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WGC stock update 24th October 2014

Here is all the latest stock news from WGC:


imageKSC VZ-61 Heavy Weight Gas Blowback SMG (Taiwan Version)
KSC had just release the new VZ 61 GBB SMG . The Upper are made of heavy weight and the body is made of metal. The tiny body of the gun and foldable butt stock make it ideal weapon for close combat or even as a sidearms. The gun is able to choose form safety, 1 shot and full auto. It comes with 20 round short type magazine. But shooter want to have more shots can purchase the extra long magazine
Built Material:  Metal Alloy, HW Plastic
Magazine Capacity: 20+1
Length: 273 / 518mm
Weight: 1570g
System: Gas Blowback / Hop Up
Muzzle Velocity: 330-360 FPS w/ 0.2g BBs & Top Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
WGC Shop Product Website

imageHigh Speed Gear Woosatch-E Plate Carrier (Regular / Multicam)
The Woosatch-E plate carrier is the ideal vest for the low profile player. The vest itselt can be store inside the small bag which is the back panels to take away. The vest can hold the ESAPI or similar plate on front and rear. It have 5 row of the molle allow user to put on any pouch to the vest .The vest also contain a admin for you to store flat object such as map , small wallet.
- All MOLLE/PALS design allows full user customization
- Sleek profile reduces drag
- Designed to carry ESAPI or similar plates for both front and rear panels
- Upper / lower admin pockets for flat objects
- Loop velcro for patch/ID attachment
WGC Shop Product Website

imageUmarex / KWA H&K MP7A1 Gas Blowback SMG ( FDE )
KWA had just release the FDE version of the MP7. The body of the gun has use FDE color material to make it. So the gun will stay at FDE color even after the scratch, unlike the painted one need to repaint again! The gun comes with the black flip up front and rear sight, foldable butt stock and the foldable hand grip.

Built Material: Polymer, Metal Rails / Sights / Stock Shaft / Flash Hider and Controls
Magazine Capacity: 40+1 ( 6mm )
Length: 380-590mm
Weight: 2130g
System: Gas Blowback, Semi / Full Auto
Muzzle Velocity: 380-410 FPS with 0.2g BBs / TOP Gas
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual
WGC Shop Product Website

imagePTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail (12.5 inch)
PTS had just release the Centurion Arm CMR rail for GP/KWA M4 Series. It is lightweight one piece free float handguard. It side and bottom are allowing user to add additional rail on the needed place for accessories. The handguard also has a build in rotation limited QD swivel for the sling to attach. The rotation limited will stop the sling tangle around during the skirmish. The package comes with a low profile gas block and gas tube
- Lightweight, rugged, one piece free float handguard with a proprietary barrel nut
- Gives host flat top AR a continuous top rail for mounting most common accessories
- Slick design without side / bottom rails for weight reduction and ergonomics
- Accessories can be directly mounted or conventional rail sections can be added if desired
- Built in rotation limited QD swivel socket
- Steel thread inserts at specific positions for increased lifespan
- Compatible with G&P M4 ( AEG, GBB ) , KWA M4 ( AEG, GBB, ERG ) , Systema PTW M4 receivers
- Low-profile gas block with proprietary gas tube included
WGC Shop Product Website

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LBX tactical ranger green uniforms now in at Huey’s MTO

Huey’s have some new uniforms in stock

Hi Arnies, Just a quick one to let you know that the new Ranger Green Assaulter Uniforms from LBX Tactical are now in stock. You can check them out here…..

unnamed (10)

All the best, Matt (www.hueys.co.uk)

25% off aluminium angled vertical foregrips @AirsoftPeak

AirsoftPeak.com are currently offering a 24% discount on aluminium angled vertical foregrips:

25% Off On Aluminum Angled Vertical Foregrips


Promotion expires on Oct 26.


New Stuff from SCDTV videos, photo galleries & articles

The SCDTV team at Straszydlo have been busy lately with video, pictures and written reviews:

Hi guys, here are a bunch of links to our latest work, mostly photos.

M27 Umarex review:

M16A4 LCT teaser:

Custom SR-3 "the minecraft gun" review ( Polish, English subs soon):

Written stuff:
Leo Kohler’s Kommando-Feldbluse sneak peak:

SAGear Lens Pouch, an update to the old article:

Wisport Caracal GreenZone Custom ( Polish, English version soon):

GTG’s EDC Fanny Pack ( Polish, English version soon):

Jaba Prairie: http://scdtv.pl/scdtvs-jaba-prairie/

Tiger Tailor and PenCott Badlands:

Jaba Prairie vs Multicam vs Pencott Badlands:

Please share our work and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and LIKE our profile!

CHeers, SCDTV Team (Straszydlo)

New G&G patches

G&G have some new patches:

unnamed (9)


TAGINN Airsoft M203 40mm rounds @Airsoft Outlet NW

Airsoft Outlet NW have sent over details of the TAGINN Airsoft M203 40mm rounds:

TAGINN, or Tactical Game Innovations, is a manufacturer of some of the newest airsoft M203 grenade launcher products, as well as a line of airsoft pyrotechnics. Their M203 shell and unique 40mm style rounds are a game changer for airsoft. While previous grenade shells merely threw BBs a short distance, the TAGINN system will fire various projectiles accurately to over 100 yards. This increases the effective engagement distance of a grenadier and adds versatility to an airsoft squad or fireteam, making the grenade launcher a more useful tool.


The core of the TAGINN M203 design is a new shell which is rifled internally. This cartridge stores gas or CO2 like other airsoft replica shells, but the projectile is separate. The rifling provides excellent accuracy, making the TAGINN 40mm rounds capable of extended range and accuracy. Additionally, the same shell accommodates all the different rounds from TAGINN. This makes the system as versatile as the ammo you can feed it.


Read More: https://airsoftoutletnw.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/taginn-m203-shell-40mm-rounds/

(Airsoft Outlet NW)

New ‘too cheap to be true’ mystery box from Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI released a new mystery box last night:

A new mystery box will be live on the 23rd of October. The grand prize of this mystery box will be a Krytac Trident SPR, however, other high end prizes include a King Arms M&P15 MOE Carbine as well as the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Compact Gas blow back pistol. This Too Cheap to be True Mystery Box will be going for $19.99.


(Airsoft GI)

Tactical lights & 5.11 Sierra Softshell @Military 1st

Here is the latest stock news from Military 1st:

Energizer Hard Case Tactical Lights are available now at Military 1st! Lightweight, multi-functional & virtually indestructible – get yours now at http://bit.ly/EnergizerTactical.

Energizer Hard Case Tactical offers top quality, multi-functional and almost indestructible helmet lights and swivel lights for military and law enforcement personnel around the globe. Durable and versatile Energizer flashlights go with revolutionary LED technology, discrete switches, infrared and strobing IR for Identification, friend or foe (IFF), and are powered by lightweight, dependable and long lasting AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. All these critical features help tactical operators on daily basis and are available now for all customers at Military 1st.


5.11 Sierra Softshell in RealTree Xtra Camo is available now at Military 1st.

5.11 Sierra Softshell in RealTree Xtra Camo is breathable & flexible all-weather jacket with wind & water resistant DWR finish & 5.11 RapiDraw system for easy access to an interior pocket. Constructed from 100% Polyester stretch fabric bonded to Polyester micro fleece, it features high collar with chin guard, 2 low profile chest pockets & 2 lined handwarmer pockets, elastic hem adjustments inside hand pockets, Velcro patch on right sleeve & premium YKK zipper hardware. Perfect for hunting & fishing.

Get your now at http://bit.ly/511SierraSoftshellRealTreeXtra


(Military 1st)

Airsoft Pyrotechnics products @Blacksheep MilSim events

Airsoft Pyrotechnics products can be used at all Blacksheep MilSim events:

Blacksheep MILSIM formally announces approval for use of Airsoft Pyrotechnics products at all our events.

Airsoftpyrobanner (1)

Blacksheep MILSIM is always looking for products and listening to players on how we can improve not only our games but MILSIM as a sport.  Airsoft Pyrotecnics products fill a missing component to MILSIM – DEADSPACE is no longer dead.  The TAGinn 40mm M203 round gives the MILSIM Grenadier a real role!  We like their safe replication of real warfare ordnance.

Blacksheep6 personally tested these products at one of our events – taking two direct hits at 20 feet with no body protection.  Safety is RULE #1 at Blacksheep and Blacksheep6 has deemed their products safe for use at our events.

Here are the Rules of Engagement for the TAGinn 40mm M203 – 100 feet minimum engagement distance, NO direct fire at personnel and NO indoor use.  The TAGinn round may be fired from a building or into a building, but no room to room indoor use is authorized.

"Airsoft Pyrotechnics has added the missing but important component of MILSIM – 40mm grenades. We have used 40mm launchers as a shotgun component before, but now it is a fully functional long range personal grenade launcher. You may use different types of the ammo and this is great! We know that many event and field owners are banning those grenades and projectiles, but we believe that they will understand its role as a game changer." – John Bucciarelli, Blacksheep6

This decision is based solely on improving the game; we only promote safe and quality products! Period!  We encourage you to look into TAGinn products at http://www.airsoftpyrotechnics.com/, check out their product videos and you will come to understand that these products will have an amazing impact during our games.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 22, 2014

  • Incentive Designs MFG Venom Review
    This is the video supplement of the Incentive Designs MFG Venom Review.

    You can read the full review here: http://www.popularairsoft.com/reviews/mfg-venom-incentive-designs

    Learn more about the product here: http://www.incentivedesigns.co.uk/

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Ep. 48 with American Milsim – Evike TV – Airsoft Evike.com
    The following video contains the opinions of Evike.com personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Evike.com or other organizations.

    Website: http://www.EVIKE.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom

  • Ares Armor Raider Admin
    Ares Armor Raider Admin


    The Ares Armor Raider Admin Pouch was created to be a low profile solution to administrative needs. Most people attach admin pouches on their rig above their magazines. This can sometimes obstruct with the drawing of reserve ammunition during engagements. Our Raider Admin Pouch was made to correct this issue while still allowing maximum space. The Raider admin pouch has an internal GPS pouch and a notepad pouch that is fitted to the 3×5 Rite-In-The-Rain spiral notebook.

    The Raider Admin Pouch weighs about 7 ounces and uses our proprietary BAWS Molle attachment system that is compatible with the PALS/Molle webbing that has become the industry standard.

    As with all of our in house manufactured products the Raider Admin Pouch is made in the United States and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.



  • KWC M712 Schnellfeuer
  • Zombie AXEtravaganza LIVE SHOW!!! – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=airsoftgidotcom ◄◄◄
  • Echo 1 Spectre RDP [The Gun Corner] Airsoft Evike.com
    Product Link: http://www.evike.com/products/49769/

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:


    Website: http://www.EVIKE.com
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/evikecom

  • Magpul 2015 Calendar Shoot
    For the 2015 Magpul Calendar we once again opened up the armory to an incredible team from the fashion industry and six lovely ladies. This year, we decided to utilize black and white photography to continue pushing the outside of the envelope. The use of black and white photographs, taken with almost all natural light, has given the calendar a timeless, iconic feel that will be at home anywhere from an art gallery to a reloading bench.

    Part Art, Part Calendar, All Magpul

    12×18", full color, Wire-O bound, printed in the USA.

    Again this year, a portion of the proceeds from the calendar will go to the USMC Reconnaissance Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to wounded Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Reconnaissance families.

  • High Speed vs High Torque – Which is the Better Motor? | Airsoftology Mondays
    In this show we discuss dual wielding MP7s, building an airsoft community and cover High Speed vs High Torque motor benefits.

    Adella Relentless’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AdellaRelentless

    Slaydies Game on 11-15-14: http://www.ev8group.com/events/2014/9/22/slaydies-face-off

    Video of the Week: Robo Murray Airsoft – http://youtu.be/hNXWeK5GaVI

    Want to support Airsoftology?
    Become a Patron at: http://www.patreon.com/airsoftology

    Check out our store: http://www.airsoftology.com/store

    Join the Conversation -
    Airsoftology Website: http://www.airsoftology.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/airsoftology
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/airsoftology
    YouTube http://www.youtube.com/airsoftologist

  • Solenoid Screen Inspection
  • Version 2 GEN2 Fusion Engine Solenoid Removal & Reassembly
  • PolarStar Airsoft – FCU Power Lead Repair
  • AIRSOFT 101: How To Hold Your Airsoft Rifle!
    This will help you when playing airsoft so you don’t look like a moron! Airsoft is not the same as competition target shooting!

    crazyncman airsoft review videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/crazyNCman

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/crazyncmanfans

    crazyncman airsoft website and store. http://www.crazyncman.com

    community airsoft funding. http://www.fundairsoft.com

  • Ares Armor Polymer 80% Lower CLOSEOUT
    Ares Armor Polymer 80% Lower




    Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receivers have evolved and are back! They are packed in a kit and ready to ship. You can build this ar15 receiver at home using tools from the garage. Polymer 80% AR-15 Lower receivers are the easiest way to build a rifle kit at home. No need to go to a machine shop. Support and exercise your 2nd Amendment today.

    The following is included:

    – Polymer Lower Receiver: Features a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique no-thread design specific to these lowers.

    – The Polymer Jig: This kit comes with a Jig; which includes all of the bits and end-mills needed to complete the polymer 80% receiver. Finish your AR15 Polymer lower with pride and accuracy provided by this one-time use jig.

    – How-to Instructions: http://aresarmor.com/store/media/ecom/pdf/Polymer80-Lower-AR15-G150-Build-How2-v2.pdf



  • Pietta Colt 1851 *BLANK FIRER* Overview
    Just a request from a subscriber. They wanted me to do a quick video looking at my Pietta Colt 1851, so here it is. UK spec blank firer, also a nice ornament.

    NOTE: I own the commercial and non commercial use rights to the audio. Music by Johobo2 on Newgrounds.

  • HK45 pistol work and good sportsmanship – Airsoft Obsessed
    Some pistol work AO Dave did at the Evike NorCal Customer Appreciation Game and a brief message about good sportsmanship.

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    A very special thanks to our sponsors:
    We ARE Elite Force Pro Staff. What’s in YOUR Mag?
    Elite Force Airsoft: http://www.EliteForceGuns.com




    Evike.com Airsoft Superstore






    MadBull Airsoft:



    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/airsoftobsessed

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/airsoftobsessed

    Instagram (Tom):



    Instagram (Dave):



    Get your own Instagram photos featured on our community page:



  • Zombie Firefight Airsoft Games! – West Coast Operations – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=airsoftgidotcom ◄◄◄

    Zombie Game Ticket and Info (October 25th, 2014): http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=743_478&products_id=17860

    Fort Ord Firefight Game Ticket and Info (November 8th, 2014): http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=743_478&products_id=17902

    Airsoft GI will be hosting two great airsoft games coming up on the west coast in the coming weeks.

    1. Bob’s Zombie AXEtravaganaza at Gamepod Combat Zone Sponsored by Elite Force/Umarex

    Join us at the LARGEST indoor CQB/MOUT field covered in thick fog and low light with zombies all around you! This zombie themed game it sure to get your heart pounding where you’ll have a chance to be both a survivor and zombie!

    2. Fort Ord Firefight Sponsored by Jag Precision

    This event will be at an old abandoned army barracks that features a great mix of outdoor long range firefights as well as intense close quarters CQB action. Don’t miss out on this epic field and a great day of airsoft!

    Special thanks to Jag Precision, Elite Force, and Umarex for sponsoring the games and providing EPIC raffle prizes for each event.

  • Review: Vanquest VSlinger Slingpack or Backpack
    Interested in the Vanquest VSlinger Slingpack then check the out here and tell them crazyncman sent you! http://www.vanquest.com/categories/vslinger-slingpacks.html You can get the sweet Cold Steel Trainer sheath here. http://www.visiontactical.com

    crazyncman airsoft review videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/crazyNCman

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/crazyncmanfans

    crazyncman airsoft website and store. http://www.crazyncman.com

    community airsoft funding. http://www.fundairsoft.com

  • Lion Claws Milsim Airsoft Events – Operation Irene Loadouts- AirSplat On Demand
    Lion Claws Milsim Airsoft Events – Operation Lion Claws Irene



    Lancer Tactical MOLLE Carrier Vest BLK $67.99


    Code Red CQB Headset $69.99


    Code Red Throat Mic Kenwood Two Pin $94.99


    INDX ThunderB Kydex Grenade Holster $24.99


    INDX Kydex Holsters $59.99


    BOLT BRSS B4 FS Airsoft Rifle Tan $379.99


    Valken Sierra Combat Shirt Woodland $49.95


    Emerson Gen2 Camo Suit Set MCam $79.99


  • SDU sub load with Org WE Mp5a3, Org Marui G17
    This belt setting is not the best for speed shooting, but I would like to try out SDU style gear and weapons on range.
    Original WE Mp5a3gbb with surefire and H&K sling. Original Marui G17 no modify.

A.C.E. review: Claw Gear Milvago & Aviceda fleece jackets

The guys at Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog have been checking out the Claw Gear Milvago & Aviceda fleece jackets:


In the last week, we showed you the new HARAPGUS SOFTSHELL jacket in a review. Today we show you the new fleece hoodies with the name MILVAGO and AVICEDA.


Read more…

(Airsoft Community Europe/Airsoft & Military News Blog)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter November–December 2014

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Gunman News letter Nov – Dec 2014
Hi all and welcome to the Nov – Dec 2014 GUNMAN INNOVATIONS newsletter for East Anglia and Hampshire.

The end of the year is quickly approaching, Christmas games have been organised and 2015 dates for both Gunman and FILMSIM games are all up. Our new loyalty incentives are in force from the 1st – introduce a friend to Gunman and you’ll get an extra £5 stamp ☺

Gunman would also like to welcome Badlands Airsoft into the Gunman family! They are based in South Hampshire with a 100 acre multi-terrain woodland site. Check them out on their website http://www.badlandsairsoft.co.uk and on FB.

We are still offering a £1000 reward for finding us a site that gets turned into a new GI venue.  We need to know the size of the site, what features it has and location.  A telephone number will also be really helpful.

Join the war guys.

Events on the way…
ZOMBIES – Saturday 25th Oct at Tuddenham

As it’s the weekend before Halloween it would be rude not to ;-)
This will be a 3/4 hour night game in the village and there will be Zombies!
You can pre pay for your tickets by PayPal: sales@gunmanairsoft.co.uk, Ref Tudds Zom

This is going to be a pistol and/or shotgun, maybe some larp weapons as well. Guns will be placed in a box (mags full) another crate with some bb’s and final box of larp weapons. All three will be place in the village and you’ll need to find the guns/larp weapons before you can start fighting. Extra ammo crate will also need to be found as you’ll need to reload!
3 lives only (whole game) once they’re gone, you’ll be a zombie as well (shufflers with plenty of camp please) ;-) however there will a doctor who has a vaccine, find him or her, and you’ll gain back another life.
The object is to survive to the end!
Oh and better mention, it won’t be just zombies on the hunt that night….

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New QD style sling mount at OnTop Airsoft

OnTop Airsoft have a new item in stock:

unnamed (8)

(OnTop Airsoft)

AST KWC M712 CO2 test video

AST have sent over a test video for the KWC M712 CO2:

AST KWC M712 CO2 Test Video

unnamed (7)


SPEED Airsoft contour rail mount for KeyMod & Picatinny

SPEED Airsoft have sent over details of their new contour rail mount:

SPEED Airsoft releases Contour Rail Mount for KeyMod and Picatinny

SPEED Airsoft releases more airsoft accessories to support the KeyMod handguard rails for an exact fit and compatibility. The new SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount and SPEED Contour Picatinny Rail Mount will both direct-mount with no adapters to the popular Contour line of camcorders.

SPEED KeyMod Contour 01

Both SPEED Contour KeyMod and Picatinny Rail Mount kits use uniquely the bottom threaded tripod mount, which makes it more robust over other commonly used side slot mount. Further, both SPEED Rail Mount Kits also cradle the Contour camcorder for extra security.

Each SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount Kit includes SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod nuts that are fully CNC machined to ensure the highest quality and precision fitting onto any KeyMod handguard.

SPEED KeyMod Contour 02

All SPEED KeyMod based airsoft products come with the Dual Spec KeyMod nuts system, that will support and enable users to fully utilize SPEED KeyMod products on both KeyMod Mil Spec nut specification as well as KeyMod Airsoft nut specification.

The following new SPEED Contour Rail Mount Kits are now available.

Part# SA3730 SPEED Contour KeyMod Rail Mount Kit (with Dual Spec KeyMod nuts)

Part# SA3731 SPEED Contour Picatinny Rail Mount Kit

SPEED Airsoft products are all in-house CNC precision machined from USA grade billet aluminum by SPEED Airsoft in Canada.

All SPEED Airsoft products are available through your favorite airsoft dealers worldwide.

For more info, visit their website at www.SpeedAirsoft.com or contact them at SpeedAirsoft@ymail.com

(SPEED Airsoft)

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