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Wilson Combat Licensing Available Now! (Impact Sports Game Kingdom) has just announced yet another real steel firearms company has issued licence agreements to ISGK to replicate their products. This time Wilson Combat has joined the fray. Currently there are 14 other companies that have agreements with and include:wil

ISGK is a worldwide licensing center.

We help Airsoft manufacturer to get authorized Trademark, Tradedress, and Logos from firearms companies. We also help firearms companies to enforce the unauthorized copies all over the world.

RSOV new products in stock

As many of you know JG in conjunction with Echo1 USA have released a version of the famous H&K 416 and has these in stock right now! Also up on the site they have the AKS 74 by Boyi which also looks out standing!



New G&P accessories

G&P have sent in a  quick update with a list of their new products:

Hello, we have release new products!!

GP428  MK46 Fix Stock (Black)
GP724B  Dual Offset Rail Interface
GP754  SPR Front Sight
GP755  Screw Key


Best Regards, G&P Industrial Co., Ltd

New Mad Bull Airsoft gear

Mad Bull Airsoft have a couple of new products out. First there’s a rather funky compensator and then there’s a couple of new gas block designs:

Dear friends,

We just got the following products released:

(1) Two models of DNTC 2 tones color are just released! The color is almost 100% match to the real deal. Here is the link. Same price: MSRP: $33


(2) Gas Blocks: Two nice looking gas blocks which can replace your M4/ M16 front sight.
Top rail MSRP: $22,4 sides rails: $33 (link)

Gas Block 1 Rail_04

Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

Update: Fulda Gap Scenario Game – Nov 17-18th

Jack “Kamikaze” Richmond, Administrator of has mailed in an update concerning the news that was sent in relating to the game at Fulda Gap, at CDWC (Formerly CDP) between the 17th and 18th of November (original post here):

I am Jack “Kamikaze” Richmond, Administrator of

I would like to make some corrections to the news listing you have posted.

The price will be $30 for the weekend and $15 for either day singly, not $50 (Pre-reg) and $60 at the door.

Registration for Fulda Gap Airsoft will be opening on 11/2 or 11/3 as soon as pre-reg closes for the Paintball version.

There is plenty of room for camping onsite.  Due to the drought, ground Fires will be prohibited, but raised portable fire pits are acceptable.

The 400fps with a .25g bb limit still stands.  All SAWs or Sniper class weapons must be approved.

Planning and team selection is currently occurring on the forums.

Thanks in advance for updating this info.

Jack “Kamikaze” Richmond
SG-12 Airsoft Admin
Owner, Big Boy Toys (

Echo1 USA 614

Echo 1 USA, the leaders in the US for low cost, reliable and what now seems unique products has now announced the release of there new product. The Echo-614. As you can guess this is a replica of the popular HK 416.

echo614 ECHO-614 will be available soon!

  • Metal Bushing and Spring guide.
  • Pre-upgraded just like all other ECHO1 AEG.
  • Plastic body with laser engraving.
  • Provide warranty and local customer service in USA.

Best Regards,

Find mini Arnie win gear!

The Airsoft QMS team have mailed in some details of a competition that they are running on their site. It’s kind of a “Where’s Wally” style job, but instead you’re looking for this site’s cartoon character:


The Airsoft QMS Find The Mini Arnie Competition

We have decided to run a competition to celebrate our new forum on ArniesAirsoft (thanks for that by the way Arnie) .

(Click here for an example of what you are looking for it is also 1 out of the 10 you are looking for)

Find him to be in with a chance to win the following prizes:

1st Prize Classic Army G36 with Battery and two High Cap magazines.

2nd Prize WE 1911 Tactical with two spare magazines or a KING Arms EoTech replica.

3rd Prize Phantom Rifle Carry Bag in Khaki.

How to enter the competition:

av-1 1, Search our product pages for “mini Arnie” (10 in total) right click on the images hit properties and copy the full ULRs .

2, Create an E-mail and list all 10 ULRs along with your User Name, Real Name, Address and UKARA registration number. Remember to put  I FOUND ARNIE in the subject line.

3, Send it to

Rules of the competition:

1, You can only enter the competition once.

2, If you are not a UKARA registered skirmisher and you win the top price, you will have the chance to pick something from our product range to the value of the Classic Army G36.

3, Only entries by E-mail will be accepted

4, I am afraid the competition is only open to the UK.

5, Competition will start on the 1st of November (that when the images will be changed) Until the 1st of December (to give those that are not yet part of UKARA time to get registered).  Winners will be picked at random and announced on the 3rd of December.

Thanks everyone and good luck, (The Airsoft QMS team)

TM EBB pre-order at RedWolf

In from RedWolf is news that they are taking pre-orders for the new TM EBBs:

Hi there, Just to let you know we are taking pre-orders for the Marui Mac 10 AEP and P99 EBB – with 5% discounts off the retail price for pre-orders.


Kai Wong (Marketing & Advertising, RedWolf Airsoft Specialist Ltd)

Full review of Dytac’s Multicam products

Having written up a review on Magpul’s CTR and MIAD products in Multicam, I decided to publish reviews on other products coated in Hydrographic film using 100% authentic CRYE Multicam.

This time we cover all of Dytac’s multicam product, read the full review here.

all 3 (Medium) This is the second in a series of reviews on parts coated in Crye Precision’s Multicam Hydrographic Film. This time we bring you parts coated and sold by a new company on the market called Dynamic Tactical.

Currently Dynamic Tactical has only 3 products available at the moment, but looking at their web site it seems they are gearing up to produce a lot more. The 3 products are their IBH Helmet, Vertical fore grip and finally their M16/M4 magazines.

Deadrag Airsoft Radio

Shawn over at Deadrag sent us the following.

DeadRag_banner Introducing Deadrag radio! Deadrag radio is a podcast/download about all things Airsoft! We have a new show 1-2 times a month.

Our mission:
DeadRag Airsoft Radio is your source for airsoft news, reviews, tactics, team coverage game and OP reviews. We feature a guest on every show that talks about the area of their specialty including gun and gear tech, tactics, milsim and anything else they want! DeadRag staff cover teams, games and retailers as well as any OPs we travel to.

Episode 7 is up!
We talk to Paul Monaf, the Publishing Director and creator of Airsoft International Magazine! Ever wanted to host an OP? We tell you how. Ep 7 features a full review of the CA SLR-105 A1 Compact Wood and Steel version and the SAS thigh holster from AEX. We also go over the proper way to transition to a sidearm. DeadRag is brought to you by Airsoft Extreme.

Episode 8 – Bulldog Special is up!
This episode chronicles Jeff, and my experiences at operation Bulldog II a John Lu and Best of USA Marketing Airsoft Operation at Fort Hood, Texas. We changed the music and format up in this one and hope you enjoy it! Next episode will be a standard episode and we have ALOT of gear to review for you guys.

Listen to the show at or on Itunes!

AirSplat – November Specials

Kent over at AirSplat has mailed in their November update. There’s a lot, so click the link to jump to the full post:

AirSplat Exclusive – HFC VSR-10 Spring & Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle. Buy for the HFC Spring VSR-10 and Get the Gas BOLT for FREE! Shoots at 430 FPS!
HFC VSR10 Airsoft Gas & Spring Sniper Gun Wood ONLY $109.95
HFC VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Gas & Spring Rifle ONLY $109.95

New Spring Airsoft Pistols Packages – Eye Protection & Sticky Target FREE:

HFC HK USP P8 Spring Airsoft Gun Pistol $18.95
HFC G17 Spring Airsoft Gun Pistol $18.95
HFC M9 Spring Airsoft Gun Pistol $18.95
HFC P99 Spring Airsoft Gun Pistol $16.95

WELL VSR-10 MB03 Scope & Bipod Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle
ONLY $59.95
Red Dot Scope Holographic EOTech 551 & 552
ONLY $99.95

Full Range of Super Hi-Cap and Hi Cap Magazines

A&K M Series Electric AEG Box Magazine $39.95 Well MP5 Super Hi Capacity 500 Round Airsoft Magazine $14.95 Well R4 MP7 AEG Electric Hi Cap Magazine $14.95

Read the rest of this entry »

MadBull Chrono finished, first shots

Mad Bull have sent over the first shots of their production chrono unit:

Dear Friends,

After the long wait, (2 months?), we have finally finished all the testing and fixed all of the small problems.

Thanks go to JAG Precision (US distributor) ‘s for helping to find some small flaws in the design.

Also, thanks for Jasslin (our chief design for electronic parts)’s efforts to make this item be small, reliable and durable.

chrono-2 chrono

Now, this item is almost closed to final status and is ready to release.

You can expect to order this item in the middle or late November.

MSRP: $99.

Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

JP Rifles in at JAG

JAG Precision now have JP Rifles in, here’s the latest from them:


Finally, we now have JP Rifles in the USA! We have to say that this is one of the best and cheapest A-convert kits in the market today!

There are 3 models available. All come with extra barrels and free float handguards.

JP Full size handguard (#JPF) and JP Carbine handguard (#JPC) come with “4” different length barrels.

Meaning that when you buy one model you can actually achieve four different looks!

Today, we installed the 24″ barrel (#JPF) onto a full size handguard. We think that this is probably the longest M4 Sniper kit available in the market. Plus, it just downright looks good! Giving it a more modern and fancy look.

About the JP Mid size handguard (JPM), we have to strongly emphasize that It only comes with one extra barrel. That means you can only achieve 2 different looks. However, the first style you have to use your original M4 barrel and keep your original front sight. The front sight will insert into the cut of the handguard in our very special design. Very similar to original dissipator style barrel designed in early 90’s.

Now for killer price: (MSRP)

#JPF: $130
#JPM: $99
#JPC: $115

(JAG Precision)

OPSEC double bill

Radar, (OPSEC AirsoftRadio) has mailed in their latest with details of two shows they’ve posted. Here’s the latest from the guys there:

Hey Arnie,

It’s been a while since our last release notice but to make up for it, we have a double update. On Sunday the 21st we had our in-store broadcast at Airsoft Options ( in Covina, CA. The first half hour of that show was riddled with problems and the audio couldn’t be saved. Thankfully one of the audience who’s a pro-audio guru stepped up and gave us a much needed hand. By The time the show was over, there were 2 major wildfires next to the studio. On the following Monday, we were forced to evacuate meaning no access to the systems where the podcast was being cut. We finally got back into the studio on Wednesday and have uploaded the 21st show, which is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link:

*October 21st Program*

  • New Items of Interest
  • Main Topic: Buying Used Airsoft Items (How not to get screwed)
  • Weather from on High
  • Tak’s Gun History

*Right Click to Download* 24.3MB, 1h:00m:39s

Show Notes: Link

With all that being said, onto last night’s show. With both Tak and Jem gone, the skeleton crew of OPSEC pushed on to produce one of the best shows we’ve had in a while. Many callers, the revival of an old and almost forgotten bit and not too bad of a main topic to boot. The show is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link:

*October 25th Program*

  • National Airsoft Events
  • New Items of Interest
  • Main Topic: Chinese Airsoft; Saviors or Demons
  • Tak’s Airsoft History
  • NEW Master Debater!

Shameless Plugs

*Right Click to Download* 48.9MB, 2h:02m:14s

Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC AirsoftRadio)

OP: New Dawn – 5th November

While I’m adding news we’ve had news of an event by the name of OP: NEW DAWN on the 3rd of November at Camp Parks Military Reservation:

OPERATION NEW DAWN In the tradition of Operation Lion Claws, Ranger tactical war games continue in Camp Parks Military Reservation.  This November Echo CO and Foxtrot CO, will battle each other in the shadows of War Lord Miller and his Shadow Squad.

On Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 2007, combine your tactics with physical endurance and experience a complete Military Simulation.


Brought to you by:,
Register at AEX, Gamepod or

Produced by: Best of USA Marketing
Home of Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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