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G&P M870 series metal body coming soon

G&P have posted pictures of a new metal receiver body for the Maruzen M870 series, that also fit the upcoming masterkey set from G&P. Weight is given as 470g, but no price or release date has been given yet. Thanks go out to
nikoneko for posting the news.

Don’t forget that ANGs have metal barrels available (as previously posted in the news).. so you can now make yourself a full metal masterkey set for a reasonable price.

New gear at ANGS

ANGS have a couple of new items in stock. First up is a “MS2000 Strobo” replica that is BB loader RRP is set at 2,100Yen. they also have a series of custom TRS pistols (Tactical Rail System) based on the TM Samurai Edge. They are quoted as having a range of 50m and a set FPS of 92m/s. In addition to the external addons, harder recoil springs and new valves have been fitted (the internals have also been greased).

Prices vary from 32-34,000Yen depending on which model you’re after. There is one model based on the Samurai Edge, one on the Tac Master and one on the chrome Tac Master (all from TM).

Trijicon ACOG 4X32 Day Optic scope at Echigoya

Echigoya have a new scope in stock, but there’s only going to be a limited production run of 30. Price is set at 11,000 Yen (including tax). They mention that when they are all sold out that there will be no more. The scope is a copy of Trijicon own ACOG 4X32 Day Optic scope (see here).

Latest from CloseAction, (CloseAction) has sent over the latest form them with news that their opening game went down a treat and that they are looking forward to their next:

31st October game is looking good. Following our successful opening game we have listened to players and made some modifications to bunkers. The Alamo now has an all weather base and we have built a completely new all weather bunker known as Schloss Adler.

We still have some hire guns left at 25 all inclusive for the day. Why not check out our website for details and come along to try us out. Tony, (CloseAction)

Flecktarn October updates

Jo at has sent in the latest updates from them (there’s loads and loads of news from them). There’s two new sections on their website to accomodate their expansion into seasonal products and a heap of new products in stock. I don’t know about seasonal products myself, but looking outside the past two days, I don’t think a rubber dingy and plenty of thermal gear would go amiss! Click ReadMore… for the full news updates from Jo.

Urban Assault opens next month

Frank at Fire-Support has sent in an email to let everyone know of a new site that they are due to open next month:

Airsoft Shop Fire-Support and Woodland Airsoft Site
Free Fire Zone are proud to announce the launch of a new Urban Airsoft site
called Urban Assault (email

Located near Peterborough, Cambs, UK
1st game 28th November 2004
Cost 20 walkon, hire guns 40 includes 1700 bb and walkon fee.

Approx 20 buildings , most 2 floors. Multiple entry and exit points.

FPS limits
AEG – 300fps,
bolt action sniper – 380fps (cannot be used to shoot within buildings),
single shot gas pistols – 134A or cybergun gas only (no green or red gas), real support weapons (not AEGs with box mags, M249, M60, RPK) 328 + 5%
(cannot be used to shoot within buildings)
and full auto gas gun limits have yet to be decided.

Frank, (Fire-Support)

Bioval website updated

Click here to visit BioValJust had an update from the Bioval mailing list. Accoridng to the guys there the new site is:

Bioval is back online better than ever. Please check out our new web site: The new TSV is exclusively for Military and Law Enforcement but we will
continue to sell a version for airsoft.

We have opened our first regional office in Hong Kong and have two exclusive
distributors for Europe. As you can see Swiss Arms (ex-SIG !) is our
distributor for Switzerland

For all orders regarding the BBB just drop us a line at the usual email Best wishes
Stefano, (Bioval)

Updates around the world

A2G2 Shop frontPhew, heck of a week. Gotta love remote terminal logins though. :) Quick round up from my mailbox. Armoured Gallery have a new look shop (map here and photo inset). Monster’s in Motion have a new website design on the way just a few days off, and some new models and 12in statues in stock. Glad to see a new website coming at MiM, as to be honest I’m not a great fan of the current layout.

A new editorial article has been added to the website, check it out to see some fun adverts from Peperami. Yes it’s not always Airsoft related, but it should be a good read. Thanks to Frank the UK Airsoft Map is now back on site, and listed on the LHS menu, be sure to check it out for listings of all your local playing fields.

858Airsoft have updated their website with a new “HowTo” guide. The new article covers how to take a TM SIG 552 to pieces and reassemble it. There is also a new guide on upgrading the spring on the SIG552 too.

First Factory have a couple of new parts in. First is a new three hole trigger set for the TM 5.1 and a "type-s" trigger set for the 5.1, there’s also a new threaded unit for the P99 (looks like the fixed slide Maruzen model). Oh.. better not forget their new battery sling unit. Inset to the right is a shot of their Nine-ball project prototype parts for the TM 5.1.

Biodegradable branded BBs tested with some interesting results

Peter Davidsson, ( has sent in some interesting news about the available bio-degradable BBs out there. There’s been some suspicion about bio BBs for a bit on the usual online forums, but there has been no actual scientific test results posted until now:

One of our priorities right now is to push Airsoft into a more environmentally friendly activity. For the most part this is focused on using BBs that are truly biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In light of this we have done lab test on several known brands of BBs (excel, cybergun, bioval). The lab results can be seen here (if you scroll down a bit, there is an English version).

The short version is that the only BB (of the ones we have tested so far) that seems to be really biodegradable and at the same time environmentally friendly is the Bioval BB. We have contacted Excel and ActionSportGames A/S (the exclusive European distributor of Excel) for a comment on the results and they let us know that they are going to have a meeting in Japan next week and will get back to us with more information in the month to come. We will be in touch when this information comes in. Peter Davidsson, (

New SIGARMS GSR kit available at SupremeCo.

Kevin Chau at Supreme Co. has sent me an email to let everyone reading know that they have a new pistol frame/slide set in stock.

The new kit is something a little different from the normal WA frame sets out there, and is a replica of the SIGARMS GSR. The GSR was the first all American
SIG-Sauer pistol. This 1911 style pistol, was first announced by SIGARMS in November ’03 at the National Sporting Goods Wholesalers’ show.
GSR is short for ‘Granite Series Rail’. Whilst based on the 1911 system, the design certainly has the SIG look to it.

Retailing for 344 USD. The new kit requires a donor WA SCW pistol (either version 1 or 2 will do). The GSR kit features an aluminum frame, slide sights, recoil guide and new bearings.

All the latest from

Click here to visit Tacgear.deGordon, ( have dropped me a line with all the latest news from them with some shots of the latest gear:

Hello Arnie!

Some news about our product range, Autumn 2004 (pictures coming soon):

– new, improved Basha
– padded multi purpose pouch for optics/ technical equipment
– different stuff sacks
– insulation matt cover
– rucksack rain cover
– tactical slings

Spring 2005 … we will expand our product range. We will be able to deliver combat clothing, cold weather clothing, bush hats/ field caps/ tactical helmet cover, different combat ruck sacks, bivouac systems and some more news.

Enclosed some pics of our bestsellers Chest Rig Specialist in British, German, German Desert, Danish, Swedish and French camo and our Lightweight Tactical Combat Protection Helmet which is in use with German Special Forces KSK.

Load down our new price list (PDF) from our web site!!!

Take care boyz
Gordon, (

Winter Camo Suit at RussianCombatGear

Sally at RussianCombatGear has dropped over their weekly news. New this week is a Winter Camo Suit (getting to be more useful as the cold weather draws in for the winter):

We have added Soviet Winter Camo Suit. It’s made from 100% cotton. Worn
on top of the regular/winter kit. The suit’s pic is attached. Sally, (RussianCombatGear)

Latest WA releases in at RedWolf

Keith over at RedWolf Airsoft has dropped me a line with some more news from them, including details of the latest WA products, now in stock over at their online shop:

I just wanted to inform you of some exciting new products at RedWolf Airsoft. I’ve attached some pictures here for you. You can get the full story on these products by visiting our site. There are four latest Western Arms pistol in stock now:

1.WA M84FS Silencer Model
2.WA SCW Colt Wild Hawk – Black (HW, Limited Edition)
3.WA Beretta M1934 Mil-Spec Model
4.WA SCW Colt GOV’T CQB Hi-Spec – Two Tone (HW). Thanks Keith Ng, (RedWolf Airsoft)

AE Black 0.20g back in stock at AirsoftGI

Airsoft GI have dropped over new that they have the AE black BBs back in stock. Useful if you don’t want your BBs to be visible, or conversely if you play up in Iceland and want your BBs to be seen (a big hi to the readers up there by the way smile):

Hello Arnie, Airsoft Elite Black 0.2G bbs is now in stock at Airsoft GI. If you do not want your enemy to see where you are shooting from, this is the bb you want to use.

Thank you for posting it =) Sales, (Airsoft GI)

Random stuff at NASA

As is usual sometimes I thought it was time for a random post about something that has nothing to do with Airsoft. I’ve been having a dig around the ‘net for interesting odds and ends, and thought I’ve have a look for ISS (International Space Station) related links.

One of the most fun links I found was a tracking page for all orbiting satellites and man made bodies above the Earth. J-Track 2.5 allows you to see all of these things, if you go to the spacecraft link you can see the orbiting spacecraft up there, now click on one of interest (like the station), the yellow text bottom right will change to reflect your selection, now you can click on the world map to see when it will next pass over your location. For example the ISS will travel over the UK at about 5:24am later on this morning. There’s a 3d version of this as well. (shots courtesy NASA)

Whilst we’re on the NASA subject, check out their gallery for some amazing photos including shots of Ivan (nice to see a decent Canon EOS up there with them). If you get really board at any point you can always tune into NASA TV for live and scheduled programmes. Never realised it myself, but the ISS currently weighs over 181 tonnes… that’s getting pretty big.

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