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Arena Industries at Tactical kit

Tactical Kit have goggles in stock from Arena:

The latest Arena goggles are now available at

image image

Arena Industries – Army Eye Protection System

imageArena Industries have developed a ballistic eye-protection system which includes features that address the primary complaints of tactical goggles; fogging, comfort and moisture leaking onto the inside of the lens. All of these issues have made tactical ballistic goggles optically ineffective and uncomfortable to wear.

Our protective eyewear has moved the industry forward by introducing patented features that are not and cannot be challenged by any other manufacturer. With our aggressive pricing and our superior features, no-one in the ballistic eyewear arena can compete with the value we offer. These features, value and improvements include the following.

The true passive anti-fogging system sees a patented razorback design air flow system allow for air to flow over the goggle lens preventing the lens from fogging. We use electro-static materials in this system to repel dust and debris from entering the airflow system.

Our hinged buckle allows for goggle placement at any angle on either the soldier’s helmet or head. The hinge is much more durable and versatile than the snap on hinges other manufacturers offer.

Moisture wicking foam and fabric keep moisture from dripping onto the inside of the lens and distorting vision. Hot weather conditions combined with strenuous activities cause sweat. Our foam and wicking material is a significant improvement over the bare plastic goggle frame.


All Arena Industries military products utilise both clear and grey military standard lens tints.

All our goggles meet the following safety standards:

  • Z87.1-2003, the most up-to-date industry standard for safety-related eyewear
  • Z80.3-2001, the industry standard for UVA and UVB protection for eyewear MIL-STD-662F and the new MCEP standard
  • Type 2 fragment simulation projectile

Kind Regards, Ian, (Tactical Kit)

ECHO1 USA Mini gun released! Pre-order now!

The ECHO1 minigun is now available:

YouTube video:

Link to ECHO1.

image Echo1 Mini-Gun
Standard Configuration;
Overall Length: 890mm
Gun Weight: 16.80kg
Control Unit Weight: 1.4kg
Battery Type: 12v 7ah
Cyclic Rate: +/- 3000 Rpm
Ammunition Capacity: 1700 Rounds
Hop Up System: Fully Adjustable
Power Output Us: 1.2-1.5 Joules
Compact Configuration;
Overall Length: 660mm
Gun Weight: 16.00kg
Control Unit Weight: 1.4kg
Battery Type: 12v 7ah
Cyclic Rate: +/- 3000 Rpm
Ammunition Capacity: 1700 Rounds
Hop Up System: Fully Adjustable
Power Output Us: 1.2-1.5 Joules (ECHO1)

Bioval “Golf ball” styled BB due out end 2009

Herman Boer of Airsoft Assist has sent in bioval’s news of a new BB they have coming out next year:

CEO of BIOVAL Technologies in Switserland Stefano Valentino introduced today another new project; the golf ball BBB, also named BIOVAL BBBDIMPLEX. Available end 2009, beginning 2010. Official press release:

image Hi,

Here are the latest tests we have run with the BBB DIMPLEX. I have also included the drawings of our first prototype. I have eliminated all the technical references from the drawings.

The tests were executed at the 100m underground rifle shooting range in Sarganz, Switzerland. So wind was not a factor. We used a stock Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Sniper Version with a 6.1mm tight bore high performance Teflon coated barrel. Manufacturer specifications of this gun are MOA of 4cm from 10 meter range and maximum range is 50 meters without upgrades. The new barrel gave us slightly better performance than the stock.

The rifle was bolted to a bench rest so that it could not move at all. We used a barrel laser (it replaces the bolt assembly) to zero the rifle precisely in the centre of our target. Exactly 100 shots were fired for each of the 3 tests for a total of 300 shots of BBB 0.20g and 300 shots of the BBBDIMPLEX.

The 1st test was to check for an accuracy difference between normal BBB 0.20g and the BBBDIMPLEX. A paper target was placed at 10 meters and changed after every 10 shots were fired. The rifle was laser zeroed after every change of target. The results represent the average distance measured from the center of the target (where the laser dot landed) of every group of 10 shots fired. We achieved the TM stock specifications of the rifle using normal BBB 0.20g and improved that considerably using the BBBDIMPLEX.

The 2nd and 3rd test was designed to check for a distance difference between normal BBB 0.20g and the BBBDIMPLEX. One group of 200 shots (100 BBB 0.20g and 100 BBBDIMPLEX) fired without Hop Up and the other group of 100 shots fired with Hop Up(100 BBB 0.20g and 100 BBBDIMPLEX). Measurements were taken after every group of ten shots and then averaged out. Therefore, the results represent the average maximum distance each of the bbs travelled for every group of 10 fired. Again the TM stock specifications were achieved with the BBB 0.20g and a considerable improvement was noticed with the BBBDIMPLEX.We are working to refine our design, material and weight of the BBBDIMPLEX to achieve optimal results. Stand by …

Best Regards,

Stefano Valentino

CEO BIOVAL Technologies /

M4-PMC and SAA.45 4 3/4 details from RedWolf

Kai (RedWolf Airsoft) has news of two new products:

Sorry to bother you again, but I thought I’d just let you know we have got a new PRE-ORDER on at the moment – the Marui M4-PMC, which is a limited edition gun and is expected out around the 16th September. Then, we have the Tanaka SAA .45 4 /34 inch Civilian (Gas Shell) which has the individually charged gas shells seen in the new Tanaka Cassiopeia series guns.

image image

I’ve attached a couple of photos for you!

Best regards, Kai (RedWolf Airsoft)

UTG 5-position OD foregrip coming soon

UTG have a new grip on the way out soon:


  • 5 Adjustable Positions for Most Versatile Applications
  • User Friendly Position Button for Quick Locking/Releasing
  • Designed to Mount on Picatinny/Weaver Rails
  • Ambidextrous Design with Great Convenience
  • Includes Battery/Tool Compartment and Pressure Switch Housing
  • Built with Tight Tolerance and Solid Structuree
  • Available in Black(B) and OD Green(G)


VFC EGLM news from WGC

WGC Shop have sent in news and some shots of the EGLM that VFC have in production:

image Hi Arnie,

Some news of VFC EGLM:

– sliding barrel for better loading
– rifling grooves

Awesome! VFC is working hard on it. :)

Kitty Sin
Marketing Department
WGC Shop

ProG4 new IPSC pistol have sent in shots of a new IPSC custom:

Dear Arnie

This is a Super Gas Pistol for IPSC Open Class. Sophisticate design that will not neglect the essential inner building. Inner Barrel Holder and Loading Muzzle could improve the straight and smooth shooting. Come with the hybrid Steel Barrel, which is one piece over all design and engraved with warning words. Professional Doctor Len, Steel Thumb and Grip Safety that bring you the amazing shooting experience.

Welcome any enquire for detail custom parts for this collection.

Attachment are: AR1390A, AR1390B, AR1390C, AR1390D and AR1390E


Yours truly,

Captain KK,

PGL328080828 Aug., 2008.

HSS Gear, as seen with Pittsburgh SWAT

HSS Gear have sent in some shots of their gear in use and trials by local law enforcement:

Dear friends,

HSS Gear is designed for Law Enforcement and military at highest standard and quality.
Price is very affordable compared to what we call “China made Airsoft Nylon gear.”

Our gear is the best price/ quality products in the market.

Here are some more photos:

image image image

(HSS Gear)

Forum news digest for Aug 31, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Tactical Quartermaster – ACU BDU Special

bduspecial From 1/9/08 – 7/9/08 we are running a special on our ACU BDU Trousers and shirts.  Get both for just £29.99 and we will include a free boonie hat.

Also check out our eBay store for a summer special on our Combat Cool Shirts!

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The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

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