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Fireball International Game: DEFCON 3

Steve (aka HeadShot) over at Fireball Squadron has sent in details of the Fireball International Game: DEFCON 3, here’s the latest from the guys there:

Tickets for the highly anticipated Fireball International Game: DEFCON 3 have been selling like hot cakes.

Previously known as the Fireball National Game it has been renamed the Fireball International Game following bookings from French, Dutch, Belgian, Irish and Shetlander players, as well as bookings from all over the UK! The game takes place over the 26-28 August bank holiday weekend.

Only 78 places remain so if you intend to book you are recommended to do it soon. Booking cannot continue after August 5th or when all 300 places are booked, last year all places were booked by the end of May so don’t hesitate!

This year’s game promises to be bigger and better than the three previous years with the ultimate in pyro games, Friday afternoon and evening team events, a re-run last year’s incredibly popular nightime speedball events (make sure you dust off those laser and tracer units) and some of the best socialising on the airsoft calendar!

The weekend costs 45 which includes the games, camping (with showers and flushing toilets!), lunch on the Saturday, commemorative battle patch and free entry into the prize draw.

Don’t delay, book today! Steve, (Fireball Squadron)

CA249 and CQB release photos at CA

Classic Army have added release photos for the CA249 and the M15A4 CQB (and a new nozzle for the MP5) to their site today. There’s no details on price or further specifications at the moment on their site though.

Keep an eye out at your local Classic Army stockist for the CA249 and MP5 releases very shortly.

News from SoftRAM

Andre at SoftRAM has sent in some updates form them concerning their Airsoft kits designed for use with the RAP4 rifles. Here’s the news:

Dear Arnie,

New website, new products…

Due to overwhelming interest of airsoft community on RAM (Real Action
Marker) and RAP4 Airsoft Conversion System our company is introducing new complementary products for this popular guns.

Airsoft Shells: By popular demand we are bringing renown RAM, RAP4 shell ejecting action to airsoft community. Experience the thrill and cool factor of shell spiting beast.
Carefully designed high quality polymer inserts allow you to utilize 6mm
(airsoft) ammo with widely available RAM, RAP4 shells and RAM, RAP4 magazines. Developed for budget conscious users SoftRAM shells are very affordable, easy to install and use.

HiCap Adapter:
SoftRAM HiCap adapter is carefully designed and CNC machined to fit into
RAP4 LE and RAM version IV markers. With this clever device you can enjoy advantages of regular and HiCap airsoft magazines. Designed with SAW like weapons in mind.

With introduction of SoftRAM Hop-Up unit, airsoft aficionados now can enjoy high level of control over accuracy and range of Airsoft RAP4 and Airsoft RAM rifles.
Designed for power user in mind, SoftRAM Hop-Up unit gives you freedom and flexibility to experiment with wide variety of airsoft ammo, CO2 power settings and precision inner barrels.

For more information visit Sincerely,
Andre Aloshine, (SoftRAM)

New items listed at First Factory

First Factory have added details to their site fo the upcoming toys from Marui and Tanaka. The M14 will be out in mid July priced at 26,450 Yen, whilst the electric M93r will cost 12,500 Yen and be out in mid June. The Tokyo Marui 65 lumen Pro Light (M3 copy) will be out on the 20th of June at a price of 7,850 Yen. It’s best to point out that the prices on First’s pages aren’t the official TM prices (First are a good bit cheaper) which can be seen on their own page here.

Also interest is the "M24 Fluted Barrel" model from Tanaka, that comes with an adjustable stock and a larger extended magazine. The new larger magazine can take 29 BBs, will be out in June and will cost 52,000 Yen.

New TM posters

Marui have added a couple of new posters to their downloads page. The new posters are of the electric upcoming M93r and the Samurai Edge. Thanks go to Nuno for dropping the info in an emailt ome.

New “quick roll up unit”

Right, I’m back on UK time now, so have a chance to get some updates done this morning. First up John Wu (the Sales Manager for Aim Top International Corp. in Taiwan) has sent in shots of a new product from his company, AIMTOP, called the quick roll up unit. Designed to wind high capacity magazines up automatically it makes loading up for a game even easier. Their website doesn’t seem to have any working links on it, but their product also appears on JD’s site in Taiwan too:

Dear Sir,

This is my company first production QUICK ROLL UP UNIT. The support brand which makes you possible to play a sport called a war game. Pleasant and safely is a Satellite” excelling in durability, the goods of a practical

Satellites items will be a survival games powerful supporter.

Production Including:

1 .QUICK ROLL GEAR BOX x1 UES THE AAA BATTERY x2. (not included)

2 . Magazine contact plate Including : Steyr AUG , HK G36 ,HK G3 , SIG , AK , M16 , HK MP5 200RD , HK MP5 240RD , UZI , THOMPSON . John Wu, (AIMTOP)

New G&P M870 steel stock set

Cathine over at G&P has sent over news of another shotgun addon part that they have released, this time for the M870 series.

The new set comprises of a steel folding stock, fiber grip and fiber foregrip. The accessory set is designed to fit the Marusen M870 series and is compatible with the G&P M870 metal bodies.

Anson Tactical Equipment updates

Jason at Anson Tactical Equipment has dropped in an email with an update from them since their last update, here’s the latest:

Hi Arnie, Just to let you know we have added a Special Offers section to our
website. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items to this
section. Most of the items are one offs or sample products from bigger
batches. We have added a couple of pairs of Police/Special forces
overalls, but with a difference.

We had a range of overalls made for a customer as samples for use in
urban environments. We have 2 sets left; one light-grey-blue and a pair
in Olive green. These are made to the exact same pattern as our popular
Police/Special Forces Nomex and Kermel Viscose suits by the same
factory, but are made in heavyweight polycotton. They are a lot cheaper
than the Nomex ones but just as strong. Ideal for Airsofters wanting a
different look.

The Polycotton Police/SF overalls can be supplied in Black and Dark Blue
as well these are identical in appearance to the fire resistant version.

Many other new products have been added since the last update – if you
can’t see what you want just phone for a quote as we cannot list all of
our products. Jason Blackiston, (Anson Tactical Equipment)

Escort M26A1 grenade @ WGC

New in listed over at WGC Shop are the new Escort M26A1 grenades that I mentioned a while back. The new simulation grenades are delay operated, run on a gas system, and can take a multiple of 6 and 8mm BBs internally. According to Escort themselves:

This is something that everyone in Airsoft has been waiting for for that past 10 years. There are lots of games where grenades can be used, and now we have made a functional grenade that operates like the real thing and ejects BBs. The grenade uses a ‘self delay opening valve’ (patent pending).

This product does not use either electricity, merely a spring with a gas operated fuse allowing use in a trap system, or for throwing. The internal housing can take either 6mm or 8mm BBs and white powder such as flour can also be safely added for effect. With this new product’s appearance onto the scene indoor games will never be the same again. (Escort, Japan)

The Escort M26A1 grenade can carry up to 28 x 6mm BBs or 9 x 8mm BB (or a mix of either that fits inside). The new simulation grenade retails for 46USD per unit. Thanks go out to ODP for the heads up.

Some random updates from around the world

It’s been a bit since I’ve had the time to do a roundup of what’s going on around the world, so while I have a free moment I thought I’d set to it here.

Over at ANGS they have some new products listed. They also have the Trigger Happy T910 launcher in stock complete with a new high speed sector gear and piston set that is a direct swap out for the standard gearing.

Last but not least there’s the ANGS MG42 (based on the Shoei I believe) that is currently on show at their Tachikawa store and Meguro store

Madbull Airsoft have a new warhead for their buckshot round (M576) to compliment the rubber unit previously seen. This time the heads are made from a soft foam plastic making them as safe as humanly possible. Previous plastic slug heads could provide a bit more kick and power than expected. Pictures of the new warheads to follow shortly.

From the last trade show some finite news about the M14 release was forthcoming form Tokyo Marui (there’s also some details over at AD), which would indicate that the project is a go, although I’m waiting to see the boxes appear on the shelves myself. There will be two stock options, the composite and the wood look. The new AEG will use the new v7 gearbox and an EG700 motor, there’s a working cocking action, the standard magazine will have a 70 round capacity, with the high capacity model carrying up to 440. The M14 should be out in July at a price of 48,000 Yen. The electric M93r will be out in mid June apparently. There’s also the new TM Surefire M3 lamp copy that provides 65lumen of output, and the series of G18C parts that we’ve seen before (similar to the FreedomArt model).

Apparently there’s already at least one thrid party full wood stock coming out for the M14 series at an expected price of 15,000 Yen. Meanwhile the 8mm blowback “CLINT1” Automag from Marushin is due at the end of July. From KSC there’s a new model of the MK23 SOCOM that’s due out today with improved blowback system. Maruzen are going to release the ir new M93r fixed slide model at the end of this month. For any competition shooters out there the APS-3 is in development at the moment, no release date is known.

In retail news Airsoft Elite have offers on their black BBs with free shipping on all purchases of 5 cases of black BBs, and also have the new Airsoft Elite M4 and M16 RAS now in stock apparently made of 6061T6 machined aluminum with mil-spec rails and hard anodized surface. As a small aside they’ll also be at the U.S. Airsoft Expo 2005 on June 24-26. There’s more to go through yet, but I’ll get there in the end smile

P226 comparison at AEX

Thanks to the guys at AirsoftExtreme (Andrew and the staff at the Torrence store) here’s some shots of the new TM SIG P226 compared to the Tanaka P226RF and the real SIG P226 (in chrome). In the shots inset the real deal is chrome, the Tokyo Marui has the orange muzzle and the Tanaka is unpainted.

As you can see the TM copy if a good likeness, the only real giveaway to it not being real is the lack of weight as it’s considerably lighter than the real thing. Detail wise the only real minor niggle is the centre moulding line underneath, although that’s much more apparent on the older Tanaka model. It should be noted that the magazine base for the standard 226 magazines are flat though without the recess found in the Airsoft models.

AirsoftGi store set to open 19/5

Airsoft GI are opening a new store in California (2116 Hacienda Blvd,
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745). The store was still being fleshed out while I was there, plus it’s all completely new so you’ll forgive the odd empty space on the wall, but Walter has been working hard (and many hours) to get the store to where it is now.

While I was over at Walter’s new shop I had a chance to get some shots of the new Trigger Happy T910 launcher fitted with a MadBull BB Shower unit. The grip is well built and from the outside you’d be hard pressed to see that it’s not a lamp unit, there’s even LEDs and grip panels built into the grip itself. Build quality and moulding are top notch (see for yourself in the shots below) and the T910 retails for 168USD.

Airsoft CQB event, Codename:Asylum – May 15th Joliet, Illinois

New in Justin at Summit Lake Entertainment is news of a charity Airsoft CQB event by the name of "Codename: Asylum" that’s to be held on May 15th at Joliet, Illinois:

Justin Brown,
Media Relations,
Summit Lake Entertainment.
Tel: 815-773-0023


May 15th, 2005 – Joliet, Illinois – Summit Lake Entertainment announced today its
CODENAME: Asylum, a charity Airsoft CQB Event to be held on May 28th, 2005,
will benefit the Forest Park, Illinois Police Department in acquiring Airsoft
equipment for training purposes. The CODENAME: Asylum Airsoft event will be
held just outside of Chicago, in Forest Park at a two-wing, multi-level, old
retirement home that has been used by several law enforcement and fire
departments for training in the past. The Forest Park Police Department and
Special Response Team will also participate in the event, using it as a
training opportunity and a way to connect with the community it protects. We
are excited to be working with the Forest Park Police Department on an Airsoft
event to help bring awareness to Law Enforcement about the safe usage of
Airsoft equipment, said Justin Brown Event Organizer for Summit Lake

The CODENAME: Asylum Airsoft CQB event will give participants the opportunity
to play in a very unique environment and assist the Police Department in their
training. Participants will be divided into several groups and go through
several different scenarios throughout the day, including a hostage situation,
a terrorist group with explosives, a worker gone postal, and regaining the
building from terrorists to name a few. The Forest Park SRT will face off
against the participants one of the scenarios, while uniformed patrol officers
will train on Felony Car-Stops, with the airsoft participants playing the role
of the bad-guys. Summit Lake Entertainment will also be filming this event for
a future Airsoft video project to be announced.

Always looking ahead, Summit Lake Entertainment will also be hosting the
upcoming 24-Hour Airsoft events CODENAME: Dragon, June 18-19th, 2005 and the
sequel CODENAME: Thunder 2 on August 27-28th, 2005 near Chicago Illinois.

Based in the Chicago suburbs, Summit Lake Entertainment specializes in
start-to-finish event production of remote location Airsoft and Paintball
related scenario events, as well as setting a higher standard of cutting-edge
action sports videos featuring Freestyle BMX, skateboarding, Mountain Biking
and Boarding, Paintball and Airsoft. Summit Lake Entertainment also produces
short films and is developing other film projects.

For more information go to;;, email or stay tuned
to this website. Justin (SummitLakeFilms)

Updates at JAG Precision

Well it’s been another busy day here, and I’ve had a chance to catch up with some more people in the industry locally and to grab a few more shots of interesting gear that caught my eye.

First up JAG Precision have overhauled their website. It’s now much cleaner and easier to navigate. You might recognise the styling from a well known manufacturer’s website :)

JAG Precision are a major Airsoft distributor in USA and carry all the major brands made in Japan, Taiwan, H.K. USA, and China.
You can contact them at (626) 448-9879 Monday-Friday from 09:00~17:00 PST. Please do remember that they are a distributor and not a retailer, so don’t deal directly with end users.

While I was there tonight I grabbed a few shots of some completed 1911 Dragons, which are hand built from a Western Arms SV base and a Prime Airsoft upper slide kit (if I remember correctly). Build quality and finish are wonderful, as these are more than just a kit bash and require good assembly and tuning. These specific models had just been finished to order today. I quite like the dragon styling myself – it’s different from the norm which is always good, plus these are now full metal uprated models and more durable than a stock WA.

First and Only updates, news and offers

Mitch over at First & Only Airsoft has sent in news from them of their latest offers and deals from their site. Here’s the latest:

We know have stock and guns for sale at our site our on the website
Ammunition and Gas: Excel BB’s 3000 Bottles 9-00,
Gas 9-00 per bottle.
Pyros: Mk5 thunderflashes 2-50 each,
Small Smokes 2-50 each,
High Capacity Smokes 9-50 each
A.E.G’s: Classic Army M15 A4 carbine’s (retracting stock) 220-00,
Classic Army M15 A4 tactical carbines (solid stock) 220-00, Tokyo Marui G36C 200-00, Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1 200-00, Tokyo Marui SIG 552 Seal 190-00, Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz 180-00.
Pistols:Tokyo Marui SIG P226 95-00, Battery’s
8.4v 1100mah (mini) 30-00, 8.4v 2200mah (large)30-00, Magazines
G &G 450 round mags for M4’s 30-00, CA 470 round mags for G36, TM hi-caps for SIG 552, TM hi-caps for AK47
Combat gear: Bolle glasses 15-00, Sensia mesh masks 20-00

Our hire equipment is now:

Classic Army M15 A4 carbine’s (retrackting stock),
Classic Army M15 A4 tactical carbines (solid stock),
Tokyo Marui G36C,
Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1,
Tokyo Marui SIG 552 Seal,
Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetsnaz
, Tokyo Marui AK47,
Tokyo Marui Stery Aug

We also hire extra gear such as:

Socom pistols and holster
203 grenade launchers and shower shell
Assualt vests
Extra mags
Extra batteries.

As well we have started to do BBQ’s at the site.
After the success of our birthday bash and the following BBQ we decided that this would be come a more common event over the summer. So for an extra 5-00 on top of the greenfee you can finish off the day with a lovely BBQ and a couple of cold ones while talking about all the kills you made that day.
Camping is also availble at a local campsite.
The next BBQ’s are planned on the 28th of May and then the 11th of June (weather permitting) for further details please contact us via the website. Mitch (First & Only Airsoft)

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