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Urgent: Support a new airsoft event team!

Apologies for the dramatic headline, but Paul from Airsoft Military Simulation has been in touch to let everyone know of their first airsoft event which they’re putting on this weekend at the Bramley MOD base:

We’re running a 24 hour milsim game at the MOD base in Bramley next weekend (at least we will be if we can get some support and 30 additional players :)). Because we’re a new company and this is our first event, no one’s heard of us.

For information on our game you can see our website at:

We’re running the game in conjunction with Ambush Wargames (Hustler).

Down to a complete oversight on our part with the advertising the situation is rather critical. We have until Thursday at 1100 to pay the MOD and we’re seriously short of players.

If there’s any way of announcing our game, or anything at all you can do/suggest we’d be really grateful. Perhaps you lot might fancy coming along?

We’ve even reduced the price of the game costs (from 50/head to 35).
Cheers, Paul Toop (Airsoft Military Simulation)

The team seem like a real friendly crew, so it would be a shame for this event to not go as well as everyone hoped. So if you’re free this weekend and looking for a game to attend, why not try out this one? It’s not every weekend you get to play mil-sim events at MOD facilities, and at 35, you can’t argue with that!

As the team only have until Thursday in which to pay for Bramley, please don’t dilly-dally – if you’re interested, get in touch with Paul immediately either in this thread, or better yet by PMing his Arnies account: 2.p

New site classified/auction sales system online

I’ve added a new classified/auction system to the site. The new system will be familiar to most as it looks a lot like the review system. The new classified/auction system allows you to post simple sales, or bid style auctions. Images for sales items can be uploaded and the user can tweak their own sales.

The old forum sales systems will gradually be closed off as the new system is tweaked and any problems that are encountered are fixed.

Rules and regulations for the sales system are currently the same as the current forum sales areas. Retailers and commercial entities are prohibited from posting sales. If you have any feedback or questions, please add them in the forums here.

Escort Claymore now ready to ship

Paul at ClassicAirsoftGuns has sent in some more updates concerning the claymore from Escort (basically that it’s now shipping and ready to order):

The Escort Claymore has just been released this evening, it should be arriving on shelves in the next couple days. If anyone is interested in picking them up directly contact me at Dealer inquiries welcome.

In case you forgot what were talking about, here are the demonstration videos again:

Thanks, Paul, (ClassicAirsoftGuns)

News from Ironfoot!

Quick news update as I’m just in from work – new stuff in at Ironfoot!

Hi Everyone!
The perceived down side of AEGs using the Mini as apposed to the Large size of battery has always been battery capacity, although we have proven that a normal 1100 mini battery will last the average game day without a problem if properly charged.

Gold Peak “GP” previously came up with the 1100 GP NiMh with fabulous performance, and durability, but they have now gone better with a new “1300 mAh GP” mini battery pack, same size, 200 mAh more capacity. 24.99
Gold Power Batteries

Also, we have the Web-Tex New Professional MLCE ( Modular Load Carrying Equipment ) being released from end of July early August. The new Web-Tex version adds a new level to the successful Viper VMS range – a modular vest or Harness with a range of accessory pouches in DPM

Ironfoot Shop is currently awaiting delivery, pre-orders accepted, shipping as soon as delivery arrives.

Best Regards, Graham, (Ironfoot Shop)

VFC MK43 Mod.0 video

Whilst I’m on the subject of videos, James Tai of Monda International has emailed over a video of VFC MK43 Mod.0 (M60E4 Navy SEALs version) electric airsoft machinegun shooting at a coke.

You can find the video on YouTube here:


1st-Target have got in touch and sent over news from them announcing their company and their products. I’ve just checked their website and they have a pretty comprehensive collection listed there. Here’s the full release from them:

1st-target, BB factory and worldwide distributor on the market!

We are only just starting our business and already a lot of new products will follow within the weeks to come, such as an entire Bio-degradable line. In addition to our Bio 0.20Gr and Bio 0.25Gr we will also be able to supply you with Bio 0.23Gr, Bio 0.28Gr, Bio 0.30Gr, 0.30Gr, 0.33Gr Regular and a full Bio Tracer product line very soon.

We are the ONLY High Quality BB brand in the world to have this much choice in Biodegradable BB’s.Our Bio BBs really are biodegradable unlike many other brands. On our website we have downloadable Bio resins sheets for you to study. We invested very large amounts in high-tech machinery and research to develop our BBs and make them affordable as well.

But also our regular BBs are very high grade and perfectly shaped to ensure you have the best BB product yet available! As we are airsofters ourselves, we have tested all types and brands of BBs available, from cheap Chinese to expensive Japanese brands, and we have invested that knowledge into our own product.1st-target BBs are not just BBs! They have special polymers, special coatings, high finished polished surfaces, are ultra smooth and we even added a special lubricant to maintain a perfect feeding of BBs at full auto modes and maintain the barrel and hopup!

1st-target are not just shoving boxes, we have our OWN molding factories, injection plants, distribution centers and licensed Lab technicians who will constantly stay up to date with the latest demands from airsofters around the world.

Watch our name! 1st-target! Tim, (1st-Target)

Simple handy Airsoft programs

Time for a few updates from the forums. visionviper has a couple of pretty awesome programs for you to download free of charge.

  • AirsoftCalc – a simple program that allows you to calculate the fps of any equipment that projects BBs
  • AirsoftSearch – a program that allows you to search a selection of UK/HK and US retailers for products

The programs are listed in the relevant threads linked to above and you can also contact the author in the forums.

Stirling Services

Leo from Sterling Services has been in touch to update everyone on a new event due to run at Copehill Downs in August:

Stirling Services will be hosting our biggest game of the year at Copehill Down Village on Salisbury Plain on the 19th and 20th of August. The weekend is part of our ongoing real-time AOW storyline of nearly three years and the outcome and direction of the story is down to those who attend. The whole town is booked as well as the shanty town.

This time we are back into Africa, Chad is still attempting to address the issues that led to Op Condor last year and continual unrest has meant that a joint UK/US task force is on standby for insertion to theatre to prevent further destabilisation.

LOCATION: N’djamena, Chad, Africa.


UK/US Task Force- To return N’djamena to Government control and keep the infrastructure intact.

African Militia- Unite forces to remove current Government and establish control within the city.

PSD Operators- To complete contract successfully.


UK/US Forces- 2nd Battalion PWRR, UKSF elements from 22 SAS and SRR, 3 Brigade Combat team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), USSF elemets from 1st SFOD and support from CIA Special Activities Division. Any UK or US desert camouflage, no mix or match as units will stay together in national camouflage.

African Militia- Mix of gangs and militias put into family units that have set houses within the city. Any mix of camouflage or civvies other than desert.

PSD Operators- Defense Corps (US). Civilian contractor clothing only, PLACES FULL.

Stirling’s play is as full on as you can get before you get into milsim, we play all the way through from mid morning on the Saturday for 24 hours, there are safe areas you can sleep in if you wish, but you can also play through or stag on in the town.

The town will be split into 4 zones, one will be the GREEN ZONE, safe for allied forces and another will be unsafe for the allies- the shanty town. the other two zones are fair game for either side.

Each African family will have a set house, they can store ammo and weapons in it as long as it is not in the GREEN ZONE, rules of engagement apply in this area and armed militia will be shot. Any breach of these ROE by Allies though will mean a trip to regen.

Places are going fast, 75 per person, with a 35 deposit and booking form that can be found in our forum – Sterling Services Forum (based on ASCUK)


Any questions can be answered in our forum or emailed to: or Leo Mansell (Sterling Services)

Arniegeddon 06: Book Now!

Sledge has been in touch with the details of this year’s Arniegeddon. This doesn’t really need any introduction to anyone familiar with Arnies, so I’ll leave it up to the man himself:

Arnie-Geddon 2006 is almost upon us. This year, we’re proud to be working with Special Combat Services to host what we like to think isn’t A skirmish, but THE skirmish. For those not following our subforum (and why aren’t you?), here are the short details:

* it’s a weekend event on the 5th and 6th of August
* it’s about bringing Arnie’s Airsoft to life
* the games are not your normal airsoft games. Bring springers, a sense of humour and cheesecake.
* we aim to kick the ass of any other skirmish
* we provide the unique chance to meet characters like these unknown scary chaps
* all weapon types are welcomed

Really, it’s about as close to experiencing Arnie’s in the real world as you can expect. Bring yourself. Bring a lightsabre. Shoot some of the moderators. Talk rubbish until three in the morning. Meet your forum heros. Embrace the madness.

For more info, check the forum here . Booking thread here . Hope to see you there. Sledge.(Arniegeddon 06 Organiser and General Top Badger)

Auction Airsoft – UK based Airsoft Auction Site!

lluminati (a member here) has been in touch to let everyone know of a promising new site which he’s set up, designed to offer UK airsofters the opportunity to buy and sell airsoft goods in online auctions:

At last Auction Airsoft has finally got off the ground!

We aim to fill the gap that eBay left when they decided to ban our beloved sport from their pages, maybe now we can auction our airsoft gear without worrying about our auction being removed or our eBay accounts being suspended!

As a special opening offer we are allowing every new user to list their items for free until July 28th 2006! So what are you waiting for? Get auctioning!

Please post any questions in our new forums: Auction Airsoft Forums

Any and all suggestions are welcome, happy bidding! Illuminati, (The Auction Airsoft Team)

This certainly is a great idea and fills a big gap for UK airsofters who can’t use popular online commerce sites to sell airsoft kit. The site has free listing for all sellers at the moment, so take advantage of it while you can, and offer this promising site your support in the process!

More vids

I’ve added a couple more videos on the YouTube gallery. Again they are from Paul, (ClassicAirsoftGuns) and they show off the new claymore design from Escort.

Escort Claymore video

As promised Paul has sent over the video for the Escort claymore, which I have uploaded to YouTube (where most videos will go from now on).

You can find the video of the initial test here:

Ash Bash 2006 update

Pat has sent in a small update about the 2006 AshBash (Airsoft Hawaii Birthday Bash), here’s the latest:

We envision the ASH BASH as a community event, which allows representatives of the industry and the airsoft community to get together, have fun, and play the game we all love.

In the last four years, we have seen the ASH BASH grow from a small, strictly local event, to one with hundreds of players and even industry representatives coming to the event.

I am happy to say that the 2006 ASH BASH, presented by Redwolf Airsoft, will be featured in an upcoming issue of ARMS Magazine.

Some of the special guests flying in to attend this year’s event are:

  • Paul Chu of Redwolf Airsoft
  • Blake Abe of Airsoft Hawaii
  • Tyler and Grant Woo of Impact Games
  • Shane Silva of Echigoya
  • and, finally, Tokyo Marui will be sending down two representatives

Also, if you are going to have a booth at the event, please be sure to let me know who the workers are so we don’t charge them. Pat, (ASH)

New Systema charger news from Visele

Sergio at Visele Airsoft has sent in further news about the Systema charging setup. He sent in the news on the 10th, but it’s taken me a few days to get to putting it up here for him (sorry about that):

Hi Arnie, I have a fresh news for you, the product in the pictures arrived just 1 hour ago from Japan, just the time to shoot some pictures for Arnies’s community and write this e-mail message!

This is a new great product from Systema. It is a 4 channel charger capable of charging up to 4 battery packs at the same time. The battery charger accepts from 7.2V to 12V NiCd and NiMh batteries and the batteries can be 4 type different at the same time! Please see the pictures inset:

The battery charger in the pictures is a very limited edition with VISELE AIRSOFT logo and my name. It is a gift from Systema CEO Mrs Kumi and I would like to take advantage of this message to thank her for her kindness. The battery charger will be available for purchase in red colour (limited edition) and black colour (standard version) as you can see in one of the pictures. The operating instruction are clear and in English language. We will also have them available in Italian and Spanish language for our customers.

This new battery charger features a unique hi-tech design and bright LED charge indicators. A multitude of groundbreaking features:

  • Compatible with both Ni-Cd as well as Ni-MH Batteries able to charge
  • Battery Packs between 7.2V-12V Currents between AC100V-AC240V are allowed.
  • Compatible with most countries household outlet currents.
  • Capable of charging up to 4 battery packs.
  • The batteries will be charged in sequence. After charging the battery, it automatically switches to a trickle charge. All operation is switch-less.
  • Easy operation by simply connecting the battery.
  • Add to the amazing ease of use, this high performance charger is equivalent to chargers used in professional applications.
  • Able to adjust to the various characteristics of every type of battery while charging.

This new SYSTEMA professional charger is a must have for all serious Airsoft players, PTW owners, Law enforcement  and military training schools, Airsoft clubs, Skirmish fields and Professional Airsoft Teams.For more information about the purchase in Europe of this product and full SYSTEMA line-up please contact our sales team at Best regards,  Sergio, (Visele Airsoft)

New claymore from Escort

Paul at ClassicAirsoftGuns has sent over shots and news of a new claymore design from Escort. The shots are of the prototype and given that they have been released to us for publication, the project should be going into fullscale production pretty soon.

Escort is preparing to release a totally new claymore mine design that will change the way you play airsoft. It uses a new custom designed 100% gas operated system to deliver a devastating hit. The body is made of a high density injection molded polypropylene plastic (think fishing tackle box) and nearly 100% accurately resembles the real M18a1 mine. Each claymore holds 150bb and can be fired remotely or using a tripwire. The range of these mines using 134a and an angle of 10 degrees is a measured 45 meters with a 20 meter spread. More than ample for a good ambush. Whats better is these units can be chained together and fired simultaneously. With the provided igniter it is possible to detonate 2 claymores with 10+ meters of line using 134a.

The future deluxe M57 "Clacker" will allow for further range and more units per single igniter. These units are designed to accurately mimic the real unit to nearly the finest detail. Included with each set is an M60 style pull igniter, 10m of det cord (hose), 1 mine, and a manual outlining use and placement. These are slated to be released to distributors July 15th and should be hitting store shelves soon after.

100% Gas powered (no mechanics, no electronics, no springs, no ball bearings)
20m spread
M60 style detonator
Daisychain ability
Remote or tripwire "detonation"
Claymore only will be available for an expansion pack
M57 Clacker Deluxe Detonator will be available allowing more firing distance and more units fired from a Single, simple control
Articulated legs in the correct formation
Easy use
100% reliability
Great sound and range
Can fire any 6mm or larger projectile or effect mixture desired

Please note these are shots of the handmade prototype only, video and pictures of the completed unit will be available shortly. Paul, (ClassicAirsoftGuns)

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Gorilla Airsoft Radio
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