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UKAPU: Changes to UK firearms law- PCB 2015-16

Matt Furey-King from the UKAPU has an update on the proposed changes to the Firearms Act following the law commission report:

Although the law commission firearms law report was released only two months ago, the Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16 has had its first reading in the UK parliament.

In simple terms, this bill will (amongst many other things) specify the muzzle energy threshold which defines an airsoft gun from an air rifle. In a way it sets legal power limits for airsoft (1.3J, or 375fps with a .20g BB, for fully automatics. 2.5J, or 520fps with a .20g BB, for semi and single action). Previously this was a grey area in UK law. Local legislation will still apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

From Parliament.uk

“This Government Bill was presented to Parliament on Wednesday 10 February 2016. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.

The date for this Bill’s second reading debate has yet to be announced.

If the bill passes second reading and is committed to a public bill committee the membership of the committee will be published in Votes and Proceedings and posted on this page under ‘Commons Public Bill Committee’. The soonest this can be is the Thursday following second reading of the bill, but it may be later.”

Whilst we welcome legislation which clears up the legal position of airsoft, we are sceptical of some of the wording of the bill. No airsoft replica is ‘only’ capable of discharging plastic projectiles. All of them can fire steel and glass BBs. This fact could arguably make the airsoft exception worthless as no airsoft replica could meet the requirements.

Contrary to the law commission report (based on our feedback), they have also ruled 8mm airsoft out of the exception.

We are still seeking clarification of the position of variable power devices such as HPA driven replicas, which can well exceed the specified 1.3J threshold if desired.

UK Airsoft Players Union intends to, at a minimum, submit evidence during the committee stage of the process. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates https://www.facebook.com/UKAPU/

Matt Furey-King, Chairman

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Hiking with Tactical Tailor gear up Mt. Baldy

JAG Precision have shared Team Black Sheep’s account of Brian’s recent hike using Tactical Tailor gear:

Hiking time with Tactical Tailor gear up to Mt. Baldy with Roecar Approved! Check out this adventure.
Read more here:



(JAG Precision)

ARES Amoeba accessories upgrades @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Guns Modify Steel Recoil Guide Rod Set For Enhancing Your GBB Model 17 Pistols



Airsoft Surgeon Metal Man AR Version II
Clarence Lai, AKA Airsoft Surgeon, is known for handcrafting fully fine tuned GBB Race Pistols and the occasional M4 GBBR which are upgraded with incredibly reliable internals, air seal parts are carefully reworked to perfection and the final outcome looking exquisite.


ARES Amoeba Pro Beavertail & Straight Backstrap Grip
The Amoeba series is known for their own style and if you love their pistol grip then look no further! The Pro Straight Backstrap Grip will fit any of the older and newer model ARES M4 AEGs.

G&P PEQ15 Dual Pointer (Sand)
Running on a CR123A battery (one included), this laser designator module is a multi-mode laser device.


ARES M16 Aluminum Flash Hider (14mm CW)
ARES M16 Aluminum Flash Hider for an AEG with a 14mm CW thread.

Guns Modify Steel Recoil Guide Rod Set
The Guns Modify 125% Steel Recoil Guide Rod Set will add snappiness to each and every single shot for the Tokyo Marui G17 / 18 GBB series.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Gunfire presents Valentines Day

Gunfire are offering a special Valentines Day offer and have made a lovely romantic video to tell you all about it:

The Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’d like to give you additional 10% discount!

Just use the special discount code: valentines2016.

What is more – you can use the code along with different sales (check details in terms & conditions).




5.11 insulator jacket @Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the insulator jacket from 5.11 they are stocking:

5.11 Insulator Jacket features secure 2-way YKK front zipper, practical and low-profile chest pockets, functional quick access RAPIDraw pockets, and performance fit stretch side panels for enhanced breathability and comfortable snug fit.


Furthermore, 5.11 Insulator Jacket provides outstanding weather resistance and versatile thermal protection thanks to the PrimaLoft Silver insulation and DWR-treated exterior. Cold, wind and light rain resistant, and with exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio 5.11 Insulator Jacket is perfect for winter months.

Find out more at http://bit.ly/511InsulatorJackets

(Military 1st)

New Angry Gun Milspec outer barrel set at eHobby Asia

eHobbyAsia have a new item from Angry Gun in stock:

Good news, Angry Gun Hot New item is is available at eHobby Asia now.

Angry Gun Mil-spec Outer Barrel Set for Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB


Aluminum Construction
Include 122mm/ 45mm/ 15mm Barrel Extension and 215mm Outer Barrel
Barrel tip end has Counter Clockwise CCW 14mm Thread
Fit for Tokyo Marui M4 MWS series Gas Blow Back GBB Rifle
Come with Barrel Nut Adapter For Third Party Rail System
Super rigid construction for high end upgrade user




First Elite Force Honor patch

imageElite Force have launched a new campaign celebrating the extraordinary people in Airsoft:

In case you missed who was awarded the first EF Honor Patch… http://www.eliteforceairsoft.com/first-elite-force-honor-p…/

Want to nominate someone?? http://www.eliteforceairsoft.com/honor-patch/

(Elite Force)

New Marui AA12 electric gun now @RedWolf UK

RedWolf Airsoft UK have the Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBB rifle in stock:

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWA Gas Blowback Rifle. Get Yours While Stock Last!


Visit our RedWolf UK shop or contact us for more details

UK Unit C1, Northway Trading Estate, Northway Lane
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JH, UK
Retail shop: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm
Telephone: +44 (0)1684 273070 (Option 1)
Fax: +44 (0)1684 273052
Email: rwuk.retail@redwolfairsoft.com

(RedWolf Airsoft UK)

New LCT Airsoft poster

LCT Airsoft have shared a new poster:


(LCT Airsoft)


APS have announced details of some new products:

Bumble Bee Poster 0402New Items Ad image 0302


For further assistance or more information about APS,

Please contact us at Tel: (852) 2409 4466 | Fax: (852) 2409 9632 | Website: www.apsram.com


CNC steel bolt carrier for GHK M4 GBB @eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have some new items in stock:

We’re glade to introduce some new products of us.

CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for GHK M4 GBB by Spear Arms

。Precision CNC Machined S45C Carbon Steel Made
。Titanium Coating / Chrome Coating
。Weight: Normal – 232g / Lightweight – 212g



Airsoft GI: BB Wars | Episode V | Water Wars

Tickets for Airsoft GI’s next instalment of the BB Wars are available now:

BB Wars | Episode V | Water Wars

After a winter offensive that left Imperial troops on the West coast cutoff from Imperial High Command, General Kim has decided that the best defense is a good offense. With that in mind Imperial troops are maneuvering to take over the only water filtration plant still operational in Southern California. General Kim plans to deprive Rebel Troops of their most basic necessity, water, and use it as a weapon to control the entire region. Rebel troops throughout Southwest have been put on high alert and are prepared to fight to the death to protect this facility.

Game Tickets NOW Available!

Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark
Cherokee Rd, Newberry Springs, CA 92365

Event Date:
March 19th 2016


(Airsoft GI)

HX Outdoors knives & tools @JAG Precision

JAG Precision have some new items in stock:


JAG Precision now carries the HX Outdoors tactical and survival knives and tools.

Check out some of them in the wild in this blog here:


More options on their website!

(JAG Precision)

E&L ELMS is now available @Gunfire

Gunfire have the E&L ELMS in stock:


E&L ELMS now available!



Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 6 2016

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Saturday’s skirmish at Norwich was well supported with 10 brand new airsofters attending and Sunday’s Milsimmers spent all day exploring new territory.

Sadly, after actually trying to play on the site for the first time after the thinning it was soon obvious that a huge amount of work is needed just to be able to move around the site safely.  We have had to make a tough decision as to whether we are actually able to do this and have come to the conclusion that with the site being a two hour journey away from our base, it would be impractical to put in the amount of work needed without neglecting our other sites.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us at Norwich, we hope that we will continue to see you at our Tuddenham site in the future.

This weekend we have a Filmsim/Milsim Lite event at Tuddenham – “El Chapo  – Breakout Part 1”.  See below for scenario.  We will be on site from Friday Evening, as usual camping is free and we will have a fully stocked shop set up, with another £1000 worth of stock here for the weekend.

The following weekend we will be at Eversley for “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”, scenario below.  We will be on site as usual from Friday evening with free camping, a full shop and catering on site.

Don’t forget that we are back at our Hertfordshire site from March, running regular monthly open events on the first weekend of each month.

We have a new website almost ready to go live, and we’re asking for help with pictures for it.  If you have any recent pictures from any of our sites, send them to doug@gunmanairsoft.co.uk and we’ll try and include them on the site – we’re particularly looking for general, wide angle pictures to give people an idea of what the sites look like and what we do rather than close ups of individual players.


Josh Smith

Tuddenham Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 1”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico, just outside El Paso

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” is being held along with several of his gang members in Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso.  His remaining gang members plan to execute a daring raid on the prison to bust him out.

Team ID:  Ideally teams will be identified by their clothing, armbands will be used if necessary.

Eversley Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico just outside El Paso.

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin, ‘El Chapo’ has escaped along with a large number of his gang from the Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso. This organized break out has left a number of prison guards and Federales dead. They have made rendezvous with a number of his gang member and are hold up in an old deserted mining concern on the border with Texas.

The Texas Rangers have also heard of the break out and want ‘El Chapo’ for a number of crimes in Texas. This is only going to lead to blood shed.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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