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EmersonGear cobra belt

EmersonGear have sent over details of their new cobra tactical belt series:

Emersongear COBRA tactical Belt series for Christmas

Emersongear has launched a new series of Cobra Tactical Belt Series, you can call it a Christmas present.

Tactical Gear fans might have noticed there are hundreds of thousands companies are providing belts based on Cobra buckle, but the essential element is how the designer and manufacturer demonstrate its own soul.

Cobra buckles are not cheap, and they need to be manufactured upon the order, we had to wait for Cobra to manufacture the buckle and sailed on the sea for about one month before the buckles arrive at our factory.


Certificate for the Cobra from AustriAlpin


Basic styles, Materials and Handicraft etc of the Buckle

After brainstorm and hardworking of our R&D Department, we have finally designed 3 models for various characters.

We have designed these 3 models not only for the benefit but to create a great concept which to bring the military elements into the everyday life, to make the EmersonGear brand different than how normal people think of Made in China, we are honored and proud of EmersonGear brand.

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Hazard 4 holiday sale: 25% off bags, packs & more 12/5 – 12/6

Here is the latest holiday sale offer from Hazard 4:

Hazard 4(R) Holiday Sale: 25% OFF Bags, Packs & Apparel 12/5 – 12/6

unnamed (18)

Hazard 4)

UKAPU & UKARA: positive changes to Policing and Crime Bill

UKAPU & UKARA have an update on the Policing and Crime Bill changes:

Huge UK Airsoft Law News

UKAPU and UKARA bring about positive changes to Policing and Crime Bill

We finally are able to tell you some good news about the draft UK law affecting airsoft.

At the start of the year the government released the Policing and Crime Bill (PCB), which included a clause to set the lethal threshold at 1 Joule of muzzle energy. This would mean that a barrelled device would be essentially regarded as an air gun if it had muzzle energy of over 1J. In 2015 the law commission suggested (based on input from UKARA and UKAPU) that airsoft replicas should be allowed an exemption from the 1J lethal threshold, as 1J would be far too low for our needs. The government accepted this and wrote it into the PCB.

The first draft of the airsoft exemption was not that great. 8mm airsoft would not count and, arguably no airsoft device would have been able to use the proposed exemption because they are capable of firing non plastic BBs. The airsoft associations were invited to discuss the exemption with the Home Office firearms department in March, and the results of that meeting, plus 8 months of lobbying behind the scenes, have finally paid off.

Trying to get exemption through at all was a feat. Though the government supported the exemption it came under attack from a Labour MP and then later from a Conservative Lord. The anti-gun groups and even part of the gun lobby objected to it.

But through a combined effort from UKARA and UKAPU we’ve managed to not only get the exemption for airsoft through, but also convince the government to make some small changes to it, which have just been submitted in the form of amendments (these are yet to be voted on at time of writing but should be integrated during the Lords report stage). When the Bill is enacted in early 2017 we’ll have clear power limits for airsoft and a better definition of what an airsoft gun is. Not only will those limits reflect the realistic power output of airsoft replicas, but they will also not interfere with the normal power limits that we use for gaming. So instead of being limited to 1J, we’ll be able to play on mostly as normal.

The lion’s share of the Home Office lobbying work was done by Frank, John and Adrian at UKARA. Without some shrewd tactics and persistent lobbying from them we’d never have got the amendment on the table. UKAPU spent a lot of time rallying airsofters and lobbying MPs without them there may have been more objections from MPs and Lords. Though we’ve not been able to talk about it till now, it’s taken a constant barrage of letters, calls and meetings throughout 2016 to get to where we are. The guys from UKARA also commissioned expensive laboratory testing of the penetrative properties of 8mm BBs, so we could ask the Home Office to extend the exemption to 8mm airsoft replicas as well as 6mm. UKARA have spent close to £10000 fighting for the airsoft industry.

The Home Office also deserve thanks. Some people imagine they are anti-airsoft, but in reality the civil servants have invited the airsoft associations to comment on the bill and have taken those comments on board even though this created more work. They have done their utmost to ensure that the airsoft game and industry isn’t compromised by the new law. Government Ministers such as Mike Penning MP have spoken in defence of our right to play airsoft and supported us throughout.

The elephant in the room is, still, fully automatic replicas over 1.3J. If it is capable of more than 1.3J then your replica may be regarded as a section 5 firearm. This could mean that GBB and HPA replicas are prohibited weapons, and it could mean you might land a 5 year prison sentence for importing an AEG which is more powerful than advertised. We also need to ensure that airsoft replicas aren’t regarded as ‘readily convertible’ to firearms, as they can all be converted to exceed the new thresholds. UKARA and UKAPU have been raising this issue with the government for the last year, and it seems they have now taken it on board. We are due to see them early next year to discuss a solution, separate to the PCB.

For your convenience the amended clause 111 is below.

The status quo has been more or less maintained but only through a mammoth effort behind the scenes. Please spread the word, people need to understand that airsoft needs constant protection, and the only way we’ve achieved this win is by working together under the umbrella of airsoft associations.

Matt Furey-King Chair UKAPU and Frank Bothamley Chair UKARA

Policing and Crime Bill- http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2015-16/policingandcrime.html

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Last chance for Black Friday deals at RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Odin Innovation Speedloader Price Drop


on5HT0CRYDvfCNmjpLkmtZCl2CrI_a6SDvZNu-dZBkxF0ejpm90iWSmBRebiJBSVD1TtmEClgyxNV1AA3XioY-MoLdI6keBcsElzcz25-z6PP2JcLUf6IiDdGYa9aJrtvQ=s0-d-e1-ftRWA Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel Limited Edition
This new licensed Nighthawk Custom GRP Stainless Steel pistol is without question the most realistic airsoft pistol in the world.


pH-5fwk7gpbpKnFfiUXdPMRzDnwhiabAM-w9lsohvmgDwIDtsyq0KEQoi4EaND9H607sNMQefJZmio7MnrP0kbw1RCcQ2PVnPZI5OPABtoYnTi2TRQR7q9eSS9c3jvFU1Q=s0-d-e1-ftEMG Salient Arms Licensed GRY M4 SBR Airsoft AEG Training Rifle
The Salient Arms Internation GRY AR-15 rifle lives at the cutting edge of firearm design. Developed by the master craftsmen at Salient, the GRY offers a unique choice for the discerning customer in a sea of cookie cutter AR-15s.

IZo59_X7OvBiRk2H9ep7gIMX09QKnos5uFbMv0UG9969-oOVc4qDAdYmdMG_W9fXY5D85d5AxgPIsoPpkvei6db-ILtFI7WPhqdSXhQ14YQqzz2_Ly35AvTkzzTyoppnWA=s0-d-e1-ftUmarex (VFC) HK G36C TAC V2 Limited Edition GBBR
For those who never heard of Umarex (VFC), they are known to make realistic and high performing airsoft guns in the airsoft market.


TXVUwq0AT8gxpOPmEKQufAncvrEXW81D2HXVotsyRyI6OnaOAwqfOwkRhS4jbDzJHmFQhuf8uEBCxr94B9pYydajZ74OjDOpaJafsJ_RwE22c5CK7KqmcolHNW8B08isgQ=s0-d-e1-ftOdin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader – DE
The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speed Loader is one of the must-have tools for every serious airsofter, and allows for very fast and convenient loading of low capacity and mid capacity AEG magazines, including PTW magazines.

b5mEbtsr2yalwVO-HmSM5nXUXjgEQZ3vv2K-JH668f1Gs-AqfgIynTZfyvjjyvPefcS7kOdxIBEEIvk4ahgLx_lRSW_1XypShhtw3lSVJjZCpgNAyb7vFIYKNejnpvwZM1gq=s0-d-e1-ftRWA First Focal Scout Scope 1-6×24
Scopes don’t need to be complicated to be effective and the RWA 1 – 6 x 24 First Focal Scout Scope is an example of that. Let us first explain what is "first focal".


8txla1XRCypREwQVdrlrHbEozndBm7jt1oHuclDAWw-uldMCnnhQGkGc6zvSkXDUriNIdSUaP3EM1y1DYpVWJ5PZ_vsU2VAR5OKTLL9iRBPPP93OfOcMb6P2RQlbi-0pdg=s0-d-e1-ftVFC SR25 KAC MK11 MOD0 GBBR DX Version (Licensed by Knight’s Armament)
This VFC SR25 GBBR is fully licensed by Knights Armament so you could expect it to have the full authentic markings and have the closest detail to the real on.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

King Arms Christmas Facebook event

King Arms have a Predator Tactical Iron Shrike to give away this December via their Facebook page:

2016 King Arms X’mas Lucky Draw
Duration: Nov. 25th ~ Dec. 25rd
Win A FREE Licensed Gas Pistol “Predator Tactical Iron Shrike “ Now,


1. Watch below video ” King Arms- Predator Tactical Iron Shrike”.
2. Press “LIKE” at King Arms Facebook page.
3. Leave comments, and Tag two of your friends.
4. Share the video : https://goo.gl/Zb7rv4

Predator Tactical Iron Shrike by King Arms. Metal slide and frame with CNC engraved lettering and logos. One piece chrome outer barrel with . 45ACP marking. Chrome hammer and trigger. Stainless steel spring guide and spring guide rod. Metal beavertail grip safety. Glossy black metal magwell. Metal front sight and rear sight and adjustable Hop-Up.

Terms and Conditions :
‧ The prizes are exhibits, may find reasonable scratches on the surface.
‧ Return and convert into cash requirements are not allowed.
‧ King Arms has reserves all the rights of final decision if there comes up with arguments.
‧ King Arms will announce the result on 27rd Dec.

Stay tuned with King Arms.

KingArms Website : https://goo.gl/jkiaK7
KingArms Youtube : https://goo.gl/e7ACUC

#KingArms #PredatorTactical #Christmas #FREE #XmasLuckyDraw #Event #Globalsynchronization #MattBurkett#Pistol #Airsoft

(King Arms)

Pro Airsoft Supplies: Kriss Vector news!

Pro Airsoft Supplies are now taking pre-orders for the Krytac Kriss Vector AEG:

Exclusively at Pro Airsoft Supplies – Pre-order the new Krytac Kriss Vector AEG with a £50 deposit.


(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

What has happened at Patrol Base?

Patrol Base are offering a range of discounts throughout December:

WTF: Why The Festivities?

Don’t be worried, we haven’t lost it just yet. Every day we are bringing you festive discounts on a range of products every day for the whole of December 2016.


Why? Because it is the month of giving. You may have already seen the changing banners on our home page, but we also have a dedicated page for all our festive discounts. Just “Click Here” to find them all. 


Anything with a Red snowflake is an item that will be discounted all of December. Once they sell out the price will remain until re-stocked and still in the December period.

So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking!


(Patrol Base)

Military 1st 5.11 Tactical promotion

Military 1st are running a new 5.11 promotion:

Buy any 5.11 Tactical products worth £60 or more from Military 1st online store at http://bit.ly/511Tactical and get the new Limited Edition collectors patch absolutely free!

Additionally, we’re giving you a chance of winning 5.11 NBT X-Ray Duffle Bag worth £76.50! (1 in 40 chance of finding a ‘Golden Ticket’ in the patch wrapper.)

511 December 2016 Campaign Instagram

Hurry up: this exclusive offer is valid only while stocks last.

Find out more at www.military1st.co.uk/511.html

(Military 1st)

Patrol Base: NUPROL illumination pressure pad adapters

Patrol Base have shared a new video for the Nuprol – NX series illumination series pressure pad adapter:

We have been one of if not the first to have this for you online and in store this week, and now we have a fitting video.

The new NUPROL – NX Series Illumination Pressure Pad Adapters are very easy to install, no tools needed and can be fitted in less than a minute as shown in the video below.

Want to upgrade your NX200, 300 or 400 series unit? “Click Here to buy your adapter today”.

unnamed (17)

(Patrol Base)

BEGADI Newsletter 01 December ´16

Here is all the latest news from Begadi:

pencott_promo_intPencott Ultralight Windproof Uniform has arrived!
Begadis new Uniform is a novum in the field of clothing in PenCott Greenzone – made from genuine PenCott 50D DWR polyester fabric it is lightweight, windproof, rugged, water repellent and unbelieveable fast drying!

A piece of clothing, that will serve many purposes, all year round!

Also new this month: The Pencott Cold Weather Anorak! Made from high quality 50D Poly outer and lined with finest Primaloft insulation, this pullover-style anorak keeps you warm, no matter what you do!

You can find a camo demonstration (German narration) here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJFcFDehZMQ&feature=youtu.be and a Showcase of the uniform and the cold weather anorak here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXBijFlipbg&feature=youtu.be

The products can be found here.

begadi_sport_promo_intBegadi Sport Series boasts 14 new rifles, rugged and affordable
Closely working together with Cyma, the Begadi Sport series provides a solid and cost – effective series of airsoft guns, which are optimized and delivered to the needs of the customers.

The expansion does not only bring 14 new guns to the store, but also a plethora of accessories, tuning parts and supplies for the guns!

All new guns can be found here. (Currently, the Guns are only shipped to Germany and Austria)

All int. available products can be found here.

edgi_pistonEdGi Pistons – best on the market for sniper systems
EdGi tuning parts are probably among the best Spring Sniper tuning parts available on the market. Begadi now released pistons for the most common spring sniper systems on the market.

The EdGi Aluminum Piston has a steel base, an industrial polyurethane sealing cap and a Teflon jacket for easy operation in the piston.

You can find the pistons here.

naturalblind_promoNatural3D Camo evolves to a full grown system
After the release of the Natural3D Sniper Camo Clothing from Begadi, many asked for accessories – and here it is. Touchscreenfriendly gloves, a cap with face-veil and a 3D Snipers mask complete the kit.

A full video of the camo in action can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=popLCztecfo

And the products can be found here.

International Reviews:
On YouTube Germany, there have been many reviews of Begadi and BE-X Products posted already. Currently, they are (mostly) german language only.  If you are an experienced YT Blogger from Europe, with an airsoft, outdoor or military themed channel, and you are interested in doing reviews, get in contact with Begadi!


OnTop Airsoft product update 1st December 2016

Here is the latest stock news from OnTop Airsoft:


(OnTop Airsoft)

Tokyo Arms Universal airsoft Mini-Launcher

Tokyo Arms have a new Universal airsoft Mini-Launcher:

Tokyo Arms new Universal airsoft Mini-Launcher (BK /TAN /RED)

Mini grenade launcher Poster1

(Tokyo Arms)

eHobbyAsia pre Christmas sale + 5.11 20% off

eHobbyAsia are having a pre-Christmas sale:

Pre Christmas Sale + 5.11 20% OFF @ eHobbyAsia!!



Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 48 2016

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had another awesome end of month weekend at Tuddenham with huge numbers once again on both days.  Once again, the general level of play was excellent.  Thanks again everyone.

This Sunday we are at our new Norwich home again, at Top Dog Paintball’s site.  Hot food is available at lunchtime but MUST be ordered in advance via the event page on our website.  We will be running short scenarios in the morning across the various areas of the site, and plan to run a longer game in the afternoon if numbers permit.

The following weekend we are back at Tuddenham for a FilmSim weekend, this time the evil ELF forces are back and trying to sabotage Christmas again. Expect much silliness and fancy dress is highly encouraged…

The weekend after we will be doing it all again at our excellent Eversley site, with the ELF forces managing to bring down Santa’s sleigh once again.

We won’t be running anything on the weekend of 24th & 25th, but we will be putting on our annual “Who Ate all the Pies?” skirmish day on Tuesday 27th December at Tuddenham to give you all a chance to work off all the extra calories you may have eaten over Christmas.  Both Josh and Doug are planning to be there, so come and take the opportunity to have a shoot at them for once…


Josh Smith (Gunman Airsoft)

Viper Tactical Elite Jacket at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Viper Tactical Elite jacket they are stocking:

Viper Tactical Elite Jacket at Military 1st

Viper Tactical Elite Jacket features a high collar with foldable hood, two-way YKK front zip closure with chin protector, hook and loop patches on both sleeves and underarm ventilation zippers.

There are six practical pockets, including a chest pocket and two upper arm zip pockets with rubberized headphone ports, two hand warming pockets and a lower arm zip pocket on the left sleeve.

Comfortable and lightweight, Viper Tactical Elite Jacket comes with water resistant micro shell material with Nylon Taslon, additional strengthening panels along the outside edge and strengthened elbows, non-slip pull tabs on main zippers, and can be easily adjusted with a bungee drawstring adjustable waist.


Find out more at Military 1st online store at bit.ly/BVJKTELI

Free UK delivery and returns! Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

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