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A few updates from the globe

Just time for a few more updates until I have to call it a day for the news updates until tomorrow.

Over at AD Yuki has posted that the TM M14 has been delayed until the 9th of August. Over at AirsoftScotland there’s offers on pyros, a new Intellect 1200mA NiMh 8.4V Mini and they’ve also got my favourite VFC Remington CA870 (full metal)
in stock now.

CAW have launched a revised BB shower grenade called the 180P, most likely due to the recent appearance of better/cheaper 40mm gas grenades from more available sources (such as MadBull).

Echigoya have a few new items listed over at their Tokyo shop including the revised WA 40 Shorty, the KSC HK33 AEG (priced at 33,705 Yen) and also the new TM ProLight which includes a rechargable battery pack.

JTech have added some new bits to their pages including a new camera bag, Ak scope mount, and items such as a air force helmet bag and new "flaoting vest system". More updates later on in the morning.

KSC HK33 sample at LA GunShop

Over at LA Gunshop’s news page they’ve added shots and a video of the new KSC HK33 AEG. They have a production sample at the moment, so far they’ve said that it’s quite solid and doesn’t creak that much compared to a standard plastic TM model.

KSC’s logo is quite nicely hidden on the magazine catch apparently, and the movie (hosted here if you want it) shows how the AEG operates when the magazine is empty.

More on the WA-SIIS Desert Eagle

I’ve been sent in a bit of anonymous info (well it’s left anonymous unless the author want’s his name placed against it) about the WA/KWC/G&P pistol that has recently appeared, you can also see it on the SIIS front page, and I’m sure it was mentioned briefly before on the news page too. Anyway here’s the details so far:

I have some underground info about the Desert Eagle SIIS.

WA-SIIS Desert Eagle is made with KWC Desert Eagle frame/slide and outer barrel.
WA have then fitted the MAGNA blow back system inside.

You were right everything of this have been made with license, SIIS (aka Sekito) have a license from Cybergun for Desert Eagle guns.

This WA will only been sold by the Japanese wholesaler Sekito, because as
you can see you wont find any news on WA website about this product. Anon

New pistols at AirSplat

Click here to visit AirSplatKent Wu over at has sent in details of the WE/PHX pistol that they are now stocking plus details of a CO2 magazine for them:

We now have the WE / PHX Hi Capa 5.1 All Metal Gas Blowback Fully Trademarked, located at available for $124.95.

In addition to that we have a new CO2 magazine for this gun, no modifications required. A GBB gun using CO2! No adapter, no modifications, just the magazine. Were the ONLY company to have this available in the WORLD.

Also we have prototypes of future models to be release before the end of the year.

Other than that, we have the CA M249s for $925, M15 CQB for $410, Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter, amongst other specials available on our site. Kent, (Air Splat)

TM M14 news from Marui Airsoft

According to the lads at Marui Airsoft there’s some news on the Tokyo Marui M14 AEG, here’s what they had to say about it:

Just like to pass on some information regarding the M14 that is soon to be released from Tokyo Marui. We got word recently from Marui themselves that the M14 is set to be released on August 11th.

There is just one problem that they might have. They have not produced enough M14s for the demand. They didnt expect to have quite this much demand for this gun. They have only built enough to probably supply Japan but they might also be able to send a few cartons out to various retailers, if they have any left over. There was in the end 3 times the demand than what Marui have produced.

So some people might be in for a small wait until Marui can make their next batch of M14s. Of course we also will endeavour to get as many of the M14s in ASAP which is just a couple days after release.


(Staff at Marui Airsoft)

Updates from various places

Well there’s heaps going on at the moment so I’ll do my best to cover it all to get things back up to date on here.

Over at G&P they’ve launched what look to be copies of the older WA designed Desert Eagle GBB pistols. There’s a two tone long barrel version, a two tone short barrel version, and then a black short barrel and long barrel model. Each weighs in at around a kilo and is made from ABS plastic and uses a copy of the ‘WA Magna Gas Blowback’ valve mechanism. There’s no mention as to if it’s licensed or not, but seeing as they specifically mention WA’s name I’d hazard a guess that there’s some form of agreement there.

Tokyo Marui have updated their site with details of their electric M93r release (thanks go to Nuno for the heads up on that one). A straight translation of the text there gives the following half readable gobbledygook (sorry I’d tidy it up some more but I’m short on time at the moment):

Real profound impression from adoption of many metal parts
“Metal make die-cast” large number you adopt the principal part of the section, have reproduced model cancer/gun similar […], even with the electromotive cancer/gun. The response which comes with of gross weight 810g is intolerable!

Boosting charge of 1 hour cost only 1 Yen and give 350-500 shots!
It is source of all powers, “100 Yen lighter/writer” extent it points largely and serves and loading the 7.2V micro battery. Also “350 – 500 departure” are discharge possible with boosting charge of 1 hour. The connector excluded difficult installation and removal altogether, adopting “quick change system”. Taking in and out very simplicity. Gas unnecessary! Actualizing the high performance which during 1 year is stabilized

With semi to full change, 15 shotsper seconds in automatic
Selector at levers 1 “single-engine running fire” instantaneously change possibility! ! The trigger just is pulled can discharge the BB bullet “of 15 departure to 1 seconds”.
* Note: Running fire speed changes with charge state.

Efficiency every season of the year
It generates power for 18 years old and or more the discharges securely “with any environment! Operates the “electromotive gun” does not choose the time and the place through four seasons.
During patent several case applying (PAT.P)

Variable hop-up system to achieve superior accuracy!
You stretch “the brass make inner barrel” of high accuracy and flying distance substantially, the “variable hop up system”. And with power above electromotive system designing and 18 years old of the ideal which locks firmly flying distance 50m over! The air software gun boundary highest efficiency which these fuse in the higher-order origin is shown.
* Note: Accuracy changes individual difference, with the weight of the BB bullet

The micro gear was loaded the “ultimate heart”
The high performance “micro mechanic BOX” which is crystal of technology was called the impossibility so far, “power for 18 years old or more” and high improvement of efficiency of “battery fuel economy” were actualized. You show the durable efficiency above electromotive cancer/gun rifle type equality and clearing the discharge test of “30,000 departure”! The long time research result is was proven “the mechanic” freely. (Tokyo Marui)

Marushin have also updated their pages with details of some revised products, including the black ABS 8mm GBB Automag, 8mm M1 Garand, and a silver version of their ‘Unlimited’ 8mm Revolver (you can find some more detailed shots of the older black version on this page here).

Also before I forget Gregor has added a new video online that you can find further detail to in the forums here. You should be able to find them in the skirmish section over at AATV.

There’s more to add as usual, but I’m getting there at least :)

XMPB4 at RedWolf UK

Well my favouite gas grenades from MadBull are now available from RedWolf Airsoft UK. The XMPB4 paintball grenades (or ‘BB-shower ‘units) can be loaded with standard paintballs, powder or BBs (and combinations thereof) and power can be adjusted depending on what type of gas you’d like to use in them. The details are as follows:

XM-PB4: Muti-functions grenade. We have several patents on this model. This model has 6 times more gas capacity than other grenades.

(1) Spread out 4 rounds 0.68″ paintballs. (RED gas is the best to shoot paintballs.)
(2) Easily load around 100 rounds B.B. and shoot out all at once. * Best way to re-use seconds or used BBs. (If you fill CO2, it will be extremely powerful!)

(3) Smoke Grenade: Fill baby powder into it and use it as a smoke grenade. * (HOT!!!)
(4) The best power source of NERF: Insert NERF into the launcher barrel and use the huge volume of gas as the power.
* You need to put a piece of paper or cotton in front of the grenade. (RedWolf Airsoft UK)

ASH Bash report at Redwolf

Well ASH Bash is now sadly over for this year (yes I know it’s still listed on the events section on the LHS but I’ve not had a chance to update that section yet). ASH Bash is held by the guys at Airsoft Hawaii and is one of the largest Airsoft events held every year.

Paul over at RedWolf has added his own write up of the event online which you can see on the RedWolf website here, do be sure to check that one out. The HALO suit (and also here) that someone turned up in was pretty amazing.

I didn’t have the time to get over to the event this year myself sadly, but there’s always next year.

Also Pat was kind enough to send a photo of the guys from ARMs infront of all the banners this year, which you can see inset to the left.

Checkout the article by Paul for the rest of the shots and write up.

CA249 at Airsoft Warehouse

Barry at Airsoft Warehouse has news that the CA249 is now in stock with them at the rather nice price of 650UKP (well 649.99):

Classic Army M249 Now in Stock:

Airsoft Warehouse are proud to present the long awaited Classic Army M249.

We have delivered our pre-ordered weapons and on a first come first served basis, the next few out of the door will include: 1 bottle of .25 EXCEL BB, Link rounds for attaching to the 2500Rd Hi Cap Mag, and a Classic Army Cap. All for the amazing price of 649.99

AJ (seen inset left), the first happy customer to receive the M249 from Ali at Airsoft Warehouse.
He also received, to fit directly to his new baby, a Marui Tracer Unit as our first in store customer. Barry, (Airsoft Warehouse Limited)

M4 offer at AirsoftClan

Mike over at AirsoftClan is having a sale on TM AEGs at the moment, the current offer is for a TM M4 for 253USD delivered to your door. Here’s the details from him.

Tokyo Marui AEGs for sales!

M4A1 Price: 195USD,
shipping charge via express : 58USD.
Grand total: 253USD.

My Paypal account (for payment):

Please tell me what you want to get within 24 hours. Mike, (AirsoftClan)

New stock at WarIV

War IV have the new Star UMP on pre-order, at a price of 280USD. The details are given as: Length: 445mm/680mm (when stock is extended),
build material: fiber & metal,
capacity: 110rd,
inner barrel: 195mm,
battery: 8.4V 1700 mA, mini battery (not included) and
compatible with Marui’s gear and piston sets.

The Star UMP is listed as a limited model (according to what WarIV tell me), hence why it’s up for pre-order to ensure that if you want one you have the ability to grab a unti whilethe going is good.

UMP lovers are somewhat spoilt at the moment with several UMPs coming to choose from, plus there’s also the full stock Winchester 1887 available at WarVI too.

Updates a comin’

There’s more updates to do (have a huge list of things to add on here) but it’s been a long two days for me here with little free time – only just got back in from an event so struggling to find free time at the moment. I’ll add the rest of the updates as soon tomorrow morning for everyone. I’ll go through my email tonight and send out replies as usual in the morning when wifi is back up here.

UK Airsoft PoI database for GPS

Cracker on the forums has mailed over details of some work that he’s made up for UK Airsofters, it’s a handy Points of Interest database for GPS based systems. Please note the URLs listed below are deliberately listed as plaintext as simply they won’t work from here otherwise. You’ll need to copy the link and past it to your address bar to visit the relevant URLs given. Here’s the details:

For those of you who use GPS satnav systems, I have created a database of UK airsoft sites so you can find sites and get directions to the various sites around the country ( ).

Its not a complete list yet, and is still very much open to submissions and changes The original news story, screenshots & download link can be found on the UKASC news page here:

At the moment its designed for TomTom based systems (Go & Go300/500/700
and Pocket-PCs with TomTom software) but you should be able to port it
to the format of your particular brand of GPS using one of the free
converters out there on the interweb If anyone knows of a site that is not on the list then they can PM me,
or if any details (eg location or phone number) appear to be wrong then
let me know. There are currently 32 sites listed, more will be added
when i can get reasonably accurate locations
Dont forget to read through the ASCUK thread ( ) for more details and update news (thread is linked from the news item)
Enjoy! Cracker

New stock at

Gordon over at has sent ina quick update from them. Here’s the latest from him:

Hello Arnie!

It’s finally done: We revised our complete web site. All new products are placed. And we added a MULTICAM – GALLERY because of the enourmes interest to demonstrate the camo effect.

We also have some new “Specials” like OFFICIAL ISSUE British forces HIGHTEC-MAGNUM desert boots in stock.

Former we only delivered to our dealers. Because of the high demand now all customers are welcome and can order direct!

Thanks and best regards to our worldwide customers and friends Gordon, (

New CyberGun “Ultimate AEG” M4A1

Cybergun have never dropped over an email before, but in a nice change Denis at Cybergun has sent over some news of a new M4 that they have. Their new M4 AEG looks somewhat different from the usual and has “engineering consulation by Tanio Koba” listed against it. They have incorporated several new innovations in the AEG including a new idea on the hopup mechanism too (now under their patent) which sounds interesting. Included in the news sent over is a copy of the box art in PDF format. Here’s the details:

We are about to release an M4 AEG, in 2 trade marks COLT and DPMS; So there
will be one version for Europe market and one for USA market.
Our AEG have, stock out of the box, lots of custom parts installed (like
powerfull motor, renforced gears mounted on metal bushings, high sliding and
renforced piston, metal spring guide) and a 1 joule energy out of the box.

Also we have patented a new BB stabilization system called BAX system. This
system allow adjusting the BB trajectory up/down (like usual Hop Up) but
also right and left. Also the big difference on the BAX is that the BB have
2 points of contact with the rubber (like a V upside down) because of this
the BB always have the same position at each shoot.

High RPM Ball Bearings – Balanced Rotor – Soldered brushes
Firing Rate : 1000 rds/mn
– BAX SYSTEM (Patent pending)
The most advanced accuracy technology for all Xtreme situations
Adjustable 2 Way Shooting System (up/down – left/right) BAX mounted with
Machine Brass Barrel
Reinforced gear box – Metal bushings – Thicker metal gears
Reinforced pistons – Metal spring guide – Teflon washers.
Universal Metal rails allow mounting a large choice of accessories
(scopes, red dots, flashlights,…)
The gear release allows to unlock the pump mechanism.
You release the compression at the end of each use.
1100 mAh – 8,4 V Nimh : item 63227

Most of info can be found on our website, we have a flash animation, and
video, follow the link below In attached files you can find the box artwork. Denis, (Cybergun)

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