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Win a new SAS smock with Aquity

There’s a reader competition at Aquity Special Forces Kit Supplies. Answer the question right to be in for a chance to win some kit with 80 quid:

SAS Smock 02Hi Guys,

We will now be adding a monthly news review to Arnies Airsoft showing you the latest kit that we have procured from Special Forces around the world. In addition we have some very exciting training days planned which will include a Parachute drop from 3,500 feet followed by a skirmish and wings parade, all training will be carried out by ex Red Devils so keep watching our news section!

sas windproof web As an appetiser we like to announce our competition to win a SAS Windproof Smock worth £79.99. This is the current issue SAS Windproof as issued to British Special Forces and not a copy or Arctic Windproof. The Windproof is brand new and in the packet with the correct NSN numbers as displayed on the picture.

All you have to do to win this smock is enter our competition and answer the following question – What year was the Battle of Hastings? Answers to the winner will be announced in this news section on the 5th of April 2008. Remember we also give a 10% discount on our web site when you quote Arnies Airsoft !

Kind regards, Andy Goodall

01446 792253
07717 534574

Forum news digest for 02/28/08

New Close Action Forums

One from Tony at Close Action Airsoft Ltd about their new forums:

We at Close Action announce our own site dedicated forums. This is a chance for regular and guest players to keep up with news about our East Midlands woodland site. If you fancy a look please follow the link to . We are a friendly site and will always offer a warm welcome to any visiting and new players. A.B.Segalini, (Commercial Director, Close Action Airsoft Ltd)

New M1911A1 parts from X-Fire

There’s a new update out from PDI/X-Fire and we are now getting news from a new contact:

Dear Sir.

I’m Tomo ,PDI Sales Manager. As you know, my follower Ms.Yuriko made contact you before but she quit within March. So I’ll post news letter to you  instead of her.

Today,we announce 2 parts about TM M1911A1.

English site will be tomorrow. (English website)

top(2) top

These are REAL type Barrels. The one has PH incuse ,the other is S.A..45 AUTO incuse.Made of Steel & all CNC machined.

We improve that it’s easy to install 1911.So everyone can challenge & got succeed ! So we put VIDEO in these pages how to install. Please check it & introduce them.

Best regards,

Tomohiko Nishizono, (Sales Manager, PDI Co.,Ltd.)

Forum news digest for 02/27/08

PDI / X-FIRE, new releases

PDI / X-Fire have sent in the following news about their new products:


“Koutetsu Rifling Outer Barrel Set” for Tokyo Marui M1911A1.


VSR-10 Precision Cylinder Set (PDI / X-Fire)

PowerEdge USA to close

Sadly it looks to be the case that PowerEdge USA is closing (as mentioned in the forums):

We at Power Edge USA have had a very enjoyable opportunity serving all of our customers throughout these years. However with the changes in this industry and an economic down turn within the past few years we have come up with an unfortunate and sad decision. We at Power Edge USA will be shutting down our website (E-Commerce business) known as Power Edge USA. The last day that we will accept orders will be March 13th, 2008. The last day we will be physically shipping out parcels will be March 14th, 2008. All AEG warranty policies (if any) will be honored via our sister storefront Power Edge Hawaii. We would like to sincerely thank each and every devoted customer, fan, affiliates, and those whose lives we had the pleasure of affecting. Any product warranty issues or follow up after March 14, 2008 must be addressed via our sister storefront Power Edge Hawaii.PowerEdge USA

Ridge Outdoors looking for distributors

ridge Ridge Outdoors are looking for distributors; checkout their website to see the tactical gear that they manufacture. Their boots look like pretty decent designs, but they aren’t a manufacturer that I have tried before. If anyone has tried their products please do stick a post in the relevant area of the forums to pass on your experiences:


image001 Ridge Outdoors is currently seeking a distributor in your country to represent our products. We offer low distributor pricing, superior support, and the highest quality product in order to assist you in establishing sales.

We manufacture high quality footwear. We also offer the Tactical T, a shirt with a built in holster. Ridge’s standards for quality without compromise are foremost in everything we do. Our products are currently in use in the United States by Police, SWAT, EMT, Fire, Military and Security professionals.

Visit us on the web at:

Visit our online catalog: Ridge Outdoors 2008 Catalog

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for this product and would like more information and distributor pricing, please contact us today. I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,
Anthony Mora
Frontline Business Solutions International
Export Management
1349 W. 8th St. Unit #4
Upland, CA 91786 USA
Phone: 909 949 4226

Rumours from KingArms

Stephen has sent in some rumours he heard from KingArms:

Hi there, just thought I would pass on some very good news from King Arms that I received after enquiring about their long promised L1A1 SLR replica.

As you may know, King Arms have long been promising the release of this AEG, right off the back of their popular FN FAL range in fact, but everything went suspiciously quiet on that front for a long time. In the meantime, STAR Airsoft released their L1A1 (and now Gun WorkShop has announced their custom L1A1).

So I contacted King Arms, and the good news is that the KA L1A1 AEG should be with us by Easter!

Quote: “Since Star Released their L1A1. Our engineer finally change their mind and add features.  So , the release date is postponed again.

Last nite I talked with them.  They said L1A1 is really under massive production period. Hope that the L1A1 will be released before Easter.

Thanks for your support. Best Regards…King Arms Sales.”

Quite what the changes to the King Arms SLR – motivated by the STAR release – will be is hard to say, since the KA SLR is based on their already proven and successful FN FAL series. One can only surmise that perhaps they were waiting to see if STAR was going to replicate the original weapons ‘semi-auto only’ mechanism (which it has), or whether STAR was going to fudge the design by adding a ‘skirmish friendly’ full-auto facility.

Win a Systema PTW with Popular Airsoft

There’s some more news from the guys at Popular Airsoft have sent in some more promotional material, this time you can win a Systema PTW:

promo_subscribe_02_smallWin A Systema M4A1 PTW 2008 Model! This week’s a campaign for us to promote our magazine, so we hope you do bear with us. Thank you too all of those who have made their purchases and downloaded our latest issue. For those who haven’t hear about it, we have a promotion for those who shall subscribe to us for one year. While our per issue rate is US$3.99, our 12-issue (1-year) subscription is US$36.00 per year. That’s 25% savings for those who subscribe to us for a year. We plan to stay long and serve the worldwide airsoft community with our writers’ contributions. 

Your subscription will really help us improve our content and continue ensuring that you get quality stories. The issue 1 has gathered a lot of fantastic feedbacks from those who have already read it, and with your help, the next issues will be even a lot better.

promo_subscribe_01_smallWhat’s more, we have a raffle promo for those who will subscribe to us for 1 year! They may get to win a Systema M4A1 PTW 2008 model worth US$1,450.00. Yep, a Systema M4A1 2008 model. Not only that, there are other raffle prizes in store below:

  • JG HK416
  • Kalash AKS-74U
  • WE 1911
  • Milspex CIRAS Maritime Vest
  • Full BDU ACU set
  • Viper New York SWAT Vest
  • ESS ICE 2.4 Eye Protection

Now, isn’t that a treat? So subscribe now as our promo ends on the 31st of May 2008. Winners will be notified within seven (7) days after the raffle via news at this website and via email.

Airsoft really is just getting better and better! :) Editor, (Popular Airsoft)

TacConcept at IWA 2008, 14-17 March 2008

Gordon Schumacher at TACCONCEPT/ TACGEAR/ G11has sent out an email to let folks know that they will be at IWA 2008 in Nürnberg this year. IWA normally draws a fair interest from Airsoft manufacturers and distributors in Europe so we can look forward to news from that in March:

FachmesseLogo Very honoured Customers!

We are pleased to be able to present to you our updated assortment as well as our novelties on the IWA in Nürnberg from 14.-17. of March 2008, hall 4A/stand 315!

Use with us the time to discuss the market events, to plan projects with us or to inform us simply with a cup of coffee of your ideas.

We are glad about your visit!

Gruß aus Hannover/Best regards from Germany

Gordon Schumacher
Am Brückenhaus 4
D-30519 Hannover

Aquity Special Forces Kit Supplies – news and 10% off

Andy at Aquity Special Forces Kit Supplies has sent in news of new stock with them plus a reader offer. 10% just by saying you say the new here (remember this is real kit, not replica):

_J9U8236 Hi there,

I was just checking that your readers new that we hold large stocks of high end infantry and Special Forces kit in our stores? We have recently taken delivery of genuine SAS smocks with the correct NSN numbers from the manufacturer. These are not the cheap copies or arctic smocks! We have large stocks of Blackhawk normally in Olive Drab as this is the most common colour next to Coyote Tan and large stocks of Ballistic helmets (Gentex Style)

We have recently sponsored SATORI 4 way skydiving team along with an Airsoft team called Team Assault C (TAC).

Please browse our internet store and call our office for 10% discount on all items when you quote Arnies Airsoft.

Kind regards, Andy Goodall

01446 792253
07717 534574

Forum news digest for 02/26/08

The latest news from our forums

Enforce Logic – February newsletter have mailed in their latest newsletter. There’s a lot of kit that’d only be of use to serving officers and EMS teams however there’s also kit that’s multipurpose and may well suit gamers too:

e1b Coming Soon, Surefire E1B Back-up LAS-E1B-WH  Ultra compact (finger length), dual-output LED flashlight with extended runtime and tactical-level output. The E1B was developed as an everyday-carry flashlight for undercover officers and as a backup light for patrol officers. more info

p1orig Alt-Berg Peacekeeper P1 Original MkIII We are pleased to announce that  the Alt-Berg Peacekeeper P1 Original MkIII has returned to Enforce-logic.  We have stock for immediate delivery.  Altberg’s best selling police/military lightweight flexible boot – ankle cuff redesigned in 2004 to give better flex control & movement. None steel toe cap, None steel midsole. Tested to BSEN 347 – suitable for a wide range of military, police, rural and urban duties. more info

razor3 Bright Star 3AA-Cell LED RAZOR Flashlight A super-efficient, high output, long running LED.  All-in-one cutting edge package – uses easily available AAcell batteries x 3. The Razor LED Flashlight produces a brilliant, piercing beam supported by its deep-dish reflector, resulting in 2000 Lux at 6 feet.  Its sleek design is ergonomically constructed with a knurled handle that enables a maximum grip and a conveniently located push button switch for easy on/off. £22.99 more info

Webmaster, (

Popular Airsoft Magazine – maiden issue out now

PopAirMag_V1_I1_cover There’s a new magazine on the block with issue one out now (comments and thoughts in the forums here):

Whew! We can finally say it’s here, the Popular Airsoft Magazine. After several months of discussions with friends and team mates, we finally sat down and started writing all those what we want to share with you. With the support of and its publisher, Billion Tribes Limited, the Magazine has now become a reality. This is what we mean we posted that “Something’s Definitely Cooking Up Here!”

You might say, “not another airsoft magazine”, and yes we are another airsoft magazine which we hope would be able to harness the global conversations among airsoft players, wherever they are. ACE Magazine is truly a collaboration of players from Asia, Europe and North America, and hopefully the rest of the world will follow. Thus, what you’re going to read here in this maiden issue are stories written by airsoft players from the UK, United States, and the Philippines. What we all have written here is how we see things through our own very eyes, and how we experience airsoft with the rest of our senses. We will not claim to be the most accurate or the most authoritative in our reviews, stories, and tips, but we can claim to be honest on what we write about. We think that the unique selling point of this magazine is about being honest  and we will write stories as we see fit.

PopAirMag_V1_I1_story_03 PopAirMag_V1_I1_story_05 PopAirMag_V1_I1_story_01

Issue 1 Volume 1 March 2008 Maiden Issue Contents:

  • From the Writers
  • Now for some news
  • Meet the Operators of Popular Airsoft
  • Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!
  • Review and Takedown: JG HK416 Version 2
  • Airsoft Combat Event: OP: White Star
  • RATRATAN 2007: What Really Happened?
  • Review: KJ Works Stealth Assassin
  • Interview: Deadrag Airsoft Radio
  • Cover Story: SOE All Pink Squad
  • Review and Takedown: King Arms 26″ Free Float Heavy Barrel Sniper Rifle
  • Four Things They Did Not Tell You About Airsoft
  • Review: KART M688 M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
  • AEG Upgrades for Accuracy
  • Review: ACM EOTech 552 and ACOG Illuminated Cross Hair Scope Replicas
  • Review and Takedown: Jing Gong SIG 552
  • Review: Oregon Scientific ATC 2000 Gun/Helmet Cam
  • DIY: Relay for the Steyr Aug
  • Looking Back: KSC Glock 19
  • Reader Story: G&P M4 Marine Special Forces
  • Simulating Real Action with the Real Action Marker (RAM)

Optimus Prime, (Popular Airsoft)

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