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AST news from Shot Show 2015 & more

AST shared some new videos from SHOT Show:

ATEi Tutoring @Shot Show 2015

ICS Airsoft Guns CXP-APE SHOT Show 2015



WM (威鳴) T91 GBB Debut


Hot sniper rifle @ eHobby Asia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia:

image (8)

1. EAC (A.P.S.) Low Profile Custom AEG (BK)
— Full Metal Aluminium Diecasting BodyMAGPUL AFG , ASAP, MOE AEG Pistol Grip, MOE Carbine Stock
— CNC Metal Receiver Body
— 6.04mm Inner Barrel
— 315mm KeyMod Handguard
— Flip Up Athena Sights
— Reinforced Titanium coated Recoil Plate

2. PTS Tactical Shotgun System
— Aluminum,PA & Die-Cast Construction
— G&P Custom Bump Action
— Metal body frame & Barrel
— M870 ForeArm Set (Short) (Railed Handguard)
— Shotgun Top Rail
— PTS RVG? Rail Foregrip
— M870 PA Buttstock Adaptor
— ERGO Grip F93 PRO Stock
— CA870 Short Magazine (22rds) (GP453)

3. Inokatsu Colt M1911 Military 100th Anniversary (CO2, Vintage Ver.)
– Steel Construction (vintage Style)
— Licensed by Colt
— Semi Auto CO2 Gas Powered System
— 28+1 Rds Loading Capacity
— Black Color, Vintage Version


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New KWA AKG KCR GBB rifle @Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have the new KWA AKG KCR gas blowback rifle available for pre-order:

NEW KWA AKG KCR Gas Blowback Rifle!

The AKG KCR is the newest gas blowback rifle from KWA. First preview at SHOT SHOW 2015. The AKG KCR features a very slim and lightweight tri rail system up front as well as rail above the upper cover for optics. More details will be available soon and pre-order is now available on


(Airsoft GI)

New AirSplat video: SHOT day 1 – via AirsoftBB

Here is the latest video from AirSplat:

New AirSplat video up! Please like, comment, and feel free to re-post!


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: January 30, 2015

  • Airsoft War Tanaka M700, ASG Scorpion Scotland HD
    Did you ever think One Direction and Rabbits would feature in a Scoutthedoggie video? No? Neither did I, but they do.
    1 of over 500 airsoft games videos at by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 160 MILLION hits. Scout on Instagram
  • FirstSpear Adaptive Cummerbund
    Mission effectiveness is all about flexibility, the objective, environment and what you need to carry is often times changing and FS wants to provide the flexibility to change with it. Last year we introduced the Purpose Built Front Plate Carrier Panel which used our Tubes system to rapidly switch out a front panel to best suit the weapon you had to carry. This year we improve upon that with the Adaptive Cummerbund, Section Specific. Simply adjust your back insert for where you want your Tubes placed and how tight you want your carrier, this is the last time you need to work with the back cummerbund tunnel, now you are set up to Tube in sections for Floatation, Modular Panels with Ballistic Inserts and upcoming purpose built sections as fast as you can release and secure a Tube! Cummerbunds are sized and available for all current ballistic soft armor inserts. Optional Side Plate Pockets are available.

    The Tactical Flotation Support System (TFSS) is an inflatable flotation device specifically designed for combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel. It has been designed and tested for use during egress from a submerged structure of any type. Will provide 45lbs of positive flotation in seawater at a depth of 33 ft., 57lbs of positive flotation at a depth of 15 ft., and 80lbs of flotation on the surface, allowing the wearer a maximum load-out of equipment.

    Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts complying with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or specific Military Specification requirements are available from FirstSpear® for an additional fee.

  • KSC Makarov PM GBB マカロフ
    KSC Makarov PM GBB




  • Evike – Salient Arms GBBR, EBBR & AEG versions – Shot Show 2015 – Airsoft Obsessed
    News from Evike Manufacturing Group regarding the upcoming release of a licensed Salient Arms International gas blowback rifle, electric blowback rifle, and a standard AEG rifle as well. Tom talks with Ryan from Evike to get the details.

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  • Product Education Series. Episode 5. The ASPIS
    Product Education Series. Episode 5. The ASPIS
  • WM (威鳴) T91 GBB Debut
    More detailed video coming soon
  • What’s Up In 2015 For crazyNCman Channel
    crazyncman airsoft review videos.

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    community airsoft funding.

  • New from Robinson Armament XCR SHOTShow 2015 – Echo1USA
    Brian and Alex going over the new rifles from Robinson Armament XCR

    Learn more about the Robinson Armament products here:

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    Robinson Armament

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  • Great American Outdoor Show 2015 / 3 Gun Experience / NRA / Airsoft GI
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    Booth 4366

    The NRA Great American Outdoor Show will be happening February 7th – 15th in Harrisburg, PA at the Farm Show Complex featuring over 1,000 exhibitors that include shooting sports, airsoft, archery, hunting, and other outdoor activities. With over 170,000 attendees and 650,000 sqft, this is one of the largest annual events for outdoor lovers! Airsoft GI is proud to be a part of this Great American event and we’ll be at Booth 4366 next to the 3 Gun Experience showing off the latest and greatest in replica firearm training tools and airsoft guns and gear. Frank and Ed from Airsoft GI will be present along with gun technician and others! Check out the link below for more information on the event!

  • Shot Show 2015 – PTS GBBR Masada / PDR-D / Centurion Arms / Mega Arms & Accessories – Airsoft GI
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    PTS had a lots of new guns and accessories this year at Shot Show 2015. They have announced new models of the PTS MKM GBBRs in different variants that include a CQB model and also Dark Earth color.

    Also in the works are Centurion Arms GBBRs with Quad RIS and CMR RIS. They will also be available in different lengths. Both of the MKM and Centurion Arms GBBRs will be using LM4 magazines!

    For accessories, they are releasing more Enhanced Polymer products that include different pistol grips, stocks, and vertical grips. The longer vertical grip is very innovative and will house a small lipo battery for guns that have wiring to the front.

    Two other highly anticipated guns coming out this year include the PTS Masada GBBR and PTS PDR-D! The Masada is nothing new to the airsoft world but this GBBR variant will provide a hard and fun kick. The PTS PDR-D (D = Direct) is a very compact, CQB, bullpup style gun also in GBBR format. Both of these guns will ALSO be using LM4 style magazines.

    Other new accessories will include new RIS, grips, stocks, magazines, barrel extensions and more. Stay tuned to Airsoft GI for more information on upcoming PTS products in the future.

  • Shot Show 2015 – KWA AKG-KCR / HAC Bullpup / Tan CQRs / MKV / ATP Compact / Keymod M4s – Airsoft GI
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    KWA had a LOT of sstuff to show off at Shot Show 2015! The MKV GBB has been highly anticipated since KWA announced the project and it will fnally be coming out this year, potential in February/March, release date is still subject to change. KWA has also announced a Keymod RIS for both their AEGs and GBBRs which will be availble in 5 different lengths and models. The KME45 seen at last years Shot Show has now transformed into a 5.56 variant (Pending name HAC, Hybrid Assault Carbine) and will now utilize LM4 magazines and still retain its compact bullpup style design.

    New this year is the AKG-KCR! This GBBR is a very modern take on the AK platform with a M249 style pistol grip, thumb selector, ak selector, milspec buffer tube for M4 stocks, rails everywhere for accessories, and QD sling mounts. Another addition to their GBBR lineup will be LM4s with quad RIS for accessories.

    Fore the CQR lovers, they are also developing CQR Mod 1 and 2s in Dark Earth. The model show at Shot Show as only a prototype and details are still pending. Stay tuned to Airsoft GI for more information on these great upcoming KWA products as they become available in 2015!

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Shot Show 2015 Part 1
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  • ZShot / Ares / Systema PTW Booth LIVE! | SHOT Show 2015 | Airsoftology
    We take a look at the new USA Systema PTW, Odin Innovations speedloader and the new offerings from Ares at the Zshot booth during SHOT Show 2015. Watch and vote below on which product you’d like us to do a spotlight video on first!
  • AirSplat at SHOT Show 2015 Day 1 – Coverage by AirsoftBB
    AirSplat at SHOT Show 2015 Day 1 – Coverage by AirsoftBB
    AirSplat flew in guest visitor AirsoftBB all the way from ARGENTINA to attend SHOT Show 2015! AirsoftBB helped us cover the event with awesome videos, pictures, and blogs. Visit our Facebook Album for more pictures from the event!

    AirSplat at Shot Show 2015!#airsoft #airsplat #shotshow #shotshow2015 #airsplatshotshow #airsoftbb #asbbshotshow #shot…

    Posted by AirSplat on Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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  • New products from Strike Industires at SHOTShow 2015 – JAG Precision
    Checking out the new rifle from Strike Industries.
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  • Shot Show 2015 – Elite Force & Polarstar – MP7 / F1 Engine / PPQ / USP Compact / SL14 Adaptors
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    Elite Force and Polarstar are coming out with some awesome stuff in 2015! Starting with the already released MP7 Navy! It’s a 1:1 replica GBB OEMed by VFC that offers added features such as low profile sights and multi-position retractable stock. Also being released this year are two new pistols in black/tan two tone. The PPQ Tactical and Gen 3 USP Compact are excellent GBB pistols sure to amaze any airsofter.

    The Polarstar F1 Engine was a great surprise and will allow users to HPA almost any AEG currently out in the market. If you’ve always wanted the maximum performance of an HPA system but love your current AEG, the F1 Engine by Polarstar is for you.

    Also coming out this year are adaptors for the very functional SL14 speed loader that will allow you to easily and quickly load AK and G36 magazines! More adaptors are also in the works and will be coming out in the future.

    New IWI Tavor models will be coming out later in the year that include upgrades such as a flat top upper rail and other improvements. Stay tuned to Airsoft GI for more information on these great upcoming products.

New stock at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:

Some news from Gunfire:













E&L Wood:


Ultimate Tactical gloves:



N-3B flight jacket at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the N-3B Flight Jacket they are stocking:

Gear up for tough winter weather with warm & water resistant N-3B Flight Jacket! Snorkel hood with faux fur trim, full length zipper & buttoned storm flap makes it ideal for heavy snow, while 5 roomy pockets let you keep all your gear safe & within reach.


Available in 3 different colours. Visit Military 1st at for details.


(Military 1st)

Redwolf UK EDM – Li-po battery

RedWolf Airsoft UK have a range of Li-po batteries in stock:


Visit our RedWolf UK shop or contact us for more details

UK Unit C1, Northway Trading Estate, Northway Lane
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JH, UK
Retail shop: Monday – Saturday 9:30am – 5:30pm
Telephone: +44 (0)1684 273070 (Option 1)
Fax: +44 (0)1684 273052

(RedWolf Airsoft UK)

Inokatsu Colt M1911 vintage version exclusive @eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have an exclusive vintage version of the Inokatsu Colt M1911:

Inokatsu Colt M1911 Vintage Limited Version exclusively @ eHobby Asia!!

image (7)


ASG Scorpion EVO review

Nuno from Operator7 Airsoft has been checking out the ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 for Popular Airsoft:

I just wanted to share with you my look at one of the best AEG’s I’ve ever laid my hands on: The ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1.

asg_evo3a1_review_10IMG_0611 (2)

(Operator7 Airsoft) – 15% off sitewide are offering a 15% discount on all orders until Monday:


15% Off Sitewide* at – Use code "JAN15" at checkout

Valid until 02/02/15

*excludes only a few products on Flash Sale

The leading Shop for Military Kit, Police Equipment, Tactical Kit, Military Equipment, Combat Clothing to Camping & Outdoor Equipment.  Discover our wide selection of gear designed for Professional users, all at the lowest prices; Including Combat Trousers, Military Jackets & Smocks, MOLLE Gear, Airborne Webbing, Sleeping Bags, Plate Carriers, Combat Boots, Base Layers & much more.  By top brands such as Blackhawk, Bulldog Tactical Gear, Snugpak, Smith Optics Elite, Petzl, etc…


Review: Magnum lightweight patrol boot

The guys at Airsoft & Military News Blog have been checking out the Magnum light weight patrol boot:

REVIEW // Magnum Lightweight Patrol Boot
Having gotten to know the guys from Military1st quite well over the past few years I think that they have quite a sense of humour. I say that because I was sent a pair of the Magnum Lightweight Patrol Boots (based on the Magnum Scorpion boot). Why is that funny? Because I spend most of my time in rural Scotland and when I received these boots we were moving into winter, not exactly the ‘temperate’ climate for which they were designed for hahaha.


Read more…

(Airsoft & Military News Blog)

Kyou Airsoft NVG mounting for VozModel & GoPro

Europe Accessoires have sent over details of the Kyou Airsoft NVG mounting for VozModel & GoPro they are distributing:

Hello friends, I present the new product by Kyou Airsoft (, a French brand distributed by Europe Accessoires

NVG mounting for VozModel and GOPRO.


Compatible with helmets equipped with NVG mounting plate & type fasteners GoPro


Made in France

we seek distributor in each country, if you’re interested contact us

Best regards (Europe Accessoires)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: January 28, 2015

Firesupport news Jan £3500 prize giveaway winners update

Firesupport have announced more of their January giveaway winners:

Firesupport News January 2015- £3500 prize giveaway Winners Update

firesupportindex jan 2015 (2)

Firesupport £3500 Prize Giveaway Jan 2015.
Main prize Marui 416 upgraded with 2 extra magazines

Winners so far

1 Jason Cavet ICS Transform4 CXP-UK1 RIFLE EBB
2 James Brown guarder gas 1L x 6
3 R g Philips ICS (Tan Metal) M4A1 Retractable Stock AEG
4 Robin J Hollands marui hicap mag marui m4 hicap
5 Mrs A Kinchin ICS (Clear Plastic) M4A1 Fixed Stock AEG
6 Jon Eddolls MSM Tshirt x 2
7 chris foster Marui pistol mag
8 Mr t t keely Firesupport Upgrade voucher £100
9 jordan cavanagh Guarder black gas 2L x 2
10 James Fieldsend Black Bear Raider Tan mesh mask
11 Ty Snape Airsoft BB Blaster 0.20g 3000 pcs bottle x 3
12 Joshua Vale Marui M4 Magaines x 2
13 jack raison Black bear Ak flask mag x 2
14 adam holdsworth G&G Metal TR16 A3 Carbine AEG
15 Tony Marques MSM patches x 6
16 Scott Grainger ICS-234 G33 AEG
17 Harvey Meeds G&G Metal SG552 Airsoft Gun AEG
18 Peter Kelley ICS-260 AEG Transform4
19 nicholas boyle Black Bear Reaper OD Green mesh mask
Day 20 – Robert Neal MSM patches x 6
Day 21 – Mr S Fisher excel .2 x 10
Day 22 – Ian blackwell G&G (Metal) GF85 S Airsoft Gun AEG
Day 23 – Paulo Alexandre Carvalho Simoes – MSM tshirt
Day 24 – Alice James – Marui 1911 silver mag 40 rnd long
Day 25 – J Berry TM-GBB-PX4
Day 26 – Keelan McGurk- ICS-235 ICS G33 AEG

32 prizes over 31 days

All internet orders qualify in the draw.

32 prizes. Total prize value £3500
Every day a winner is drawn from the qualifying orders that day.
At the end of the month all qualifying entries from the whole month then go into a final draw to win a Marui Hk416 upgraded and 2 mags

Entries open to all countries, . UK or World,

Gun prizes in UK can only go to members of insured airsoft sites or UKARA registered players, rest of Europe can win any prize
(additional postage will be needed from non UK mainland winners).

Prize winners and prizes announced on facebook every day.
Please LIKE fire support on Facebook to get the latest updates of prizes


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