looking for. It integrates a Removable choke system to attach to your shotgun and uses a system of Rods, baffles and caps to lower the 12 ga report to that of a .22.

    Visit www.silencerco.com for more information.

  • Early morning update
    Random early morning update from my Dr’s office. Cell phone.
  • HK M27 IAR by Elite Force [The Gun Corner] Airsoft Evike.com
    Product Link: http://www.evike.com/products/48445/

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    Website: http://www.EVIKE.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom

  • Shooters Cup 2014 Trailer Ver3 〜Shooter Ready, Stand By!〜











  • AAC300 後定測試 Bolt Carrier Blowback Test

JTECH weekly deals on selected high quality gears

JTech have sent over a reminder about their weekly deals:

unnamed (10)

JTECH is now offering Weekly Deals on selected high quality gears!! Get one while supplies last!!

Click for more info and photo >>


The future of the UKAPU

Matt Furey-King has sent over an update on what’s currently happening with the UKAPU:

Some of you have been asking why the association has been so quiet in recent times. Unfortunately, our committee positions are mostly vacant. We’ve had a period where we didn’t manage to get normal replacements for guys who were leaving (people tend to come and go) and then a general feeling of being worn down by the enormity of the task caused two of the remaining committee members to resign at the same time. As such, we’re down to a single committee member at the moment (out of 5 positions). To add to our misery, our membership database has broken down at the same time.

Bearing these facts in mind, James (our Treasurer) has stopped all new member registrations and member renewals. It just wouldn’t be fair to take your money if we’re providing none of the promised services. We did recently discuss the idea of dissolving the association, in a worst case scenario we’d rather that we closed shop than allowing it to limp on with no-one at the helm.

UKAPU was set up with the sole aim of becoming the manifestation of players will, a tool for you to use. But after 5 years of successfully defending many players who have been wronged by the law, and representing members to the media and different parts of government, UKAPU still doesn’t have the weight of the airsoft community behind it. It seems like the majority of players don’t want to be involved in airsoft outside of playing or don’t care to research the precarious situation. Threats to players rights aren’t just coming from outside of airsoft though; as with anything in life if you don’make your voice heard, someone else will talk on your behalf, and we know, for a fact, that the people illegitimately holding the power in UK airsoft right now are petitioning for things like a ban on persoanl RIF imports. Sadly, other new airsoft groups also have deep inherent flaws; an absence of transparency, democracy and management with heavily vested interests. So, you can see, the need for a strong players association hasn’t reduced one iota.

In spite of these recent issues our South East Representative, Bruce Clark, has volunteered to step up as Chairman and lead UKAPU. Bruce is a Captain in the Merchant Navy,  ex forces, has allot of spare time on his hands and is extremely keen on Airsoft. He is the perfect man for the job. This week we’ll get Bruce officially slotted into the Chairman position, and I’ve high hopes that Bruce’s fresh ideas and enthusiasm will knock UKAPU back into life from the stagnation which has come about this year. Massive thanks to Bruce for stepping up.

Lately we’ve also had a respectable volume of volunteers step forward to fill the other vacant positions and I promise to be in touch with them during the next week (sorry its not been sooner, I have allot going on in my personal life at the moment). So, with a fresh team on the job and the old guard on hand to pass on their knowledge and experience, I can see UKAPU achieving great things in the near future!

Despite the new committee, the association still won’t last without more support from all airsoft players, and active participation from more members. My thanks to those who have continually talked us up and the core of awesome people who been loyal members over the years. UKAPU wouldn’t be here without you. But for those who have refrained from ‘picking a side’ or generally haven’t taken an interest in the future of airsoft, this could be your last chance to get behind a resource which is created for you and could be extremely valuable in your future.

Please post on our forum if you are interested in working for the association as a volunteer


For those of you who aren’t currently members, we’ll ask you to sign up (or renew) soon. Keep an eye on our our facebook page, twitter account, website or our articles in gun mart and airsoft action magazines. We’ll let you know as soon as the new membership database is back up and running.




Matt Furey-King, Consultant UKAPU

Burst Wizard 3 – 100% MILSIM MOSFET

Burst Wizard have sent over details of their new product:

Finally any AEG can be tuned down to fire real steal Rate Of Fire (ROF) even with a 11.1V LIPO to provide MILSIM realism and extend the life of its gearbox!

You don’t need to buy expensive Polar Star, Daytona or Systema guns to get the firing experience like a real steel. Just get a Burst Wizard 3 at 1/10 of the cost to get the benefits of:

1) Fire fullauto ROF like a real steel with no sacrifice in trigger response.

Every BB is fired at 100% battery power to get the quickest trigger response like a real steal or from a gas powered gun. The pause time in between is programmable

2) Fire 3-round burst with real steel ROF with precocking for instant trigger response.

3) Make your stock gearbox truly LIPO ready or friendly with less wear and tear from firing realistic MILSIM ROF instead of uncontrolled crazily fast ROF.

3) Count every BB fired from semi, Burst or fullauto mode for true magazine capacity and change time MILSIM experience.

4) Contain all the features from our popular Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2:

a)plug-and-play or hardwire, your choice
b) 1 ~ 9 round burst
c) precocking
d) sniper delay MILSIM
e) LIPO & LiFe battery lower voltage protection
f) Adaptive resettable fuse to protect gearbox/motor
g) tap burst option

(Burst Wizard)

New products from AngryGun

AngryGun have posed details of their latest new products on their Facebook page:

Angry Gun Steel Bolt Carrier for WE M4 GBB


Angry Gun Wire Cutter Rail System for AEG, PTW and GBB



Flyye New MOLLE LT6094 vest at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Flyye MOLLE LT6094 vest they are stocking:

Incredibly durable Flyye New MOLLE LT6094 Vest in A-TACS FG camo is available now at Military 1st! Get yours at http://bit.ly/FlyyeNewMOLLELT6094Vest


(Military 1st)

Mechanix Multicam gloves at Airsoft Zone

Airsoft Zone have Mechanix Multicam gloves in stock:

Mechanix Multicam Gloves are in at Airsoft Zone…

…and still the same price



(Airsoft Zone)

Condor grenade pouch at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Condor grenade pouch they are now stocking:

Introduced at SHOT Show 2014, Condor Grenade Pouch is great to carry small items while at the range, gym or in the outdoors. Featuring circle carabiner on the top, internal zipper change pocket & mesh pouch, and key ring that holds up to 5 keys. You won’t want to throw this grenade away! Get yours before they’re gone at http://bit.ly/CondorGrenadePouch

Untitled design (1)

(Military 1st)

A.C.E. Haley Strategic chest rig review

The guys at Airsoft Community Europe have been checking out the Haley Strategic D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig:

REVIEW // Haley Strategic D3CR Disruptive Environments Chest Rig

Travis Haley has always been interested in how tactical gear is built and how he could modify it to his requirements. So Travis started to produce his own gear and finally, after a career at Magpul he today owns a well known brand in the industry called Haley Strategic. In this review, we’re showing you a very innovative and minimalistic designed chest rig from Haley Strategic called the D3 Chest Rig (D3CR).


Read more…

(Airsoft Community Europe)

Collapsible stock offer at UN Company

UN Company are currently offering a free collapsible stock with any M4 series AEG or GBB:

Hi every one! UN Company is now offering a great promotion to all the customers. What are you waiting for?


UN Facebook Page, UN Youtube Page

Please visit our site http://www.uncompany.com for more new hot items. You may also found more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy!

(UN Company)

Tokyo Marui fixed slide AEP 2-tone & more@ eHobby Asia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:


1. EAC (Marui) Red Alert Custom GBB
– Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB Pistol Based
– ProHandgun Smoling Hole Slide (Red)
– Nine Ball Aluminum 31 rds NEO Mag
– Guarder Stainless Steel High Out-Put Valve
– Red Slide and Black Frame

2. EAC (Marui) Infinity 4.3 Custom GBB
– Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB Pistol Based
– Guarder Aluminum Slide (INFINITY/Dual Ver.)
– PRIME Infinity Aluminum Grip (Type G, Gold)
– Creation CNC Aluminum Grip Safety (Gold)
– ProWin 140mm 31rd Magazine (Silver)
– A+ Studio Knockout System Upgarde Kit
– Maple Leaf Diamond Hop Up Rubber (70)
– PDI 01 Precision Inner Barrel (6.01mm)
– 2-Tone Slide and Frame/ Gold Grip

3. Tokyo Marui Fixed Slide AEP (2-Tone)
– 7.2V Micro Battery Powered
– Fully Auto & Semi Auto Shooting Mode
– One full charge can shoot 250 – 300 rds
– Realistic marking is engraved on the slide
– Red Dot Front & Rear sight
– 40 rd metal magazine
– Silver Slide and Black Frame Color Version

4. 5.11 Women Horizon Hoodie
– 5.9 oz. (200g/m²) brushed polyester fleece
– Full YKK® zip front
– Side zip handwarmer pockets
– Accessories pocket on the left bicep
– Bartacking at key stress points

5. TRU-SPEC All Terrain Tiger Stripe Series
–TRU BDU Pants
–BDU Classic Shirt
–TRU Combat Shirt
–TRU BDU Classic Pants
–TRU 1/4 Zip Combat Shirt
–TRU 8inch BDU Shorts
–TRU Tactical Response R/S Shirt
– TRU Tactical Response R/S Pants

6. LITEBUCK Mil-Spec Side Release Buckle Strobe Light (Urban Grey, Infrared)
– High performance strobe light system
– IPX 7 waterproof constructed 30M shockproof
– Suitable for law enforcement & military purpose
– High power LED
– Mil-Spec 1 inch Side-Release Buckle
– Urban Grey Color Mount, Infrared IR– High performance strobe light system
– IPX 7 waterproof constructed 30M shockproof
– Suitable for law enforcement & military purpose
– High power LED
– Can be attached to any 20mm Rail
– Sand Mount, White Color LED


New stock at We Sell Airsoft

We Sell Airsoft have some new items in stock:

Dear all , here are some new item release in wesellairsoft.com


  • Code:TB946-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip BK
  • Code:TB944-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip Blue
  • Code:TB945-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip DE


  • Code:TB947-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip FG
  • Code:TB942-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip Orange
  • Code:TB941-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip Pink


  • Code:TB943-B
    Product Name:FMA 1911 Nylon Grip Red
  • Code:TB949-BK
    Product Name:FMA Helmet VAS Shroud L4G19 Aid ( BK )
  • Code:TB949-DE
    Product Name:FMA Helmet VAS Shroud L4G19 Aid ( DE )


  • Code:TB949-FG
    Product Name:FMA Helmet VAS Shroud L4G19 Aid ( FG )

Best Regards (We Sell Airsoft)

LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez coming soon

Here is the latest product news from LCT Airsoft:

VSS Vintorez Coming soon…………


(LCT Airsoft)

New E&L AK series from Jag Precision

Jag Precision have the new E&L AK series available for pre-order:


(Jag Precision)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: July 20, 2014

  • Marushin FN Five-seveN 6mmBB CO2
    マルシンのCO2ガスガンEXB2 FN Five-seveNです。
    マガジン内部に小型CO2ボンベを内蔵、冷えに強いCO2ガスで安定&迫力ある作動が楽しめます。当然ながらパワーは日本国内向けに低出力化されています。(気温28℃で0.65J程度)ブローバックのスピード&反動が物凄く、正直耐久性的に大丈夫か?と思えるほどです。現在20マガジンほど撃ちましたが特に不具合は出ていません。冷凍庫で冷やした後に作動させてみた所、普通に作動して驚きました。w 恐らく真冬でも問題なく使用できるのではないかと思います。
  • CQB Gameplay Footage – TAC in Tacoma WA -ASTKilo23-
    My friend Anthony and I went to TAC in Tacoma WA today and had an amazing time! Big thanks to the party who was so kind to let us play with them.
    Please check out TAC and go play if you are within driving distance. I drove over an hour to get there, so don’t say it’s too far away if you live in WA!
    Used my Echo 1 SOB 1. Had to use semi-only because of the field fps restrictions.
    Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3.
  • Apple iPhone Sniper
    Attach an Apple iPhone to a scope, put it onto movie mode and hit record, it’s that easy to start filming airsoft games action as you will see from this video. Filmed at Section8 Airsoft in Scotland on Sunday 13th july 2014.

    1 of over 500 airsoft games videos at
    http://www.youtube.com/scoutthedoggie Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 150 MILLION hits.
    Scout T-Shirts http://scoutthedoggieus.spreadshirt.com

    Scout is on FaceBook At http://www.facebook.com/scoutthedoggie

    Scout on Twitter https://twitter.com/YouTubeScout

    Scouts 2014 Playlist, every YouTube video I have made in 2014


    Airsoft is a sports game which is played by people, young and old, around world.
    The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has. Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10. I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players. Always wear eye protection when playing Airsoft, even if you are just playing in your backyard. Airsoft is non-lethal, no-one has ever been injured using these. It is not possible to convert these items to use anything other than little plastic BBs. Above all, Always play safe.

  • Airsoft Surgeon Prestige Collection Trailer – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    High performance competition grade luxe pistols from Airsoft Surgeon designed for serious competition and showmanship. Dubbed the Pagani of Airsoft pistols, these appeal to those who want absolutely the best performance and leading edge style.
  • How to Make the Interwoven Zipper Sinnet (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    PPI Book Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0985557869 The Interwoven Zipper Sinnet tying technique adds a subtle, but impactful, arching line of design to an otherwise standard Zipper Sinnet. Generating a sturdy and attractive bracelet or strap, the resulting tie will wow even the most seasoned paracorder.

    Genre: Paracord Bracelet
    By: Tying It All Together
    Design: JD Lenzen

  • Most Realistic Airsoft AKs EVER! – E&L AK Series – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=airsoftgidotcom ◄◄◄

    E&L AKs: http://www.airsoftgi.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=e%26l+airsoft+gun&inc_subcat=&categories_id=&x=0&y=0&inc_subcat=1

    E&L has been around the airsoft world for a little while and is finally hitting the United States! These guns are the MOST realistic airsoft AKs in existence today! They feature a full STEEL and REAL WOOD body with the exception of the pistol grip and feel much closer to a real AK than any airsoft gun. Internally, the gun features a standard V3 gearbox and ready for any upgrades you can throw at it.

    West Coast Shipping: www.airsoftgi.com
    East Coast Shipping: www.gitactical.com

  • Elite Force RJF Red Jacket firearms Overview AMSTV
    Elite Force, known for their cutting edge airsoft guns and accessories, has partnered with Red Jacket Firearms to create their RJF series of high grade, full metal airsoft guns. Red Jacket Firearms, of the "Sons of Guns" fame, is well known for their unique builds and quality craftsmanship. This series of Elite Force RJF airsoft guns lives up to that reputation. Both RJF AEGs are manufactured by SRC, and feature a rugged aluminum body with high quality polymer furniture. Both rifles were designed to be durable, field ready AEGs, perfect for both intermediate and advanced airsoft players. Also included in the Elite Force – Red jacket lineup is their RJF 1911, which is essentially the licensed version of the well regarded CO2 1911 TAC, considered by many players to be the most reliable secondary airsoft pistol on the market.

    Solid externals, dependable performance, and a no-frills design makes the Red Jacket series of airsoft guns the ideal choice for both intermediate and advanced airsoft players. The realistic feel, performance, and quality craftsmanship make these guns well worth their price tag. So whether you’re a fan of Red Jacket, or just a diehard airsofter, these Elite Force RJF airsoft guns are definitely worth checking out.

    Elite Force Red Jacket KMP Basic Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle – See more at:


    Elite Force Red Jacket Licensed RS-KP Full Metal AK AEG Rifle – See more at:


    Elite Force RJF Licensed 1911 TAC CO2 Blowback Pistol – BLACK – See more at:


    For a long time now, GHK have been designing incredibly sturdy and reliable magazines for the M4 GBBR series for other companies. Now they’re coming out with their own version so in this episode of RedWolf TV, Tim will be giving the information you need to know based on what he was given!
  • LCT AK47 AK74 Full Stock AEG Airsoft Rifle – AirSplat On Demand
    LCT AK47 Full Polymer Stock AEG Airsoft Rifle $399.99


    - Velocity: 390 FPS (0.2 gBB) / Range 120-140 Feet
    - Barrel Length: 17 Inches / 43 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 600 Rounds
    - Full Metal Receivers
    - Polymer Stock & HandGuard
    - Battery & Charger NOT included (Small)

  • E&L AK-Series Rifles
    Introducing the E&L Airsoft AK series available only through Jag Precision dealers in the USA. See another video and read more about the E&L AK series internals here: http://jagprecision.com/learn-more-about-the-new-el-internals/


    See a review of the E&L AK-Series rifle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6N95upyWK4

    Visit http://jagprecision.com/wholesaleairsoftguns.html and become an authorized Jag Precision dealer today!

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