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New videos from AirSoft Taiwan

AirSoft Taiwan have sent over two new videos:

Hello, AirSoft Taiwan (AST) has two videos and a news community in Taiwan to share with you. Please check below links for details.



AIRSOFT TAIWAN NEWSwhere you can find airsoft news from Taiwan

Happy New Year (AirSoft Taiwan)

New items at CRW

CRW have some new items in stock:




New products at Airsoft Warfare

Here is the latest stock update from Airsoft Warfare:

Hi everyone, Please check out our latest product update!! 31-Dec-11

Please kind to visit our website




(Airsoft Warfare)

New test videos from RA-Tech

RA-Tech have sent over two new videos today:




New flash magazines from Black Bear Airsoft

Black Bear Airsoft have produced some new flash magazines:

Hello, Here is our new product that we are proud to present to you,

The Flash Magazine.

We have been working on a copy of the lonex magazine system. Here are the different magazines that we run:

– M4 360 rds (full metal)

– AK47 500 rds (ABS)

– G36 470 rds (ABS)

Each magazine is like the real ones, except that they have a wire system for a faster reloading and are all TM compatible.

For wholesale contact please contact this email:

Regards, (

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: December 30, 2011

  • KWA ATP Adaptive Training GBB Airsoft Pistol – RFR Episode 39

    The KWA ATP (Adaptive Training Pistol) is a semiautomatic gas blowback airsoft gun that was developed in collaboration with law enforcement and military agencies. Storn and Barry go over the easy breakdown, KWA-NS2 system, the handle and feel of the pistol, as well as describing its ability to be customized.

  • Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Replica Pistol – 100th edition – RFR Episode 38

    Keep heads down in CQC with this classic piece of machinery. This pistol is a great reproduction of a piece that has been in our military for 100 years. Great weight, crisp blowback, and attention to detail make this one of the most realistic 1911 replicas available today.

  • KWA Full metal M4A1 GBB Magpul version by
    KWA Full metal M4A1 GBB Magpul version
  • KJ P229 Marking & SY P226 GBB from
    Full metal KJ P229 Marking & SY P226 China
    You can buy from these link
  • WE G17 GBB, Meister G17 & Marui Glock series by
    WE G17 GBB, Meister G17 & Marui Glock series
    Link to buy them:
  • Benchmade Mangus 53 by Nutnfancy
    Believe it or not, the Mangus 53 is a great utility blade. With a fair amount of class. I’m not sure it’s a great Bali for flipping and crowd impressing tricks. But at a light 3.5 ounces and possessing a perfect full flat ground D2 clip blade with a strong tip, it’s a great cutter. Cardboard cutting and stabbing tests behind my double-wide trailer showed the edge to be durable. I was somewhat surprised to see the D2 discolor so readilly however; consider it to be a high maintenance blade steel and keep it oiled. Upon re-edging, this Mangus 53 took on an offensively sharp edge (shown) and its fine grain responded well to 1000 grit stones (look at that shine). Deployment is slow for me and I generally do not prefer, practice with, or prefer a Balisong for either EDC or tactical use. They’re fun to play with and practice some showy knife play but not for serious work when stress is high and motor skills are low. I’ll go with a much simpler and faster assisted, manual action, or even automatic tactical blade when things go serious. The looks are killer with the matter finished D2 and the solid OD colored G10 handles. In hand the ergos are squared away and the bottom curved portion fits the hand well. Fit and finish are representative of typically high Benchmade standards. The clip should be blackened but it seems strong enough, attached with two Torx screws. Value is moderate, several favorite competitive options shown. It’s another classy EDC from Benchmade//////////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 6 out of 10
  • Inokatsu 1911 LUX Edition (Limited Edition 100) HD ﹣ Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    For the ultimate collector who wants nothing short of the perfection, Inokatsu’s craftsmen have created a limited edition LUX series of 100 pieces worldwide. Fully licensed by Colt, and modeled from the original blueprints of the 1911 provided by Colt for utmost accuracy. Painstakingly hand polished and weathered, and presented in a vintage box, this piece looks incredible either on display or in the field for authentic re-enactments. The heritage of Colt’s most famous creation is celebrated gloriously in this LUX edition. Individually serial numbered from 001 — 100 on the frame, the LUX edition’s exterior finishing is visibly has more character than the regular series Inokatsu 1911. Powered by CO2, the recoil is strong even with such a heavy steel slide. Limited numbers are now available. With such a limited release, there is already a waitlist forming. Email us at to get yourself on the waitlist. Dealers please contact your RedWolf account manager.
    Bolt airsoft is a new company, The new design EBB create better recoil power. And most parts are compatible with the ver 2 gear box.
    RA TECH will provide more test details after 2012/01/05.
  • Hong Kong City Blues (Special Edition) – Hong Kong at Night
    This is a "Special Edition" of my Hong Kong at night film.

    The beautiful skyline of Hong Kong at night! Come with us through the brightly lit, and empty of people, Business District and then over the river to Kowloon Bay to look back. The buildings all come to life with colours and lights embedded in their structure that forms a fantastic light show. Finally we visit the vibrant and busy center of town and see some of the amazing flashing neon screens and lights around the streets thronged with people.

    Hong Kong is one of the cities that inspired the look of the film Blade Runner and so I have set the film to the score- hope you like it!

    I am writing about my around the world adventures at my blog and am almost up to Hong Kong so I will post here when that article is ready (around the end of Jan).

    The Basho Special Editions are high definition re-renders of my prior work using some of the techniques and knowledge I have learned since first making them. This film is the last of that collection and the next will be a new slice of China.

    Changes to the original:
    Stablised some shots
    Rotated some of the shots to true
    Recoloured correctly using professional filters
    Sound cleanup
    1080p Render in YT friendly wmv (mp4 juddered)

    Things I couldn’t fix:
    I couldn’t get the slow mo to become any smoother without losing tons of detail.
    There is a lot of noise due to the fog that night. My camera is a basic job and does its best to compensate, but lots remains.

    Kind regards,


  • G&G Combat Machine M4A1 Disassembly and Reassembly Guide -ASTKilo23-
    G&G Combat Machine M4A1 Disassembly and Reassembly Guide -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from Airsoft Team Kilo23 demonstrates the disassembly of the cm m4a1 using a boom style camera angle.

  • Airsoft GI – What Else Is There? – CQB Guns – AK – MP5 – G36 – P90 – And Yes! The M4 CQB!
    So you don’t want to see videos about M4s…Sorry, they are the most popular gun on the market, there’s no escaping that. Fortunately for you this video features 5 guns and only one of them is an M4, so sit back and take a look at some different options for a CQB if the one you want happens to be out of stock.
  • AirSplat Tech Tips – WE OPEN BOLT KIT INSTALLATION Upper Installation PART 1
    **All Airsoft Guns Require 1/4" Orange Tips**
    In this two part AirSplat Tech Tip video series we show how to take down and install a WE TECH OPEN Bolt Conversion kit for the WE Closed Bolt M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (GBBR). An open bolt blowback makes for a much more realistic action when shooting the WE m4 GBBR. Airsoft tech Max goes over step by step the take down, installation, and reassembly of the bolt assembly, lower trigger mechanism, as well as converting the magazine to feed open bolt magazines. This Video will demonstrate installtion of the upper components
  • Airsoft Surgeon Capsicum Open Silver (HD) – Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    Here is one of the New Airsoft Surgeon Race Gun. For more new Airsoft Surgeon products, check this link:

  • Airsoft CQB Action (HeadCam) – Domination Game
    Filmed on a GoPro Hero 960 Headcam at The Airsoft Factory in Bridgewater, New Jersey. The objective of this game is to push the opposing team back to their spawn. We ended up winning.
    Thanks for watching!
  • Airsoft KJW KP-08 Tactical HICAPA GBB Pistol
    The KJW KP-08 pistol is a unique version of a standard high capa.

    -Textured Polymer Frame with KJ Logo
    -Full Metal Lightweight Slide and internal parts
    -Metal Outer Barrel
    -Tactical Shooter’s Sights
    -Lightweight 3-Hole Trigger and Skeletonized Hammer
    -Integrated Lower Rail perfect for Tactical Lights / Lasers
    -Front and Rear Slide Serrations
    -Realistic disassembly
    -Realistic Blowback Action

  • Echo1 ASC-L Drop and Abuse Test

    The gun can take a lot of abuse and under normal conditions and use it will be fine. The gun in the video or any other gun just does not break by itself.

  • Airsoft Megastore TV – M4 Budget AEG Series Part 4 – $150 to $200 – A&K Colt Elite Force
    The AMS TV crew is starting a budget series of videos. There is no better way to evaluate a gun you are considering buying, than by seeing how it performs against other guns in the same price ranges. This is the M4 $150 to $200 price range. The Next Episode is the AK-47 and it’s variants followed by another episode where we will look at the R & G36′s. Enjoy.

    Link to guns:
    David’s Elite Force M4 CQBR:

    Vince’s Full Metal M4 CQBR:

    Red’s A&K Full Metal M4A1:

    Join Us:

  • Autumn Justice 4: FGF Airsoft, Day 1, Part 1
    My Channel Homepage:
    Like me on Facebook:

    Continuing the Autumn Justice Series: AJ4 held on May 5-6, 2011 at Feel Good Farms Airsoft in Lyndeborough, NH.
    An IROPS Irregular Operation

V2 spring guide design for AEGs from Speed Airsoft

Speed Airsoft have released a new v2 spring guide design:

SPEED Airsoft releases its own V2 spring guide design for AEGs

SPEED Airsoft releases their new V2 spring guide (Part# SA3038) design that utilizes ballistic nose geometry to further improve smoother spring cycling.


During the compression stage of the spring, it does not always compress in a straight form, but often offset in different coil zones that changes every time you pull the trigger. The low friction brass made new SPEED V2 spring guide has a ballistic shape that allows the spring coils to pass through smoothly.

Fully compatible with V2 standard AEG gear boxes.

For more info, contact SPEED Airsoft at or visit their web site at

(Speed Airsoft)

60% off in Gunfire sale

Gunfire have announced details of their holiday sale:

Today, minute after midnight, Gunfire starts to clean its warehouses after Christmas with a really BIG SALE. Just look at the banner – no more words needed.


Balaclava update
The unique "wickaway" balaclava made of Coolmax with ions of silver, is now available in Gunfire for less than 5 EUR.



Last chance to win some great gear from Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air want to see what you got for Christmas but you don’t have long to share your festive airsoft goodies, entries close Friday 30th December!:

Was there a gun under your tree? Let’s see it!


If your pic wins, you’ll get $100 of cool accessories from Pyramyd Air, including:
$50 Pyramyd Air eGift Card • t-shirt • drawstring book bag 
Ammunition • TSD Smart Charger
BB Speedloader • Fly Shooter
(We reserve the right to substitute products of equal value.)

Entries must include a person + the new gun

Post your pic, & you could be the 2011 Christmas Big Shot.
Tell your friends to "like" & comment on your pic. It might help but won’t be the deciding factor.

Click here to submit your photo:

Pyramyd Air will pick the winning photo Friday, December 30, 2011.

By posting your pic, we get to use it anywhere on the internet, in print & in advertising.
You could be famous! We reserve the right to refuse any photo.

(Pyramyd Air)

New videos & products from Airsoft GI

Here is the latest offering of videos and new products from Airsoft GI:

Airsoft GI – Bad Guy Game at Desert Fox Fields

Airsoft GI and Desert Fox Fields will be hosting a Bad Guy Game on January 8th at Desert Fox Mount Field in Oro Grande, CA. This isn’t a huge formal MILSIM Game. Just come out to play at Oro Grande with your best Bad Guy Get-Up and have some fun with some like minded individuals. There will be a prize for the coolest looking bad guy in attendance. See you there!

Airsoft GI – Happy Holidays 2011 Edition from Airsoft GI!

Thanks for choosing Airsoft GI for your airsoft needs for 2011, we look forward to serving you in 2012

(Airsoft GI)

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KWA M93R limited edition package video

Great Watermelon has sent over a video showing the KWA M93R II limited edition package:

KWA M93R II Limited Edition Package Closeup

Azntranceboi3131 reviews the KWA M93R II Limited Edition Package. This new package includes two magazines and a folding metal stock, which is usually offered as an aftermarket accessory. In addition to the folding metal stock, the limited edition M93R II has new trademarks "Polizia di STATO Nucleo Operativo Centrale di  Sicurezza," a unique serial number i.e. "D93247Z," and "F.P. – MOD.93 RAFFICA – Cal. 9mm Parabellum," on the metal slide and metal frame. Enjoy!


Premium class balaclavas by GFC Tactical

GFC Tactical have sent over details of their new balaclava and why you should have one:

A few words about keeping your head warm and dry, and why should you care about it.

To be efficient on the battlefield – focused, farseeing, cunning, accurate and determined – you need to keep your body warm first. And it’s not a secret, that a sheer amount of body heat is excreted through your head. Indeed, it works exactly like a big heat sink installed on a computer processor. The difference is that it protects the most sophisticated processor on Earth – your brain.

Since we already know this, why do so many of us still use some inferior or hardly average head protection?

GFC Tactical has just launched onto the market its new combat balaclava, a product intended for use during extreme physical exertion, designed to meet the most strict quality requirements. It owes its outstanding properties to a CoolMax, a technologically advanced, patent-protected fabric. It makes the GFC Tactical balaclava something more than just an ordinary piece of cloth. CoolMax increases evaporation and helps to excrete the moisture to the outside, while providing outstanding thermal insulation and protection from the environment. The wearer is kept dry all the time, even when sweating intensely. The fabric of improved “breathability”, commonly known as “wickaway”, is additionally enhanced with silver ions (Ag+), providing outstanding antibacterial protection. The tactical balaclava is not only comfortable, but also durable, while CoolMax is well known for its resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.

If you lean to something classic, try GFC Tactical balaclava made of high quality cotton (95%) and elastin (5%). Both products are made in EU, according to strict manufacturing standards.


(GFC Tactical)

A&K SVD 4 position steel bipod at Get-Reload

Get-Reload have a new item in stock:

A&K SVD 4 Position Steel Bipod for A&K, Classic Army, S&T, RS



Airsplat after Christmas & New Year sale

Airsplat have sent over details of their post Christmas sale as well as their regular stock update:

After X-Mas Blowout Sale at AirSplat! Dec 24th-Jan 4th Save on some great High end AEG’s like the A7K Masada for $50 off! or select DBOYS Full Metal AEG variants for 20% off!! check out all our new items and back in stock list for December as well.
Specials Page here!!




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3 new videos from RA-Tech

RA-Tech have sent over some new videos:

RA TECH Bolt Pretest B4A1

AST BOLT B4A1 preview



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