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Airsoft Global product update 31/1/12

Here is the latest product update from Airsoft Global:

Please check out our new products added daily! Latest Products Update !! Please kind to visit our website ( to obtain more information!






Best Regards, Mujiadam


(Airsoft Global)

Video from Operation Fox Hunt

Chris from SideStrafe, has sent over his latest video:

Fans can also subscribe to the Airsoft show…  and of course check out the channel for more,


Thumpy updates & another new channel

Thumpy has sent over a Shot Show video and details of his latest channel:

Hey Arnie! We’ve been having a BUSY BUSY time since we "crossed vectors" at SHOT Show 2012 in Vegas…as y’all know, I had quite a nasty bug, and between all the walking, swag-hauling and the infection, I lost 18 pounds in 9 days!  Hence, the delay in getting out videos…but we are now making headway.  Check the latest here!  A "State of Airsoft" 2012 overview with some of the top names at SHOT Show….

ALSO:  We’ve had amazing success with more than 5-Thousand visitors and 6 Thousand views of the new Thumpy’s 3D Channel….Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @ SCOOP/IT


…so big, in fact, we’re branching out into our SECOND CHANNEL at, designed to let players find a site, game or big event near them in one easy-to-search location:  Thumpy’s BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 3D Airsoft & MilSIm EVENTS NEWS CHANNEL on SCOOP.IT


We hope everyone will send us ideas via or e-mail at and let us know what you like, what you DON’T LIKE, and what you guys want to see as we build more airsoft goodness on the web!

THUMPY….OVER (Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft)

1st GITV video to reach 1million views & more

As well as the regular video & stock update Airsoft GI have some exciting news about one of their GITV videos:

Airsoft GI – Left 4 Dead – Impulse 76 Fan Film
A huge thank you to Northern 5 entertainment, Condor outdoor, and to everyone who froze for two days straight for free to help get the film together. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Northern Five Entertainment:


Airsoft GI contacted their friends at Northern Five Entertainment to produce a fan film for the amazing game LEFT 4 DEAD over a near freezing weekend in November.

Airsoft GI,,
Condor Outdoor,
Hotrod Camera,

Directed and Edited by: Adrian Picardi
Producer: Eric Ro
Executive Producer: Scott Bayless
Associate Producer: Derrick Nguyen, Colt Seman, Tim Seargeant
Director of Photography: Nate Fu
VFX Supervisor: Daniel Scruggs

(Airsoft GI)

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CRW: G36c gear box & Element tactical flashlights

CRW have some new items in stock:

We have a new version of China G36c

G36C High power 8mm Gear Box by China





OPSEC Airsoft – The Podcast that won’t die!

opsec[1]The last official word was that it would be a cold day in hell before you saw another OPSEC Airsoft podcast/show released. Grab your gloves and sleds kiddies, because in 2012, hell is freezing over! The logic behind yet another comeback cannot really be explained other than nostalgia and "the itch." It sounds strange but OPSEC Airsoft runs through my veins and no matter how many times I "quit" I will never be truly done. That being said, let’s get on with what we are cooking up for 2012!

New site opening 18th February 2012 @Royston, Herts

Bruce has tipped us off about a new skirmish site opening soon in Hertfordshire:

Hi there is a new site starting on the 18th February at Royston the new skirmish site is run by Anglian assault airsoft and please feel free to look them up on there website at for dates and prices.

Thanks, Bruce wicks

All new Evolution Airsoft fully licensed Ranger SBR

Evolution Airsoft have sent over details of their new fully licensed Ranger SBR:

You wanted it?
You asked for it?
We made it!

Introducing the brand new Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical fully licensed "Ranger SBR" Dark Earth color.


Shipping to our dealers worldwide NOW!

Built to meet the needs of the most demanding Mil-Sim players, the Lone Star Tactical series completely changes the price/quality ratio of the airsoft industry.

Sporting a rock solid LiPO ready gearbox, a special battery housing system that makes the positioning of wirings error proof, a like to the real anodized aluminum cnc machined R.I.S., a gun metal color anodized aluminum body, and countless other unique features, the newly released Evolution Airsoft gun is easy to use, rock solid and super realistic. These are just few of the amazing features of the Evolution Airsoft rifles.

Check it out at your favorite dealer!

For more information visit our website and download from the homepage the latest Lone Star Tactical series brochure.

Evolution Airsoft is expanding its worldwide dealers network, application for dealerships and distributorships at Special promotions for new comers for a limited time.

(Evolution Airsoft)

KSC limited edition 945 pistols at Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries have some of the limited edition 945 pistols from KSC in stock:


Save up the £80 on a limited number of KSC 945 Limited Edition 945 Pistols while stocks last.

(Wolf Armouries)

Platoon Stores at “Sandpit” on Sunday & new PTS M4 CQB

Platoon Stores are taking their shop on the road again this weekend:

Hi Guys, Just to let you know we will be at UCAP’s awesome "Sandpit" site on Sunday with the Platoon Stores mobile shop. Any orders placed on our website before 5pm can be collected there on the Sunday.

We will be taking a range of our products from gas and pistols to belts and boots, and will have some fantastic "site only" deals for players.

Featured this month is the new Official PTS M4 CQB with its 10.5" barrel and real z-rail it’s bound to be copied and cloned soon, but there are only 50 official ones, so get in quick! Also we will have the Mid length handguard PTS M4 and the awesome AK tactical in our portable armoury.


If you haven’t been to the "sandpit" yet its just off the M25 in north Kent and has got to be the biggest airsoft site in the UK!. Check out the UKAP website for full details.

See you all there., cheers. Jane P (Platoon Stores)

Edgar Brothers Magpul PTS M4 CQB G&P CM001

imageEdgar Brothers have sent over details of their limited edition Magpul PTS M4 CQB G&P CM001:

We have just worked with Magpul PTS in Hong Kong to produce 50 of this limited edition gun.

The gun specs are as follows:

  • image10.5 inch Barrel
  • MBUS 2 sight
  • Magpul PTS ASAP sling plate
  • ERGO Z rail
  • MOE stock
  • MOE Grip
  • PMAG

The gun takes a 7.4 lipo battery housed in the stock tube (battery not supplied).

Each of the new guns that is a genuine Magpul PTS CM (custom Model)001. The guns will come with a LTD PTS Orange sticker on the box.

We are only making 50 of this gun.

These guns are exclusively available from:

Best regards, The airsoft team (Edgar Brothers)

NAFOM: Airsoft media party SHOT Show 2012


Tim (No Airsoft For Old Men) is  still recovering from SHOT Show, to quote him “I feel like death, run over by a truck and then microwaved. It was a great party.

Like Tim says a big thanks go out to Mark (Dr Airsoft) for all the organisation and all those that backed the event. How did I miss Carlton riding the bull? The chilli must have distracted me!

Click the image for the full post and all the photos:

If 2012 is really the last year the world is going to be around, we can say this was the best party the airsoft media ever had at SHOT Show!

Most of us started the day early, climbing onto some comfortable buses to trek an hour or so outside Las Vegas to the SHOT Show media day.


A mile or so of shooting lines were set up with a cornucopia of firearms.

You could find everything from the newest Barrett to the most recent offering from Umarex in .22 cal (And you got to shoot them, for free!)

I am sure you have seen the multitudes of pictures posted all over the web, I won’t bore you with mine.

Let’s say it was a fun day.

I left early to get back and set up for the media party. We had it set up right off the dance floor inside the Gilley’s country bar in the Treasure Island resort.

Tim (No Airsoft For Old Men)

New 3M IR USA flag patch at J.K.Army

J.K.Army have a new patch in stock:

New Product JK UNIQUE 3M IR Patch – USA Flag ( Real IR Function ) at

JK-UNIQUE-3M-IR-PATCH-USA-ALL nvg ir light test

JK UNIQUE 3M IR Patch – USA Flag ( Real IR Function )
Need to use NVG IR-light to be seen.
Materials: 3M ScotchliteT Reflective Material
Patch With Velcro
Size: 90mm x 54mm

(J.K.Army )

Close up with the KWA Makarov, Tokarev, &1911 US Army

Greatwatermelon of has sent over some images of the KWA Makarov, Tokarev and 1911 US Army:

Dear Arnies, Here are some close up pictures of the KWA Makarov (MKV), Tokarev (TT-33), and 1911 US ARMY! I would like to highlight that the KWA Makarov disassembles just like the real deal. The KWA Tokarev (2nd prototype) has a new finish that is closer to the real one. Lastly, the KWA 1911 US ARMY will have realistic trademarks. Enjoy!

KWA MKV (Makarov):


KWA TT-33 (Tokarev):




-Greatwatermelon (

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: January 29, 2012

  • "The Remington 597" by Nutnfancy
    Sorry guys, I had finals this week and I’m exhausted. So instead of sitting back and not uploading anything I decided to conjure up this quick video for you guys. Oh and yes that guy did shoot me from 3 feet away with an AEG at the end, most of the bbs hit my SERPA and broke it. THANKS Sean….

    The shotgun is a Tokyo Marui Tri Shot.

  • 2012 大年初三 合歡山賞雪
  • Airsoft Player Buyers Guide To AEG’s
    This is a the first in a series of videos that will help guide the new airsoft player thru buying airsoft guns and gear. There are so many options to consider when buying gear so I hope these guides are helpful to make a better decision on what to buy.

    Thanks to the following companies for supporting this.

  • ICS M3 Grease Gun Airsoft Chrono
    A chronograph of the ICS 200 AKA their M3 Grease Gun. This is an awesome WW2 replica that can be purchased here:–electric-airsoft-rifle.html
  • Magpul ShotShow 2012
    Magpul presents their new 870 shotgun furniture and accessories, PMAG 30 M3, MOE Rifle Stock, and MS3 Sling.
    Brought to you by:
  • John Lu & Angel 1 Ksenia SHOUT OUT
    John Lu and "Angel 1" Ksenia of the Operation Lion Claws series give Thumpy a SHOUTOUT at SHOT Show 2012!

    Follow all the action by SEARCHING "THUMPY AIRSOFT" in you favorite browser, or check Thumpy’s Web of Airsoft Sites:
    Twitter: Thumpy3D
    Facebook: Thumpy Covey

    AND OUR NEW SCOOP.IT Curation Channel, to see EVERYTHING that’s happening at SHOT Show 2012 : Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft @

  • Kitanica ShotShow 2012
    Kitanica presents their current and upcoming clothing goods for 2012.
    Brought to you by:
  • Shot Show 2012: MilSimJunkie – ITW Nexus (Fast Mag Fast Mag Pistol)
    A closer look at ITW Nexus and their Fast Mag systems.


    Shot Show 2012
    Sands Expo
    Las Vegas, NV


    Most notable weapon of the day was a KJW Tactical 10/22 GBB rifle


    Please visit:

    Please follow:

    Please like:


  • Shot Show 2012: MilSimJunkie – Revision (Sawfly Photochromatic Battleskin)
    Sean over at Revision MIlitary shows off some the newest offerings including new Sawfly photo chromatic lenses. Also in the video the new Revision Battleskin


    Shot Show 2012
    Sands Expo
    Las Vegas, NV


    Most notable weapon of the day was a KJW Tactical 10/22 GBB rifle


    Please visit:

    Please follow:

    Please like:


  • APS Concept x Hakkotsu – Hades Arrow
    Mortar? Water rocket?
    The new product from APS Conception and Hakkotsu.
  • APM40A3
    The powerful new sniper rifle from APS conception
  • Hot Shots Calendar ShotShow 2012
    Staci Noblett, Rosie Jones, and India Reynolds present the latest Hot Shots Calendar
    Brought to you by:
  • 2012 Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair – APM40A3 Presentation
    Our new product: Spring Action Sniper Rifle – APM40A3
  • Energizer Shotshow 2012
    Energizer shows off some of their latest Hard Case Tactical line.
    Brought to you by:
  • 3GN Championship Trailer
    Vegas Baby. Or so they say. One thing is for sure, with $50,000 on the line, the stakes are high. The final 8 shooters remain, but only 1 will win the 2012 3-Gun Nation title and the grand prize sponsored by Leupold Tactical Optics and NBC Sports Network.
  • Inside the Mechbox: JG G36 RIS Internal Review and Takedown Episode 25
    **ALL Airsoft guns Require 1/4" Orange Tips**
    Inside the Mechbox: JG G36 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle Internals Breakdown and Review
    In this episode Prodigy of ASTKilo 23 gives a thourough part by part breakdown of the JG G36 RIS AEG Rifle. He takes it down with a field strip , and even inspects each gearbox component like the piston, spring, bushings, and wiring, to let you know what parts are rock solid, and what parts can and should be upgraded for improved field performance. So is the G36 is a worthy contender? Watch to find out!
  • Airsoft GI – Tim and Bob shoot EVERYTHING!
    Tim and Bob were cordially invited out to Clark County gun range by the folks from Cybergun and Palco Sports to fire a wide variety of small arms including: .50 caliber Barret sniper rifle, M240B machine gun, M249 SAW, 1919 .30 caliber WWII machine gun, suppressed M4, 3 differents AK variants, 3 different MP5s, and an Uzi.

    Special thanks again to the folks at Cybergun and Palco Sports for showing us one heck of a good time!

    Bob’s Note: It was 32 degrees Fahrenheit while we were at the range and Tim did not bring enough warm clothing, much to his chagrin ; )

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – Shot Show 2012 – Las Vegas – Music Video Recap Reel
    As Shot Show 2012 came to an end we decided to do a wrap up video on the show but in Airsoft Megastore fashion. We present to you our very first exclusive music video recap featuring Shot Show 2012 and our adventures in Las Vegas with our very own Masked Man aka MIME. Special guests include Dr. Airsoft, Milsim Junkie, Umarex, Magpul, KWA, and plenty of other Airsoft Megastore friends! Watch it to see what went down during Shot Show 2012. We’ll be back next year! Whatever happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas :P

    More Show Show 2012 here:

    Also remember to subscribe to us for a chance to win a FREE AGM P90 AEG!

    Join Us:

    Mutha for his permission to use his song "VegasBitch"

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