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JAG Precision: Troy battle axe grip by Madbull

JAG Precision are recommending the Troy battle axe grip from Madbull:

Check out how to upgrade your AR15 or XCR into a more compact PDW style platform with the MadBull Airsoft Troy Battle Axe Grips. Several colors and the motor option in the package you cannot go wrong with this setup.

Read more here:


(JAG Precision)

Gunfire stock update 31st May 2016

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Hi, two new deliveries in Gunfire:

Electro River –



WileyX –



Airsoft Atlanta May newsletter

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:


School’s finally out! – Gear up for the summer! Airsoft Atlanta is fully stocked for the summer vacation. Get out and have some fun! Lots of new products out recently, including some higher end guns, BBs, HPA equipment, etc.
WE FILL HPA TANKS – yes, stop in for a tank refill to its maximum PSI (3000 to 4500 PSI), $3 or $5 fills respectively. We have an awesome compressor to fill it to the brim!
New guns from Classic Army, E&L (Gen 2), PHX15 VFC, and much more. Lots of G&G in our warehouse, ready to ship. The G&G Wild Hogs are a staff favorite here.
As always, we ship online orders same-day if you order before 5pm (UPS ground shipping), or next business day after 5pm, or Monday if over the weekend.

PMrvGGsgl3Rcnil3MzJVgnogYAqt1jvVEBw5mKI898uXco0ZJZiCfxeHw1pQbbcN6kuaUpf_MmY-c5P-lbi2KEkXPiS0V29uPZXGQP_ctPo8=s0-d-e1-ftKWA AKR-74M ERG
Our Price: $279.95

New for 2016, the KWA AK ‘recoil’ ERG AEG is amazing gun! Realistic recoil and shooting characteristics. KWA quality too! This is a fantastic gun to shoot. Newly released last month. Check it out:

Sf7yyyH4Cr7MlRnxPzIOl0MRymEOu5u7J3jgmk8Eaiq3cU6Pu3LJzye9c8q7xna7YA48bhER6WO8sgF_y3wBYkF3mHPlw944PF07o8oLSyRT=s0-d-e1-ftJAG ARMS – VFC PHX15 AEGs
Our Price: $309.99+

New from JAG Arms, the VFC made PHX15 AEGs are excellent quality, all metal, yet lightweight airsoft M4 guns. Uses all standard M4 parts, along with a custom M-Lok style rail system.

2jfKYEcQ3CLO_dijklrsgzIqHLrQ3k2xukETQ_weMSVfyIaSolGpkyN1jNWlMtVJMAYatzRhslsrpSGVDmFQgaJ2GDA0ouw8GAsxdke0lUl2Dd1rmFnSQw=s0-d-e1-ftNinja 90/4500 SUPERLITE Air Tanks
Our Price: $234.99

Brand new Ninja 90/4500 SUPERLITE tanks are the absolute best HPA tanks money can buy. Extremely lightweight, yet very large air capacity. The lightest carbon fiber tanks around. We’re very impressed with them. SLP and non-SLP styles available, both of which include the V2 regulator.

1FXTzvdCgOpbllgoYaDLfw1feGhDw3sxFD10JPLmzOxE3f3ESwvtcWqJ1zFcNHra3tP7i7UufwGezRLRKzRDj8K3DF-VQdSd443UOUa7al-W=s0-d-e1-ftClassic Army M4 KM10-12 Keymod M4 Skirmish
Our Price: $164.99

Classic Army is killing it with their new AEG gun lineup this year. Bang for the buck, they are pretty awesome. Now available in dark earth (tan) for the KM series. High quality polymer exterior, with metal gearbox, etc. Package includes battery and charger.


  • Lower prices on many in-stock products
  • In-stock inventory status on all products online
  • Low flat-rate shipping on all orders
  • Lots of newly discounted clearance and ‘Salvage Garden’ guns online – one of a kind deals!
  • See website for more details on shipping HERE


Airsoft Atlanta is now stocking tons of new brands and airsoft merchandise. Be sure to check out our ‘new products’ section for the newest products. As always, we ship same day if you order before 5pm – or next business day after 5pm. We’ve expanded out USPS Priority Mail shipping to save you money. International orders ship via Priority mail to most countries. If you have any questions, feel free to call us as well. Check it all out here Learn More»

(Airsoft Atlanta)

eHobbyAsia removal sale

eHobbyAsia are having a moving sale:

Removal Sale – Guns – Up to 10% Off

                     – Accessories – Up to 20% Off



5.11 tactical overwatch carry on bag special offer

Military 1st have a special offer on the 5.11 tactical overwatch carry on bag:

15% off black 5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On Bag.

For a limited time only save £18.90!


Clever 5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On blends a duffel, shooting mat and garment bag into one compact, lightweight and easy to carry package.

Find out more at Military 1st online store at

(Military 1st)

Danger Zone Customs open day 4th June

DZC LogoAirsoft tactical gear manufacturer Danger Zone Customs are having an open day at their workshop in Manchester on 4th June. Their website is currently getting its final touches and will be live on Monday at, you can also find them on Facebook at

We are Danger Zone Customs, a Manchester based airsoft tactical gear manufacturer and media company.

We are opening the doors on our workshop/studio on 4th of June and would like to welcome you to come down and take a look at what we are doing. The weekend of the 4th is our Grand Opening Weekend and we’ll be offering 10% off on all products over the weekend.

Danger Zone Customs Logo

We’re also having a little competition! We’re asking people to come down with their load out and tell us on film what airsoft means to them and you’ll get 3 entries into our prize draw to win 1 of each product from all DZC product lines for life. So when we bring out a new line of gear, we will contact them to confirm any custom options and send it out at no cost to them. (Online entries accepted for 1 entry into the competition at deadline for entries is 12th June.

Our website (live on Monday) at
Our Facebook is
Address is 27A Long Wood Road, Trafford Park, M17 1PZ.
Telephone is 07840 384896

(Danger Zone Customs)

RedWolf Airsoft Memorial Day weekend sale – 10% off

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

ARES Remington MS338 & MS700 Now Available For Pre-Order



G5ZkuzedwypTJ_vtzJUofBthzmgdFHkNDweoihoZADMVcTyWKeJLaZSmthr6drPTrGYsCfpPkKCNzrHox39fyIySlFiNgMQcCD4JP7sewugs2qT0IWmmCPxx50IfDtf0=s0-d-e1-ftPlan Beta I.C.U. 2.0 Tacticam Intergrated Camcorder Unit
The Plan Beta I.C.U. 2.0 Tacticam Intergrated Camcorder Unit is an upgrade version of its predecessor Plan Beta I.C.U. Integrated Camcorder Unit. Plan Beta’s ICU 2.0 is the first HD Tactical camera for Airsoft and training. It captures your best shooting scenes so you can view, edit, and share them with your friends.


nLc46IbCWLJzLIBEJhvsb3kFsGL7L0_K7AK2RboHhESpcTZkWcCL4fcpPuuYBOWQyDINx18ky2wBoaa8f27h4-BKkIcJi-RUdt_Y5oCGIs7NtTLSl3Z1tcMn33atjrHv=s0-d-e1-ftRWA Agency Arms Urban Combat Pistol Set
The real steel Agency Arms Urban Combat pistol takes customization to a whole different level. The cuts and serrations are there to reduce weight and increase shooter manipulation. The Flat faced trigger is smooth, the pull is already short stroked and the reset, crisp. The framework is intelligently stippled and has curves in all the right places. Altogether, make for an amazing shooting experience.

Unit Price: USD$375.00 (Cerakote Agency Grey)
Unit Price: USD$295.00 (Black Anodized)

uyf3mK9FLkh1QvucVyykTlJ4h5OUezbFmINAj7uKcQx1OoSzbDBRddsJ10qDT0dFEOoa5KnK5Ek2IlxZy9PulLWTJHDpgJX0hkx5VwTdmAGlbiDIQUHNeYpFi5hg6cEp=s0-d-e1-ftAirsoft Surgeon RWA Infinity CNC Aluminum Grip Set
The Airsoft Surgeon Infinity grips are made not only to enhance a shooter’s performance, but also to improve the aesthetics of a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa. Modeled after Infinity Firearms they are the most realistic pistol grips in the Airsoft market today. Most competition holsters are designed for the Infinity Traditional Square trigger guard and since specifications are very much the same, you will have no trouble fitting the Airsoft Surgeon grip into a real steel competition shooting holster.


rkRcfpyzu3x-lsnd8nf_3vnj5GITdaI6NeXA9mMdAgXSaRH6ySoes1ukVh5MU7bhQnpIP11CFT_P6XqP_R1IRoE3HG21q6nsMvCsxk_bGflLMUiQ0dBai4UhU-V5htKurnq6=s0-d-e1-ftSOG Seraphim 35 Backpacks – 35L Hypalon Molle (Grey)
The SOG Seraphim is designed to be the pack that does it all by carrying everything in its voluminous 35L main compartment. Any extra or bulky gear can be cinched on to the pack?s shock cord tie downs, attached to the Hypalon MOLLE field, or strapped inside the fold-down panel. In addition, the unique integrated long item carry caters to the adventurer that needs to carry an axe, fishing rod, bow, or rifle. Combining these external features with the pack internal organizing components make it one of the best and versatile 35L packs on the market.

bMtibUMlkLOch7PpbyYjor-U6PEmUuPJW88F_IGafTiC5BY940l-SoH-_8Y_XQdmDoORrc0YVo3F2Q4h7hQFZ7I4zPejGmLBcYaX8jJFtqXdWPfohKINdd9x4mg31gB9bA=s0-d-e1-ftSOG Seraphim 35 Backpacks – 35L Hypalon Molle (Black)
The SOG Seraphim is designed to be the pack that does it all by carrying everything in its voluminous 35L main compartment. Any extra or bulky gear can be cinched on to the pack?s shock cord tie downs, attached to the Hypalon MOLLE field, or strapped inside the fold-down panel. In addition, the unique integrated long item carry caters to the adventurer that needs to carry an axe, fishing rod, bow, or rifle. Combining these external features with the pack internal organizing components make it one of the best and versatile 35L packs on the market.

HPGP_goiljQ6DEs3rK1l7k9WE9qy1Xlh9UhRr32eiHGulSSePIQM7xaBvfkritIpduAe0n0UOuv_H15H1iiwZ4HkzQH6LtkCuf_dlJxXXku3BavkR23y9D4Enl6_d0MfKw=s0-d-e1-ftKWC M712 6mm Full Metal CO2 Version
One of our best selling pistols, the KWC M712 is based on the Mauser Schnellfeuer 712 Broomhandle which is a pistol which is capable of shooting in full auto with speed and a kick that will shock you to your very core. If you are looking for an M712 Airsoft replica, then look no further. Out of all the models available on the market, this is only full metal blowback version, which ALSO shoots semi and full auto (user selectable). It’s the best value for money ever.

9e-0UdxHgsjcIK6PXYmp0TPTKhHuV8qJMGeDCR1JgVptD7D6mTapRqwZtAQG8S9Miuv26zo_VzMbtzNQd9f3tW55THTihX99t8xlFqcIZURb9__e105wqnmYSUWv-afo_A=s0-d-e1-ftPrometheus EG Barrel 6.03mm L: 370mm for Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBB
The Prometheus EG Barrel 6.03mm L: 370mm for Tokyo Marui M4A1 GBB is a very high quality tight bore barrel crafted from stainless steel. Though expensive you know you’ll be getting a long lasting barrel made to very high tolerances.


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Bank Holiday bargains at Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have a special offer on cans of Ultrair this weekend:

5 cans of ULTRAIR for £30 – while stocks last – offer ends 30/05/16!

coupon code – ‘5 FOR 30’

Happy Bank Holiday shopping!

The Pro Airsoft Supplies Team

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

Shield sights at Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies have some new items in stock:

MINI SIGHT 1 MOAWe are now stocking SHIELD sights !
In use by the British regular army and Special Forces, as well as US, Australian, New Zealand Special Forces and other NATO forces.
The 1MOA & 65 MOA ring sight is perfect when used on a shotgun.
You may know the Shield Mini Sight as the Firepoint, Tasco Optima, Trijicon RedDot or JPoint.

CQS 4MOAFor this weekend only they will be discounted by 5%

See them here:…/Shield-Sights.html

The Pro Airsoft Supplies Team

Join us at our first-ever Airsoft Event on the 5th of June 2016 at AWA Herts.
Places are limited so pre-book today and get two free smoke grenades!I

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

Gunfire stock update 27th May 2016

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Latest deliveries in Gunfire.



Under Armour –


Leatherman –


Specna Arms –


Modify –



Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack at Military 1st

Military 1st have sent over details of the Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack they are stocking:

Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack in Wolf Gray colour is in stock now at Military 1st online store.

maxpedition_fatboy_wolf_1Made of durable 1050D ballistic Nylon, Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack features a spacious main compartment, numerous outside pouches and external PALS webbing, strong shoulder strap with detachable non-slip pad, and demountable waist belt with side release buckle.

Ample and robust, with reliable YKK zippers, double stitched stress points and DuPont Teflon finish, this bag is an excellent gear organiser.

Moreover, it is complete with Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Find more details at Military 1st online store.

Free UK delivery and returns.

(Military 1st)

New RedWolf brand ambassador – Novritsch

RedWolf Airsoft have a new brand ambassador:

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to announce our newest brand ambassador – Novritsch!


We at RedWolf are very excited with Novritsch joining the RedWolf Team and looking forward bringing the community a better airsoft experience together with Robo Murray, Lanny Barnes, and Tracy Barnes. Please join us and welcome Novritsch joining the wolf pack.

(RedWolf Airsoft)

Airsoft GI Memorial day sale, coupon code & mystery box

Airsoft GI have a range of special offers to mark Memorial Day:

24% Savings Coupon Code:
This Memorial Day weekend you can save money on your order with the coupon code "MEMORIAL". Apply the code on your next order from 5/27 00:00 through 5/30 @ 23:59!


MAP Price Drop:
Look out for great deals that will be automatically applied on select brands starting 5/27! Brands like Echo 1, Jag Arms, Elite Force and more are going to have map pricing dropped for a limited time!


Memorial Day Mystery Box:
Contained in this Mystery Box is the Krytac LVOA, KWA Full Metal KM4 SR10, Elite Force H&K G28 DMR, and a Monster Box filled with over $3300 worth of Airsoft firepower! There are 200 boxes available and all of them contain a gun that’s worth more than what you are paying! The Memorial Day Mystery Boxes are on sale for $169.99, for that price you are guaranteed at least $179.99 MSRP worth of merchandise! You may win big and snag that Monster Box!

memorialday_mb_prod (1)

(Airsoft GI)

PTS Syndicate – PTSR Enhanced Rail SectionT ERS – M-LOK

MLOKRS_01 We hereby announce that PTS® Enhanced Rail Section™ ERS™ – M-LOK will available in June 2016.

PTS® Enhanced Rail Section™ ERS™ – M-LOK

Item Code:

PT136450307 – 3 Slots

PT137450307 – 5 Slots

PT138450307 – 7 Slots

PT139450307 – 9 Slots

PT140450307 – 11 Slots


MLOKRS_02 The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Rail Sections™ (ERS™) – M-LOK are lightweight low profile 1913 rail sections, made out of one of the strongest and an EP series hallmark Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer. The double chamfered ends reduce snagging and are comfortable to index against. Available in 5 different lengths: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 slots.


-       Lightweight and low profile design

-       Specially made for M-LOK mounting system.

-       Sturdy reinforced polymer


•    Color – Black

•    Dimension – 150 x 70 x 12mm (appox. w/ packaging)

•    Weight – 50g (approx. w/ packaging)

•    Material –Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Compatibility –  M-LOK mount points

ICS new accessory–Sniper stock UKSR is coming soon

ICS have shared details of their new sniper stock:


      It is exciting to let you know we are ready to release our new “Sniper Stock”, UKSR.

When it comes to sniper stock, it should provide the adjustable cheek piece and adjustable length. ICS UKSR offers 12 levels to be adjusted for the snipers. Additionally, UKSR has the large battery space that you can put 11.1V Lipo easily. Especially, you can remove the UKSR butt pad quickly and easily, the important thing for Airsoft players; Only with one coin, you can change the battery without any tool. Moreover, UKSR is compatible with M4 stock tubes from most of the brands in the market. ICS UKSR offers a fine-tuned and customized touch to every Airsoft player.

UKSR Brochure:


UKSR Product Video:

There are more UKSR material, please click to download it.


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