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New Stock at Airsoft Skirmish

Dave from Airsoft Skirmish has just been in touch with details of new stock now in:

New items just in….


MAG MP7 50rds Box set ( 6 mags )
MAG MP7 100rds Box set ( 6 mags )
MAG M16 2800rnd cloth box mag ( Tan and Woodland )
MAG M16 100rds Box set ( 8 mags with or without markings )
MAG MP5 90rds Box set ( 8 Mags )


Deepfire MK2 and MK26 reusable gas fired grenade….


TOTO II Tactical Headset, is a close replica of the SELEX Personal Role Radio (PRR) as used by the British Army and NATO Forces..
Now available with conversion to most radio systems.

Check out the Airsoft Skirmish website for details or phone 0776 4587410.

Dave / Sniper9mm (Airsoft Skirmish)

As a user of the Cavalvy headset, I can personally recommend them to anyone wanting a reasonably priced Bowman-style headset. If you want one, act quick – they went down a storm at other retailers on release!

Spartan Milsim

spartan badgeJon from Spartan Milsim has been in touch to advertise his club’s new website:

Just a quick note to let you know about our new club and website, Your readers may find our kit list and associated reviews helpful.

The Spartan Milsim Club is a non-profit club that has access to a large part of Clocaenog forest, near Ruthin in North Wales. We run regular games based on a fictional counterinsurgency campaign in Dherkistan. Many of our members are ex-forces and are more than willing to share their experiences and expertise with those looking to improve their fieldcraft. If you or your team is interested then please contact Jon or Martin.


Jon (Spartan Milsim)

Airsoft International’s March 2007 issue released

aimagv2i10Mark from Airsoft Direct has been in touch with details of the latest issue of Airsoft International:

Hi Guys,

Airsoft International March 2007 Volume 2 Issue 10 In stock!

A large shipment of the brand new Airsoft International March 2007 Volume 2 Issue 10 has just arrived with us today! So to be the first to get this brand new issue grab your copy today! At just £4.00 a copy and with postage just £1.00 using Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard and only £1.15 using Royal Mail 1st Class Standard it’s great value!

Volume 2 Issue 10 Contents:

* Airsoft News: All the latest Airsoft News
* On the Spot: My Site Won’t Register Players. Why?
* AI Industry Awards: Vote for the people, places and kit that makes Airsoft what it is today
* Incoming: We answer comms traffic we’ve received
* AEG Review I: Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM
* Site Report I: Urban Assault
* Site Report II: Ultimate Airsoft Bristol
* Pistol Review: HFC ‘Box Cannon’ M712 Broomhandle Mauser
* Technical Tips: Batteries Part 2 (Charging)
* Part Six of Project Ghost: The Final Part of the XM-8 Budget Rebuild
* Retro Wannabe: Nam Navy SEALs
* Personal Comms: Kenwood’s ProTalk PMR446
* The Good Gig Guide: The Essential Guide to the Best Sites in the UK!
* Young Guns: Proud Tactical’s RAV-Alike
* AEG Review II: G&P M4 Special Forces
* Real Deal: Safariland 6004 Holsters
* Toy Soldiers
* Things That Make You Go Mmmm!
* Team Profile: The Wasps
* News from the ABA
* We’ve Got a Thing About Camo
* Airsoft in the Real World: US Airsoft Team ‘River Rats’ act as OPFOR
* Tried and Tested
* News from the UKASGB

The magazine is listed in our Online store, direct product link:

Thanks for reading,

Kind Regards,

Mark Lewis (Airsoft Direct)

Unrestricted Tanaka M700 rifle to be released for export

Graham from Ironfoot has been in touch with exciting information about a new, unrestricted export-edition of the Tanaka M700 to be released soon:

As many of you may know Tanaka had dropped their adjustable bolt system on the M700 range of rifles following the new below 1 joule Japanese limit, and the latest rifles were coming without an adjuster and the appropriate parts missing and blanked.

We are please to say that after asking our Japanese agent to lobby Tanaka they have reported to us today that “After hard negotiation with Tanaka and public safety commission about “exporting” the original gun called “Export Version” an unrestricted Gas rifles which non-relating to a new Japanese toy gun regulation “1-joule restriction” it will be ended soon so that we can offer you an original powerful gas gun as before pretty soon I hope.

(Tanaka gas rifles for only “export version” will have power adjustment but no collar in the nozzle for 1-joule restriction as well said Tanaka.)

If Tanaka do hold to this, its great news, it would have been a great shame to have lost the adjustable bolt, as we think its one of the main sales point of the Tanaka, and an extremely useful option for countries with variable maximum powers on Sniper Rifles often from one Game site to another.

Graham (Ironfoot)

New 8mm bearings at Kanzen

KANZEN have some new products in stock, which include some new 8m bearing sets:

Dear Sir,

We, at KANZEN, are proud to announce the release of two new 8mm Bearings Kits, including the Ceramic reinforced SERIES-L, as a World Premiere.

In the mean time, and due to the success of KANZEN Bearings around the World, we are glad to offer an important discount on all our Products from February 25th to July 1st.

Please, visit us at

KANZEN Line Dept.
Customer Service Headquarters

Long Island Airsoft new CQB facility

The guys at Long Island Airsoft have dropped in a line concerning their latest news, which includes news of a new CQB facility and a CQB event that they will be holding at their indoor facility:

Hello, I am from Long Island Airsoft Inc. We just have a few announcements we’d like to pass onto you guys. We just opened a CQB facility, a 3,000 square foot facility. You can find out more info on the CQB facility information page:…;id=16&Itemid=37

Also, we are holding an event there in the next comming weeks. It would be helpful if you could post this event information ASAP. here is a description of the event.

LIAS staff will be hosting a CQB Hostage Take at our indoor field on Saturday March 10th, 2007. 12:00PM – 4:00PM

Location (find it here on mapquest):

LIAS Indoor CQB Facility
Cousins Indoor Paintball
114 Parkway Drive S.
Happauge, New York – Long Island

When you enter the facility, we are on the right walking down the stairs, we will have an Airsoft banner up, and there is a pull down security garage door as well that is well noticable.

$30 for the 4 hour session, you must pay at the field, at the moment we are only accepting cash. if you want to play from 4-8 for force on force after the scenario it is another $30.

Max FPS 340FPS on all guns, AEGs or Pistols
Full sealed paintball mask if you are under 18
Fully sealed ANSI approved goggles + balaclava if you are over 18.

Please here for more info on the indoor:….id=16&Itemid=37

The scenario will consist of Hostage rescue, and hostage take.

It will consist of 2 teams that will switch every round.

-Team Delta
-Team Omega

One of the teams will take one of the un-armed LIAS staff as hostage, and hide him with at least 2 armed guards in any of the many rooms on the field. Then this team will hold and defend the hostage against the other counter-terrorist team

The other team that is rescuing the hostage will line up outside the entry door, then enter the facility and rescue the hostage, if the hostage is hit by the entry team they will lose points. The rescue team MUST take the hostage back and out of the door in order to get points.

They’re will be a 5 minute time for each round, after every 2 rounds they’re will be a short ammo-resupply time.

After 3 minutes the team attacking as the terrorist team will have the option to kill the hostage and win the round, but if they hold him for the total 5 minutes without killing him they will recieve more poiints.

The point system will work like this:
Hold the hostage for 3 minutes then kill him = 10 points
Hold the hostage for 5 minutes = 20 Points
Rescue the hostage in under 3 minutes = 20 Points
Rescue the Hostage in under 5 minutes = 10 points

They’re MIGHT be one of our CQB instructors on the scene and if he sees one of the teams using the right entry or defending tactics he might add brownie points (nothing over 2 points each round). But this is not 100% confirmed, we are not sure if we will have a CQB instructor on the scene.

The winning team will be announced at 4.

The field will be set up with multiple rooms and hallways, it will be a very realistic feel. (Long Island Airsoft)

Inokatsu AK47S back in at RMW

Ting (Russian Mania Workshop) has sent in some news concerning the Inokatsu AK47S and has an updated stock and price list:

I just get a piece of Inokatsu AK47S.  After that, “The Evil Twins” finally completed.  The major different between this kit and the TM or other brand name AK47S is that, it is again, made of full steel.  See the below picture, the reflective surface texture can only be done by steel.

To complete this evil, you need to install with TM AK47S.  The parts you need are the gearbox, the folding stock hinge and the button.  Nice build as usual.

I still have 1 pcs in stock.  After that, no one knows when it will come again.  I am selling it at $750 for the conversion kit.

Another quick update of the Inokatsu Kits that is available:

  • AKS74U : $400
  • AKM : $430
  • AK74M : $430
  • AKS74 : $430
  • AKS74M : $430
  • AK47S : $750
  • Galil : $950

You cannot get them anywhere in this price and most of the retailers are already out of stock.  Hope you enjoy my offer about these kits.  Contact me at for details, paypal accepted.

Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop)

US APSA Event this Weekend!

Just received another update on this weeks HUGE APSA event that’s running this weekend near Pomona, California. A lot of really cool prizes going up for grabs both for competitors and also in the raffle that will be held during the event!

APSAlogoFans of Arnie’s Airsoft,

Just wanted to drop by with a friendly reminder that we are hosting our big US APSA exhibition this weekend at Expo Airsoft. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Pomona, CA this weekend, come by and check us out! In addition to our big retailers’ challenge, we will be having open shoots for spectators and will be giving away both raffle and skill-based prizes to many lucky entrants!

Again, some of our prizes will consist of the following:

o 3 Echo1 733s ($140 retail value each)
o 3 Echo1 M4 carbines ($150 retail value each)
o 3 Echo1 M16A4s ($150 retail value each)
o 3 Echo1 G36Cs ($150 retail value each)
o 10 G&P R500 flashlights ($100 retail value)

o 1st place – KSC GLOCK 17 by AIRSOFT SURGEON w/ optic, pistol case and stand (priceless!)
o 2nd place – HSS Genuine Crye Multicam Plate Carrier ($145 MSRP)
o 3rd place – TBA

So far, confirmed participants in our Invitational retail challenge include:
o 1st Protocol
o Airsoft Extreme
o Airsoft GI
o Airsplat
o Bring It On Paintball
o Custom Creation
o Evike
o Evolution Sports
o Hobbytown Redlands
o J&T Military Supply Riverside
o Nuemax Sports
o Steelhawk Airsoft

Don’t miss out on the excitement, prizes, and challenge of shooting one of our courses. Pre-register for the event on our website at We hope to see you there!

A Bridge Too Far: Arnhem Event at Phoenix Urban

Richard (Yith) of the Comrades in Arms group has been in touch with details of a one day WW2 event to be held at Phoenix Urban in late April:


One day WWII Themed Airsoft Event by Comrades in Arms

Arnhem – A Bridge Too Far

September 1944:

As the tide of war changes and Hitler’s forces are forced to retreat back to the Fatherland. Monty has a plan that could end the war by Christmas. A daring attack deep into enemy territory. This will be the largest airborne assault in history.

dscf0202Choose your side.
Will you be one of the Axis defenders, desperately trying to re-organise in front of this totally unexpected tactic. Or will you be a courageous member of the British airborne forces trying to defend your hold in a town completely surrounded by the enemy, running out of supplies and out of time. Or will you be a local Dutch resistance worker, fighting to kick the Axis invaders out of your home town?

What do you have to do?
Don’t worry if you don’t have a WWII loadout or AEG, we’ve compiled a special guide that allows you to construct a ‘good for gaming’ WWII outfit for your chosen side for less than the cost of a couple of hi-caps!

And you don’t need to necessarily have a WWII AEG, we’ll supply you with a list of ‘counts as’ AEGs. For example your M14 can represent a Browning BAR automatic rife or an M249 might represent a German MG42 machine gun.

Where is it?
We’re staging this battle at Phoenix Airsoft’s excellent Urban site in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. We believe the ruined factory buildings and palatial hotel building will bring the real feel of wartime Arnhem to life and is a central location for most UK airsofters to reach.

When is it?
The event will take place on Sunday the 22nd April 2007.

Richard (Comrades in Arms)

The group has a history of running successful events at other sites so this will be unmissable for any WW2 geardoes out there. For more information visit their website and forum at the Comrades in Arms website.

‘Airsoft Extreme’: new Airsofting Magazine

ax2ndissueMore good news for the sport of Airsofting as a whole! Ayokis from Airsoft Extreme Magazine has been in touch to introduce his team’s new Airsofting periodical:

We would like to invite you guys in participating in our very own Airsoft Magazine called ” AirsoftXtreme Magazine” asia’s premier airsoft magazine.

We just launched the first maiden issue last october of 2006 and it was highly appreciated by airsofters here and abroad.

If you happen to have some airsoft articles about your team, big event games, recent action shot pictures or anything you wish to contribute to our magazine, kindly email it at:

You can also visit our website at

Here’s the 2nd issue of Airsoftxtreme Magazine. We are also happy to announce that Airsoft Xtreme is currently being sold at Echigoya, Japan. Redwolf International is already promoting and distributing the magazine all over HK as well as in U.K.

Ayokis (Airsoft Extreme Magazine)

Another Airsofting magazine in English can only be a good thing for all western airsofters who struggle with the finer points of kanji. Here’s hoping it can bring something new to airsofting!

Frontline Conflicts: SSL Error Resolved & Pyrotechnics back in stock

Steve has sent an e-mail to let everyone know that the previously mentioned issues at Frontline Conflicts has been resolved:

Hello All.

Just to let you all know the SSL certificate problem has been fixed (it’s only taken them since december to resolve it >:o ! Also to let all your forum members know that after a long absence we’ve got our full range of pyrotechnics back in stock, plus a few new additions, including discounts on bulk orders.

Steve (Frontline Conflicts)

New stock at Gunner Airsoft

Gunner Airsoft has recently updated. There’s a variety of new rifles in stock, but of most note was this SCAR clone which has been recently added:


Interestingly, the model has some of the nice touches of the VFC SCAR, such as flippable sights, a folding and extending stock and a removable barrel / flash-hider, meaning this should be of interest to the SCAR fans out there. Take a look at Gunner Airsoft and see what else has been added!

Arnies IRC is moving!

Just a quick message to say that due to ongoing instability, the Arnies Chatroom is moving from its current home on Xombo to the popular Quakenet network.

For those of you who connect via the Java Client (accessible via the ‘Chatroom‘ link at any time), the client should automatically take you to the new home within the next 24 hours.

All users using dedicated IRC clients will need to redirect their IRC clients to, and channel #arniesairsoft.

Anyone requiring additional help or info is advised to check the Chatroom FAQ thread.


Shirley Toy Company FN2000 coming soon…

Details are a little sketchy on this one, but a few eagle-eyed members have spotted this beauty coming soon from Shirley Toy Company :


Yes folks, it’s the much-loved FN2000. Unfortunately at present all we’re able to confirm about Shirley Toy’s FN200 is that it will be an AEG, and that judging from the image, the item will be on the same level of build quality as recent CYMA offerings. If anyone has any more information on the rifle, please feel free to let everyone know either here or on the forums. Thanks!

Real Sword – Chinese Rifles Company!

logo newOkay, so I admit I’ve been a little slow off the mark with this one (especially since I’ve known about this for a week now), but a new Chinese Airsoft manufacturer by the name of Real Sword have popped up on the radar.

Nothing too interesting there you say? Well, here’s where it gets interesting. Instead of just churning out clones of existing main Airsoft players (Marui, etc), Real Sword are offering some distinctly Chinese rifles to the market:

Type 97 Bullpup Assault Rifle



Type 56 Assault Rifle


Type 56-1 Assault Rifle



Type 97 NBB Sniper Rifle


You may notice that a lot of these rifles have a high steel content. This is because quite a lot of the components appear to be actual real steel components. It is rumoured (and I emphasise the word rumoured at the moment) that Real Sword is a a division of a certain well known Chinese defence contractor who shall remain unamed for now, but if there is in any truth in this then I think we can look to expect great quality to the exteriors of Real Sword aegs in the upcoming months.

And it gets better. As we all know, most aegs have slight differences in dimension to their real steel counterparts, due to the necessity of housing the aeg gearbox. Real Sword appear to have gone one better with claims of having ‘100%’ accurate dimensions, through the introduction of a new, thinner gearbox:

56-1 10

The bad news however is that Darklite and Billymak visited Airsoft Heaven (aka Kwong Wa Street in Hong Kong) yesterday, and despite asking around, none of the major retailers (including specialists such as Gunner Airsoft) had heard of Real Sword.

Further bad news: one of these retailers stated that if, as we suspect, these rifles have a high steel (and indeed, real steel) content, that retail prices can be expected to be around the price of a Classic Army rifle.

Regardless, it appears the days of Chinese rifles as just cheap imitations may be numbered!

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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