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Firesupport: VFC HK416 in stock

Frank from Firesupport has been in touch with details of the VFC HK416s now in stock:

Firesupport have a limited number of the new VFC HK416s in stock at £350 plus postage of £5.

A description of the features are:

* Full Metal Construction.
* CNC Aluminium Outer Barrel, Solid and Stable.
* One-Screw fix/take-down Rail Handguard.
* The Rail Handguard which embeds into upper receiver as real steel.
* Reality present Gas Piston System.
* Cosmetic bolt plate able to lock when pulling cocking handle, returns by pressing Bolt Release Button, easy for hop-up adjustment.<br>
* AN/PEQ2 Battery Case Included
* Aluminium Die-Cast Selector Lever / Magazine Catch / Bolt Release.
* Detachable Front & Rear Sights Included.
* Realistic Looking Magazine ( 300Rds, winding by wrench )
* Realistic Looking Grip Base.

They are available to or online or by phone.

These are some of the best looking guns we have seen for a while solid and well made.


Frank (Firesupport)

Yet another G&P Armalite Variant…

For all you fans of ‘Tacticool’ Armalites, here’s a nice new variant soon to be released by by G&P and retailed by Airsoft Option. Not being an Armalite fan personally, I’ll leave it to them to give you the details and obligitary eye-candy (click on each image for a close-up):

The G&P new product – MK18 Mod 0 Conversion Kit [Limited Edition]

Currently have not any information from official manufacturer.

At that moment, only know that the body have a new MK18 MOD0 marking, and package include CQB/R rear sight, CQB/R RAS Front Set and  Extended Battery Buttstock.

This product only accept pre-order now, but coming soon.


(Airsoft Option)

More Odd-ball Inokatsu AK Variants to be released!

Tink from Russian Mania Workshop has been in touch with the details of some more oddball AK variants to be released by Inokatsu. Some of these are certainly an acquired taste, but I for one prefer them over the ‘tacticool’ variants you inevitably see:

I know not all of you are russian lover, some of you may be only interested in US weapons or outfits.  This time, Inokatsu tries to fulfill some of your need if you want to own a AK47 with more US style.  The AK47 is based on the previous kit, with milled receiver and same high quality.  It equips with a vented upper handguard which is based on a US custom shop called HCR:



To be honest, it looks really different and looks more “bad guy”, just like the North Hollywood Shootout – the AIMS, not bad though!!  Release day is not confirmed yet and I will update it once I got any news from Inokatsu.


Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

TM NBB USP now at have mailed in a qick update from them to say that they have the new TM NBB USP in stock:

Dear Web Master,

We would like to submit the following news:

Aegarms are glad to announce the Marui H&K USP Non-Blowback (Electric Version) is Arrived!

Marui H&K USP Non-Blowback (Electric Version), Price: USD $120.

More New Arrivals:

Best Regards,

Spartan Imports comment on the KX3 license issue

I do try to avoid getting into politics on the news pages and involved in any arguments. That said the licensing issue was mentioned here (after a news submision from MadBull) so it seems only fair to post a reply from CA’s USA importer, Spartan Imports:

Spartan Imports, as Classic Army’s official representative in the United States, wishes to address the recent news posted on airsoft news websites by Madbull Airsoft of Classic Army’s alleged unauthorized reproduction of Noveske Rifle Works’ KX3 flash hider which Madbull has been licensed to reproduce for the airsoft market.

Spartan Imports is fully aware of the license agreement between Madbull Airsoft and Noveske Rifle Works LLC. However, we were unaware of Classic Army’s development and intention to release the KX3 flash hider airsoft copy. As a licensee of world class firearms trademarks such as Armalite, Arsenal, and Brugger & Thomet, Spartan fully respects and welcomes Madbull’s efforts to protect their and Noveske’s intellectual property. We fully respect all licensing agreements between Airsoft manufacturers and firearms companies. We have requested on Madbull’s behalf that Classic Army do the same.

To the best of our knowledge, this flash hider is an unreleased product and is not in the hands of any distributors, dealers, or Airsoft consumers. As a representative of Madbull products as well as Classic Army products in the United States, we have offered our assurances to Madbull that we are against the production and importation of this item into the United States. We are surprised, however, that Madbull has taken such a highly public and sensationalist approach to addressing this matter and we have asked them to retract the false allegations they have made regarding Classic Army’s existing products in the United States. Madbull’s vehemence in this matter against Classic Army is particularly surprising considering the number of Airsoft copies of the Noveske KX3 flash hider that are currently being produced by other manufacturers.

We have actively engaged Madbull in an attempt to find a resolution that will fully satisfy all parties involved. We hope that Madbull’s unwarranted statements were the result of their surprise and we welcome Madbull to work with us to reasonably and amicably resolve this matter.

Emory Sung, (Spartan Imports)

ICS New Releases for April 2007 Arnies Exclusive!

index02 1

AK-74MArnies Airsoft has scooped another breaking story! Our inside source at ICS who will remain anonymous has informed us that ICS will be releasing two new items to the Airsoft community. These will be available early April.

The releases will be of ICS’s new AKS-74U with solid and folding and also the AKM with solid folding stock. Our inside source said:

Yes, the AKS-74U will use real wood but will not have a solid folding stock, while we will add a folding stock version to our AKM range.

Right now though the only exact information we have is that the AKM folding stock version and that the AKS-74U will be released but final details are unsure, although it will have real wood furniture as standard!

Noveske Rifle Works LLC To Take Legal Action!

full logo650

In a statement made yesterday by MadBull Airsoft it seems that Noveske Rifle Works LLC is not happy with the amount of illegal copies of their products on the market, one of the main violators of copyright infringement is Classic Army who have produced copies of the Noveske Rifle Works LLC KX3 flash hider. Currently MadBull Airsoft is the only company with a license agreement with Noveske Rifle Works LLC who has been asked to pursue action against Classic Army on behalf of Noveske Rifle Works LLC. In repsonse to this request MadBull released this statement:

Dear Gents,

All of you should know “Piracy is illegal and violate the laws.”

I respect Classic Army a lot as they are one of the leading companies in the industry and they always usually gain permission to use licensed trademarks and logos, but I am so sorry that I have to announce that Classic Army is illegally using the Noveske Rifle Works LLC trademarks and logos on their products.

KX3bNoveske is currently licensing to MadBull as the single manufacturer to produce Airsoft edition replicas of their items, which under go strict quality control regulations set by Noveske Rifle Works LL which MadBull Airsoft must meet in order to keep the license, this provides not only top quality products to our customers but also protects the name and image of Noveske Rifle Works LLC in the market place.
We at MadBull Airsoft will talk contact Classic Army today to see their responses to a statement already released by Noveske Rifle Works LLC and MadBull Airsoft to see how this situation can be resolved without legal action and maintaining the current good relations we have. If they don’t take any action, we can ask US Custom to cease all Classic Army shipment to US.

KX3-2bUnfortunately things can get even worse for Classic Army, Noveske Rifle Works LLC has already acquired an amount of Classic Army’s product for inspection and have told us that there are certain points that the Classic Army’s version will violate ATF’s regulation, meaning that owners who already have this product are in violation themselves and are breaking the law having purchased the Classic Army version in good faith. MadBull takes a long time to research and develop our products to conform to US ATF regulations.

Again, we hope all Airsoft players can help us to support the legal copies. We are paying money to these firearms companies to make them happy and to make the authorized legal products that are priced fairly and in some cases, even cheaper than the copied versions while maintaining a quality assurance that exceeds current Airsoft standards.

Please help support licensed version and help not only protect the sport but also innovate design and companies who are willing to cut profits to bring you the best products.

Piracy is illegal and violates the laws, protect your sport and protect yourselves.

Kind Regards,

MadBull Airsoft

New Echo1 USA M4/M16 Range


News in from Echo1 of their new M4/M16 range. As you can see there are quiet a few with some excellent options like folding stocks and RIS’s. Head over to their website for more information!

Dear friends,

M4TSF 01

Echo 1 USA proudly announce the new M4/ M16 series, including M16 DMR/ M16A1/ M4 Tactical/ M4 RIS/ M4 TSF/ M4 Commando.
Please kindly ask your local retailers for pre-order.
As usual, Echo1 will provide the best warranty, the highest quality products and best service to our customers.

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #13

The chaps at NAM have sent in details of their current issue, here’s the latest:

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #13 Q1 2007
Released: March 21, 2007

We know what you’ve come to expect. Never willing to compromise, we’ve delivered yet another issue full of the quality content you’ve come to enjoy.

Here’s what’s coming up this issue:

Exclusive shots of CA’s M14 prototype, what effect the clones are having on the industry as we know it, your votes have been tallied… our first annual Airsoft Achievement Awards – see who you chose as the best, Airsoft Recondo School, Howitzer: up close and personal, Expo Airsoft West

Reviews: CA’s SCAR-Light, Inokatsu’s MK43 Kit, and ICS’s M16 Series M203

Contests: Howitzer’s CA SCAR-Light Giveaway & Ultimate SpecFor Contest

All this and more! Just how much more? 84 FULL GLOSS PAGES OF AIRSOFT!

Simply click the link below to nab your copy!
And remember…players that don’t know, don’t. Players that do, buy The NAM!

P.S. – Tired of being the fool on April Fool’s Day? Come and play with us .

Staff, (NAM)

ASG and CA news

News received from from ActionSportGames A/S concerning the new upcoming Scar and CA releases:

Hello Arnie, Hope you are well. I have some interesting news for you.

We, ActionSportGames A/S, just received the ClassicArmy SCAR-L desert version and it is now available for the european retailers. See these posters:


Also I have some new posters from ClassicArmy
– Scar-l black
– G3A3
– G3A4
– M14 scout

I will get with release dates ASAP. Have a great weekend. Jesper Kabel, (ActionSportGames A/S)

Arnies Exclusive (well, sort of): Chinese CA M249 Clone!

My good friend Mike_West has been in touch with some hot off the press info regarding a CA249 clone which has just been announced, along with a few Armalite variants announced by A&K. The post can be viewed (along with other excellent news at Mike’s blog), so I’ll leave the details to him. Many thanks Mike!

CA Copy With Stamped Steel Body; Release Date Set For July

What you see on the photo is a working prototype of Chinese M249 Mk2 clone – based on the Classic Army design and boasting a stamped steel body (yeah, you see that right!). Also, Mk1 and Para models are planned to be released along. I guess that’s the definite proof – after long-standing rumors and strange photos with watermarks of Chinese airsoft shop we have a photo from the inside.

If you’re interested, here’s a photo of the aforementioned body. My guess is that it’ll be as sturdy as the CA original, if not stronger. Also, as inside info claims, the replica will be sold with an electric box magazine.



Also, A&K will release another product from their Armalite line in June. After their critically acclaimed M4 S-System and recently released M16A3, M4A1, M4 CQB and M4 RIS, the new product is a SPR Mk12 Mod.0 – which should be of interest to any airsoft marksmen.

Mike_West(Mike’s Blog)

Airsoft Skirmish at Malvern Military Convention

First new post using Vista (I’m a glutton for punishment), so if you notice any odd formatting errors please feel free to let me know!

Dave from Airsoft Skirmish has been in touch to let everyone know that they will have a stand at Malvern Military Convention. It sounds as though they will have some interesting goodies on display, so it will be well worth going for a look:

Airsoft Skirmish Shop will be at the Malvern Military Convention on the 1st April 2007 in Hall 2, selling lots of Airsoft Kit.

We will be showing the new Classic Army Scar and the new Deep Fire M72A2 Launcher, Both are available on Pre Order… please contact me for details.

The Deep Fire M72A2 Launcher uses any 40mm M203 gas shell. I Have tested this launcher with several shells and it works great. The unit comes with 2 foam balls which also can be launched by a gas only loaded shell. The unit is reloaded by centre breech which can be accessed when the unit is in the closed position.

The launcher extends just like the real thing and with the sprung loaded sights popping up as well.

Get in early for the bargains.

See you there

Dave (Airsoft Skirmish

Echo 1 USA legal announcement


I have just received this press statement from the “Echo 1 Sports, In.” team over in the USA.

Some companies who are carrying JG’s products said that ECHO 1 USA is exactly the same as JG.This is totally incorrect.
ECHO1’s products have been carefully selected before we ship to US and even the internal parts are different!
Plus, we provided local service and warranty in USA.

These companies are using our brand name to promote their own products and it is violate the laws.
We already asked our lawyers to send letter to companies, including

Read the rest of this entry »

New CA Shots from IWA 2007

News in from Sergio afer the latest IWA show in Germany:

The most interesting novelties presented in our booth are:

Classic Army M14
Classic Army M14 SOCOM
Classic Army Blowback G17 and 1911
Classic Army AR-10
Classic Army HK53
Classic Army SCAR-L (sand and black)
Classic Army SLR105U
Classic Army DSA 80
Classic Army SLR105 Para
Classic Army SAR Sportmatch M41 (standard version and retractable stock version)
Classic Army SLR105 A1 Gold Plated (not for sale, real gold plated, present from CA’s president)
Systema Magnum & Turbo complete gearbox series
Xtreme Precision BIO DEGRADABLE BB’s (the most accurate truly bio degradable
BB’s on the market 5.96 +/-0.01mm!!!)
Xtreme Precision Tacer BB’s
Xtreme Precision Black BB’s
Eco BB (truly bio degradable BB’s with very fast degradation time)
Prioriti Tech 8mm AEG (the first 8mm AEG on the market. Designed for military training, 8mm paintballs under testing now)
ICS CQB series
ICS AKSU (Steel body and wooden furniture)

More pictures will be on-line on in a few days

Best regards, Sergio, (Visele Airsoft)

MadBull at Trexpo Law Enforcement Show

News just in from Simon at MadBull Airsoft:


HSS International / HSS Gear / MadBull Airsoft will participate Trexpo Law Enforcement show in Long Beach.

We will display our newest design of Multicam Plate Carrier (As promised, this item will be released in April at very reasonable price.) We will also display our 18 Delta medic bag series (Proto-type) which is designed by US Army Special Force 18D’s expertises.

Our booth is just next to FNH. Check for detail

Best Regards, Simon, (MadBull Airsoft)

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